Fav Wing Commander I Fighter?

Fav Wing Commander 1 Terran Fighter

  • Hornet

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Scimitar

    Votes: 7 18.4%
  • Raptor

    Votes: 24 63.2%
  • Rapier

    Votes: 7 18.4%

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Vampire Ace
So what's your fav, my is without a doubt, the Raptor. The weapons, Armour make it the best, forget the Rapier, cause once the Neutrons guns are taken out, it's nothing but a Hornet.

Kris, sorry about the 2 Threads, I forgot to click Yes! post a poll
Definitively the Rapier!
Fast, strong shields and good guns. Just what you need to knock out your enemies.
I like it better than the Raptor becouse the Raptor might have had a better hull - but hull isn`t rechargable and its not manuverable enough to hunt down fast fighters.
During the Wc1 time I would say Rapier but after the WCAcademy series went out I enjoyed Schimitar :)

Maybe its not as good as a Raptor or a Rapier but it has powerfull guns and its a beuty.....
He has included only Terran Confederation Fighters,thats why..,not every pilot you fly in Wc1/SM1/Sm2.

"fav TERRAN ..."....
"Liberated" Dralthi II's were used in a few missions in SM2, and thus would fit into the Terran category.
Depends.. are we talking combat (Raptor, definitely) or are we talking something to trick out and pick up chicks at a spacebar with (Rapier, definitely).
Hellcat Vs, baby! Come one, come all...
(oops, fave Wc1 fighter!) hmmm.............Raptor. The Rapier fires much slower than the Raptor, whereas the Raptor you can line something up even for 2 secs, and wipe them out with 3 salvos in a fingersnap. Not even Salthis can escape my marksmanship!
I'm not suprised that the Raptor has taken the lead, (it's my favorite too!), but I'm suprised that the Rapier has got only one vote.
Anyway, the Raptor is death on rockets. Good speed, heavy firepower, and thick armor. I always liked the original ships the best. The fighters in the other Wing Commander games seem somewhat overpowered.
I take the hornet. It's fast and has fast gun re-charge rate. Although it might prove weak on longer missions...however mix it up with some medium and heavy fighters and it stands out on it's own.
Wow it's been what, 4-6 months since we had a favorite WC1 fighter poll. I believe we have a new record :)

Raptor, hands down. I'm a defensive flyer so I'm usually after the ship with the best balance of manueverabliity and weapons (that's why for the majority of WC3 missions I take the Hellcat V and the panther in WCP). The Scimitar is just too slow and underarmed. The Rapier is too lightly armored for my flying style. The hornet well, the hornet has its place. But the Raptor will go down in my book as the best fighter in WC history, bar none.

Originally posted by Templar
I'm not suprised that the Raptor has taken the lead, (it's my favorite too!), but I'm suprised that the Rapier has got only one vote.
Anyway, the Raptor is death on rockets. Good speed, heavy firepower, and thick armor. I always liked the original ships the best. The fighters in the other Wing Commander games seem somewhat overpowered.

i would agree except for WC2, they had the original good balance.
My favorite WC1 fighter is the Raptor, definitely. The Rapier has that paper-thin side armor. My personal view is that the Rapier is like a super version of the Hornet (extra speed, weapons, and shielding, with its combat style built around speed and long range fighting), while the Raptor is like a super version of the Scimitar (with a combat style based around giving and taking a strong punch). I do not understand the guys who prefer the Scimitar, though, because the Raptor is superior at everything--more shields, more speed, more missiles, and optional neutron guns (you can switch to mass drivers only if you want that). Maybe they just like to give themselves a bigger challenge.

My favorite for WC2 would have to be Broadsword. That thing is the closest to indestructable of any ship in any WC game! With its back AND side turrets, it can attack enemy fighters from any direction. The only problem is that Drakhri fighters tend to stay just out of range of the turrets and mass drivers, and shoot at you with their long-range lasers.
My least favorite WC2 fighter would have to be the Epee. Sure it has great offensive power, but its shielding is significantly poorer than the Super Ferret (the Ferret with HS missiles), and it is slightly slower. I prefer the Ferret over the Epee any day.

For Privateer, I would say that anything except the Tarsus is good. The Centurion has the lightest shields, but it is built for speed and has four guns. The Galaxy has medium everything, plus top AND bottom turrets (too bad they don't auto-fire like WC2 turrets do). The Orion has the heaviest shields and armor, but has a bit less offensive power since it can only carry a single missile launcher.

My favorite in WC3 would have to be the Arrow--unparalleled speed and agility, plus the Shelton Slide! I just wish it could carry all the types of missiles--it would be great to have Leeches to use against Pahktahns. At the other end, I hate the WC3 Longbow--it is a pig to fly, and you can forget about using your guns against Darket or Strahka fighters (The WC4 Longbow is a bit of an improvement though).

In WC4 I like the Bearcat--it is faster and more agile than anything in the game, and has great attack and defense power (although the wide-spaced guns mean that you may have better aim by shutting off the auto-tracking and aiming manually). I dislike the Banshee because its four laser cannons can't damage anything, and I can't aim worth a damn without the ITTS, so the Scattergun is out.

My favorite WCP fighter would have to be the Panther. It has good speed, agility, and weapons without being hyper-powered like the Vampire. The Pihrana, on the other hand, has lots of armor but practically NO attack power--its 2 ion / 1 laser cannons and 4 HS / 2 IR missiles are weaker even than the Arrow, which is the 20+ year old fighter that it was designed to REPLACE! Good thing you only have to use it in the first two missions of WCP--killing that Manta in the second mission is near impossible unless you either have most of your missiles or some Stormfire rounds left, or if you can get it in a crossfire between yourself and your wingmen.
Rapier definitely. An artists' ship. ;)

I hate that big bricks in WC1 (aka Scim and Raptor). Heck I will probably die less in the Hornet then the Raptor.

Yep, the Raptor got awesome guns, but that's it.
Only cases where the Raptor is better is when the mission is timed or against Hriss. I dunno why, but I suck Rapier vs Hriss. I even fly better in Hornet vs Hriss.

Bottom line: I like agility in fighters most unless the firepower hugely is in favour for the brick (aka Broadsword/Crossbow).
Especially funny are the Wc1 missions where you should go stealthy in your Hornet against 2-3 capships. Very funny to kill them *eg*
Proteus do you enjoy taking on a Gratha with a Hornet, I for sure don't, that's were the Raptor comes in handy.
I like the armour crunching sound from 2 mass drivers and 2 neutron guns tearing into a Gratha. And who says that the Raptor flies like a brick. I have found that sometimes the Hornet and Rapier are oversensitive and I have to constantly readjust my aim if I move the joystick a micron more than I should have. RAPTORS ROCK!!!!!!!!!:D