Favorite Wingman?


I'll place my vote in, WC1/Super Wing Commander's Jazz! Very aggressive, AWESOME pilot to fly w/!! Prolly one of the more skilled ones too!


That's good advice for a Jazz fan!

Me... I'd have to go with Vagabond. I always felt like he was looking out for me, and that he could take care of himself with good results while I went after the missions objectives.


he might of been a bit of a wildcard, but it has to be maniac for me every time. Nothing to do with his quality as a pilot (although he was a damn fine one) just that he has the most personality.



What are you talking about? Maniac is the best, especially when voiced by the hilarious Tom Wilson. Flash was also pretty good, but lost points after being in "Stealth".


Well, Primate is better in terms of being reliable on a mission, but Maniac and Flash are definitely more entertaining.


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Hunter. One of the few pilots to actually be helpful in WC1. Iceman was great also, but you won't fly with him unless you do badly.


Aplha 1-1 said:
Never particualry impressed with any of the wingmen but i'll go with hunter out of simple Aussie pride

He should have been for Melbourne. It still excites me that a Skip was the main character in a game! Love it. Hunter has that "on the edge of your seat" style and that really appeals to me because I feel I'd be the same. Not in it for the killing like some, not a huge insane flier that takes risks at the same time as sometimes being careless (Maniac). A real thrill seeker.

He reminds me a lot of Stingray.


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Dude, Primate is by far the best wingman of the history of WC. Because he wonders if he'll negotiate with them today every single time.


Bandit LOAF said:
Never play Wing Commander 2.

Yeah I know :( I love WC2 though, but yes it was hard for me to shoot down Jazz. As for the rest of you... WHY MANIAC!? He never follows orders, never does a damn thing you tell him other then "Break and Attack," and he ALWAYS seems to go after the same bogey you are!

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Cobra was quite good, Iceman I remember died when he flew with me, of course that's what happens when you fly with an 8 year old wingleader. Ah memories.