Favorite cutscene?


Rear Admiral
Does anyone have a favorite cutscene from any of the WC games? I have a few.

My FAVORITE one would definitely be from WC4 when Blair lands at the Black Lance headquarters and spies on the meeting and runs away, pulling a Luke Skywalker. AWESOME cutscene, lot of action and intrigue.

Second would be in WC3 when Paladin first comes to the Victory and Blair either punches him or makes him feel like poop.

Third I suppose would be when Blair and Dekker land on that planet in Telamon where the nanobots killed a lot of people. Great acting throughout.
Good ones. Here's my favorite:

Senate Debate and Judment on WCIV. Best custscene ever on WC.

Some other good ones.

Losing path where Blair is executed and Tolwyn attack he UBW

On WC3

-> "Yes, Captain... Even a planet."

-> 2 cutscenes on the losing path where Eisein gives some hopless briefings... Very dramatic.

On WC2

-> The scene where Angels discovers Jazz is a traitor

-> "Such... Accidents... Are very common in our family"
Ah yes, the losing briefings. Man.......those were great, especially the last one. Very touching.

The opening and closing scenes for WC4 are top notch as well. I have a fondness for the opening, especially...it was like going back to a universe, to friends that I missed quite a bit.
...........Its difficult to choose.There are lots of great scenes in the WC games........ I dont know.I really like the good ending of Wc4 (Blair-instructor not Admiral) and the losing path of Wc3.
I like The Vagabond Decking the The bloke he used to work for in WC III.

I also Like Blair given Flash a hard time about not flying when they had a Scramble.

And off course who can not like the Dekker Decking Manaic Scene in WC IV.
after some serious thought (i personally like just about every cutscene) i have been able to narrow it down to the following:

WC3 opening
Eisen's "kick the little twerp's ass"
any WC3 scene showing the cat dreadnought (expecially the one where the strakha decloakes and flys to the dreadnought)
any scene showing the imperial palace
behemoth firing
behemoth dieing
Freya ground attack
T-Bomb test run
Kilrah bomb run
scene showing both the confed fleet and the kilrathi fleet
WC3 losing
WC4 opening
Paulson getting his throat cut
Cercie (sp?)
Pliers dropping the flash pack
any scene witht the dragon
WC4 war on border worlds
and finally, the scene where you see Jazz eject and blow up with the ship
I gotta go with Spirit's death and the final cutscenes in WC4 (from when the Saint Helens shows up to save the day, up to until Tolwyn's death).

Fave cutscenes? Ooohhhh, let's see.

WC1: Anywith Spirit or Angel
WC2: Any with Spirit
WC3: The Proxima and Sol cutscenes. Phillip'll just lump them all in a group.
WC4: This had a few good ones. Blair meeting with Maniac, many of the Tolwyn scenes, Maniac going on about Blair meeting with Tolwyn, Maniac's promotion, Maniac's 'I got four queens!,' Dekker decking Maniac, Panther complaining about Maniac, Blair infultrating the Black Lance, fighting the Vesuvies, and, in Phillip's opinion, the greatest WC cutscene, the Senate and subsequent trial.
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I like two scenes from the Sol mission (the last one on the losing path of WC3).

First is the hopeless briefing given by Eisen:

Eisen: I'm not going to lie to you. In all likelihood, we will never meet again. Now, I know that none of us wants to live under Kilrathi rule, so I want you to get out there and fight the hardest that you've ever fought in your life. For Honor. For Freedom. For All Mankind.

I thought it was really moving how he said that.

My second favorite is the scene where the Victory is going down.

Rollins: Shields are down! Weapons are down!

Eisen: They won't get my ship! (starts pushing buttons) Mr. Rollins, I suggest you make your peace.

(or something like that)

And then Eisen rams the Victory into the dreadnought!
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