Fav Wing Commander I Fighter?

Fav Wing Commander 1 Terran Fighter

  • Hornet

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Scimitar

    Votes: 7 18.4%
  • Raptor

    Votes: 24 63.2%
  • Rapier

    Votes: 7 18.4%

  • Total voters
Ok - All than:
WC 1+2 - Rapier
WC 3 Excalibur - Becouse its fast, has 4!!!! Tachyon guns and 12!!!! Missiles which gives it an unparalleled Offensive Punch (Even the Thunderbolt isnt armed that heavily excpet of the torp).
WC 4 Dragon - Its cloaking realy comes in yousefull from time to time, it has strong weapons and 2 Torps. Just what you need to stop a strike force on your own!
WC 5 Devastator. Becouse - 1 shot - dead. Everything. And: You just can lay back and hit the Missile-fire key. Unlimmited Ammonition and it can take out everything. From a Moray to a Dreadnought.
Madman, you forgot that the latter Excaliburs in WC III had Cloaks.

I've flown a WC: Movie Rapier, as a mod in Starlancer. pretty cool
I'm sorry but I have nothing but bad memories of the Scimitar...those being the ones where I feel like a giant magnet flying through minefields...with Paladin chanting "they caught me with me kilt down" over the comm.

Raptor is the top gun in WC1. It's fast, its guns are awesome (love them in that dralthi fleet mission against Dakkath) the missile loadout lasts me most missions, shields and armour are excellent...very rarely did I end up with cockpit panels burning up in my Raptor. I never understood the hype the story made about the Rapier, it was a downgrade for me and 8/10 missions i'd come limping back.
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What is your favorite fighter in WC1?
Hornet 98 4.82 %
Scimitar 110 5.41 %
Rapier 817 40.19 %
Raptor 735 36.15 %
Dralthi 70 3.44 %
I have never played WC1. 203 9.99 %
TOTAL 2033
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[Arrrgh name theft!!!!!! ok wc1, the best fighter in my mind is without a doubt the rapier, it was fast, furious and fun to fly, the raptor pulled 2nd cos the hornet was too weak and the scim too slow! that said, changin back to the raptor after the rapier UGH! (dralthi was nice too tho ;) WC2 is tough, its so hard to choose! i think fighter would have to be morningstar and bomber the sabre, although both are kind of a mix of fighter and bomber! worst wc2 fighter is the epee, its better than the ferret for sure, but you see you have the epee and you think "PHEW! no ferret" and then u fly arrogantly and get slaughtered :D privateer its the centurion for me, fast, fighter style, i dont do cargo so the centurion was perfect wc3 was easy, no matter what i chose the mighty tbolt, a pure genius ship, a fighter with torpedoes or a bomber with turning, no slide tho which was a shame, i didnt like the excalibur because of the stupid auto tracking, it was too easy! wc4 i never played the bearcat :( so i guess i loved the avenger and dragon, and i kinda enjoyed the few missions in the hellcat (finally it was some good!) wcp i didnt really like, but i thought all the craft were fun, although i hated flying the vampire as i found its vertical turning far too fast! i overshot everything!, loved the devastator, and hated the piranha (who didnt?) on the other games, wca its the morningstar or sabre again, i never really finished priv 2 so i dont know and finally armada :D theres only one winner there and it is... shoklar, its so much fun, decloaking behind your brother who is flying a phantom or a wraith or something stupidly good, and ripping his rear armour to pieces, before disspearing before he can turn round! the fave fighter tho i think has to be the morningstar or sabre, for firepower, speed, maneouverability, and sheer quality oh and one last thing... AAAAAAAAGH NAME THEFT!
Proteus do you enjoy taking on a Gratha with a Hornet, I for sure don't, that's were the Raptor comes in handy.

Taking out a Gratha with hornet is possible and yes it would take more effort however that's not what hornet was designed for.
Going against that tank would probably drain out all armour than you would be lucky to make it back. Hornet is used for carrier defence,some escrots and light missions. However if Hornet is accompanied by some scimitars or raptors it would make a very usefull weapon. In later WC1 missions (if you take the path to destruction) they are used to defend the Tigers claw...
Hmm, I think in the simulator I managed to get 6 Gratha before getting nailed. I'd be happy doing a 1on1 with a Gratha in a Hornet but not any more.

On a side note, are the hornet guns in WC for the SNES better than the PC Laser cannons? Coz they're blue and seem to do more damg.
Originally posted by TopGun
I thought the first mission of SM1 had you in a Hornet up against a Gratha?

Nope... but the second (Goddard 2) does (as does the first mission in WC1's Gateway series).

On a side note, are the hornet guns in WC for the SNES better than the PC Laser cannons? Coz they're blue and seem to do more damg.

They're the only gun capable of defeating the terrible GREEN SALTHI!