Favorite all time movie

My mom of all people absolubtly loves that game. For me, I like Wing Commander of course. And Resident Evil. Dead or Alive, wrestling, and Final Fantasy are good too. But as for old school games, there's one I always loved. Ultimate Air Combat. Anyone remember that?
responding to Phil's post If I get that old School I tend to play Afterburn, Hang On, Pole Position 1 and 2, and Rad Racer. I also liked the Street Fighter series very much. I still play it alot now and can't wait to get Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Capcom vs. Snk 2 EO for Xbox. (they supposidly have abosolutly no slowdown at all unlike the minor slowdowns in the dreamcast (I miss that console) games when things got super hectic.) (what can I say I am a glutton for the underdog console. I love the controller of the xbox and ripping CDs are awesome) but thats off topic so I'll leave it at that.:D
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Bill Conti's only Oscar win.

And a well deserved one, too. As a matter of fact, the movie deserved ALL the Oscars it got, and maybe some it didn't.
I just thought of another good movie, Rustler's Rhapsody. It makes fun of old westerns, stars Tom Berrenger, Patrick Wayne,(The Duke's kid), Andy Griffith as the head bad guy, and even has a surprise ending. It's hilarious.
I can't think of a favorite movie I have. Theres alot of movies I've liked but out of the latest ones I saw the Transporter that one was cool.
I love Dazed and Confused, never seen shawshank redemption though.

In Dazed and Confused that talk about a Dollar Bill, I laughed and laughed :D
I don't ahave a single favorite movie, except possibly Wing Commander;) or Akira. There's too many different types of films out there to pick one overall the others. So heres my categorized favorites.

Hard Boiled

FOTR (although from what I've heard about the Two towers it'll probably rplace it)

Fierce Creatures or Strange Brew(it's a tie)

American History X

That's just the basic list. I'm not really into horror movies, though there are some good ones I've seen I haven't really decided a favorite.
I have several....LOTR, Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator, Braveheart, 13th Warrior, just to name a few
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I have several....LOTR, Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator, Braveheart, 13th Warrior

I Injoyed those also. I didnt really like 13th Warrior when I first saw it but after I saw it the second time it grew on me.