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I'm a long time fan of Wing Commander, and just recently found the CIC. This has probably been debated before but what's everyones' favorite current fan project? Star Lancer; Invasion; X-wing; Homeworld; or any others I'm not listing?
From what I have seen, the Star Trek: Armada TC looks the most promising. I would have said the Homeworld TC, but I found the textures on the fighters to be too dark, this made the fighters very hard to see. Hopefully this will be corrected in the upcoming releases.
My favorite would have to be either the Star Trek Armada or Homeworld Conversions. I was never really happy with Wing Commander Armada, and a real time strategy Wing Commander game appeals to me. Armada has better graphics but you can do so much more with a homeworld ship especially in 3d.
Well I would say the XWA mod would be a good one if I can just figure out how a .gob file fits into .obj structure! The Freespace mod is a good one too, but the ships take on the flight physics of FS. I didnt like that at all! And that darn aftruburn shake! UGGHH!! :mad:

Please tell as I have not played X-Wing Alliance, or Homeworld, are these games all Realtime Strategy or more like the Wing Commander where your in a cockpit. I have played Freespace: The Great War and I have Freespace2, are the mods (sp) just taking the ships from wing commander and placing them into the Freespace games? It all sounds very cool but how do you get started? Where do you find the information on how to do it.
WCZone is my current favorite (actually, I haven't really had time to play in the WCZone... but I'm enjoying playing with the ShipSet...)
Wrong, the Freespace 2 TC (of which I am the head of) Does not just dump the ships in freespace 2, I couldn't put the ships in at full speed so I worked out a mathematical method of slowing the ships down, which still left the speeds relatively different from each other. IE when you fly the ships, you should notice a definite speed difference between the Arrow and the Broadsword. I recently got the Victory into the game, one thing to note though, many ofthe ships in may mod are now starting to come from the XWA TC I am converting their ships and giving them full credit for the meshes.
I don't have a chance of playing these mods, but if looks kill, XWA TC has got to be up there! WC1/2/Priv ships in accurate 3D beauty. Very nice.
My favorite so far is the WCzone one, but I'm most looking forward to the XWA one. It looks pretty good, and I look forward to 0wnzing joo all once it's complete.
The XWA TC looks awesome. But I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Star Lancer project. Also are there any plans for a Battleship Millenium TC???
And I'm kinda biased towards another storyline about desperate battle to hold the line against Nephilim in the Border Worlds. :)

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My favorite so far is the WCzone one, but I'm most looking forward to the XWA one. It looks pretty good, and I look forward to 0wnzing joo all once it's complete.

The game mods all look pretty good, but I'm surprised no-one has mentioned the Fan movies yet. I'm really looking forward to both The Long Cold Winter and Sniper's War.

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I know that Freespace 1 and 2 are a classic Space Sim but is X-Wing Alliance a RTS like Homeworld or is it also a Space Sim? If so I'm going out and get the mod pictures look awesome. I work in Autocad a lot, does anyone know if a 3d model from it can be converted for use in some of these games?
XWA is a space sim. You can even fly Solo's ship (I did not enjoy it however).

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The Falcon isnt exactly a figher but shure manuvers like one for its size. That alone made it unique and a challenge to fly in a dogfight! BTW, anyone here know how to get that mod into the game XWA? How do you make a .gob file work with .obj stuff?


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The Falcon isn't exactly a fighter but it sure manoeuvres like one for its size.
What do you expect from a heavily modified freighter piloted by a former smuggler? :)