Favorite all time movie

He scored with Commander Darren in one of the TNG episodes and had happy vacations with Vash too, He was very happy after his first Jamaharon in Risa.
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well, i first thought it was the romulans, but then the preview said something about the bad guys being from beyond the gaxley or something like that
and its about time for Picard. TNG was on for like 7 years or around there and i can't remember Picard ever getting the girl. he had a thing for the doctor but that's about it. Kirk had a different girl damn near every episode

The Aliens are from Remus, Romulus' twin planet. They are called the Remans and are part of the Romulan Star Empire (Lower Beings really)
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Yep Kirk was the futuristic pimp :D and Picard was just a diffrent style then Kirk.

Picard wasn't a pimp. Riker, on the other hand, was just as bad as Kirk with the ladies.
yeah, Riker shoulda been the captain, just to keep the tradition alive. Picard would make the perfect Mr. Spock
I'll need a list too...

A Clockwork Orange - A young Malcom Mcdowel. The movie is disturbing, intriguing, detailed, and very very well done with an excellent ending.

Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan - A great villian and storyline with a tear-jerker ending

Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country - Just a personal favorite of mine

Star Trek 7: Generations - A very emotional star trek, with a great villian portrayed by Malcom Mcdowel.

Star Trek 8: First Contact - A good action movie, and I love the scene between Picard and Lilly where they talk about his need for revenge

The Boondock Saints - Another great action movie, with a good storyline, and some hilarious parts (cat?)

Unbreakable - I feel this is the least appreciated M. Night Shyamalan movie. As always, an excellent ending.

You'd all better get this ;) What movie is this from?

"I'm singing in the rain *kick* just singing in the rain *kick, kick*"
As far as the Star Trek discussion goes...

Picard is by far my favorite captain. True, he's no Kirk when it comes to the ladies, but he is a jack of all trades. Whether it's archeology, war, diplomacy, or investigation... Picard is the captain of choice.

I do feel that Picard's crew members are not the calibur that Kirk's were. Data was the best crew member of Picard.

Star Trek: Nemesis -

The remans exist on the sister planet of the romulans, Remus. Romulus and Remus, Romulans and Remans.

The remans were only illuded to in TOS episode "Balance of Terror", which was the first episode to feature the Romulans.

They have become a slave race to the Romulan empire. They have no voice in the Romulan government, but they were excellent ground troops during the Dominion war (this information is from Nemesis itself)
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I'll need a list too...

A Clockwork Orange - A young Malcom Mcdowel. The movie is disturbing, intriguing, detailed, and very very well done with an excellent ending.

Yes, this is one of those "you have to see this once" movies, alongside Full Metal Jacket, Saving Private Ryan and Titanic. Plus there's a lot of truths in the movie that still apply today. (Some especially today).

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Star Trek 8: First Contact - A good action movie, and I love the scene between Picard and Lilly where they talk about his need for revenge

That was a good movie, if a bit silly by making time travel look like child's play. The scene with Picard and Lily was my fave, and I was reminded of Cobra when watching it. I like Star Trek in general. I'm no Trekkie or Trekker, or one of those people you would have seen in Trekkies, but I do enjoy it. In case you're wondering, my fave character would have to be Tasha Yar, for those who'd remember her. Plus I was simply blown away by Denise Crosby in Trekkies, with her being on the radio station being perhaps my favourite part in any Star Trek, ever. And for my two cents on the eternal Kirk\Picard debate, Picard, or more specifically Patrick Stewert all the way.

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You'd all better get this ;) What movie is this from?

"I'm singing in the rain *kick* just singing in the rain *kick, kick*"

Tolwyn in Wing Commander! :p Nah, I know what that's from. No doubt about it, Malcolm McDowell is great at playing the psychotic, and the best part is he never makes one think that he has a screw loose for real, he never lives the characters he plays, and that's quite, pardon the pun, admirable.
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some bad guys try to take over earth and Picard gets a woman

Not Picard, Riker gets the girl. And Data blows up, that's about it, except for a battle scene that is better than any other Sci-Fi flick I've seen.
Nemesis is the worst Trek movie... well, immedeately after ST5. Now, my reasons my contain SPOILERS, so skip over this if you do not want the (thin and boring) story ruined for you.

* The movie starts off with a bizzare start with the death of the Romulan Senate by way of a radioactive agent. That isn't so bad, but the delivery of the virus (I think it was the woman's necklace?) and the visual (A holographic DNA strand makes the ceiling turn into the special effects from Hackers) was just stupid. Though I'm no scientist, I don't think radioactive things turn people (or Romulans) into stone; this is sci-fi though and it's too early in the film to judge...

*The wedding sequence, complete with a half-in-the-bag Picard, a crooning Data and two quick crowd shots of Wesley (!), was really lengthy and really didn't tell us anything more than Riker and Troi getting married. This is an easy fact to establish but it took it's dear sweet time to make sure the audience knew it was a wedding and that Guinan was in attendence. This dragged on for five minutes of my life that I would like back.

*The villian in this has shades of Kahn and I can say that Tom Hardy tries his damnedest with what little he has. I definitely would've enjoyed his character a lot more if they established more of a relationship between him and his subcommander (Ron Pearlman from Alien Resurrection!) but for what it's worth, I enjoyed his part quite a bit, especially his introduction.

*Star Trek seems to have fallen for "Bigger Is Better". The new Romulan Super Ship is incredibly retarded; it looked more like the Borg ship from "Descent" than Romulan. The fact it shoots radiation doesn't make sense either. Even if a radiation is "theoretical", that doesn't mean it doesn't exist and considering how many ships are flying through space in FTL travel, you never see anyone getting sick from this particular radiation. You'd think that the ship's shields are able to deflect it or such.

*The dune-buggy thing was stupid. I won't even touch on the plot errors in using it, so lets move on.

*Data's fate was Spock v.1.5. He dies, rather badly, but not before downloading his memory into B-4. This keeps the door open in case Spiner pulls his head out of his ass and decides to do another ST movie. Frankly, as much as I loved him in the series, he gets way too much attention. I want to see a movie about Riker kicking ass and macking on women like when he was on TV. He was a slick customer; if he wasn't breaking it out with some trombone jazz music, he was playing poker or bedding hot alien girls or shooting people with a Phaser Rifle.

*The final fight left me feel as empty as I did walking out of Batman Forever: all style and no substance. Yes, blowing out the viewport was pretty cool (X-Men director Brian Singer is the Conn officer sucked out. Serves him right for that peice of cinematic crap.) but the ramming was done all wrong. It seemed almost calm and slow. Admittedly, the Enterprise was badly beaten but when you ram something, you don't stop ramming. He should've shoved that saucer section straight-up that bastard's ass.

*Data flying through space was about as unintentionally hysterical as Jeremy Irons in "Dungeons And Dragons".

*Shizon's fate was also really silly. I do like what LOAF had said, that it should've paralelled one particular TNG episode. And let's not forget the obvious Fellowship "badass" shot as he slowly talks to Picard. Rip-off.

All in all, this movie made me hurt. I didn't care for First Contact, but it was a fun romp. Insurrection gave me a headache but I finished it without too many problems. Nemesis: I didn't pay to see it, but I would like my money back.