Fan Project Vote Under Way (January 21, 2022)


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Somehow we're well into January, so our annual Fan Project of the Year vote will soon be coming to a close. There's still time to register your favorite, so here are the nominees one more time. Scroll down for the official poll entry!

  • AI/Neural Net Enhanced Wing Commander Videos - ODVS has expanded on his award-winning enhanced WC videos by adding new language options for WC3, dabbling in 4K, experimenting with WC2/P2 and pushing image quality even further.
  • Bonkus Maximus' Streams - Bonk has been publishing Wing Commander livestreams all year long. He's covered every main game in the series, plus spinoffs like Academy. In the words of his nominator, his streams are "both good quality and plentiful."
  • Collectors: Rare WC Finds - This one is a different type of nominee. For the first time, we're recognizing the combined efforts of adventurous fans (such as, but not limited to, the work of Dennis Mull and Christian Klein) searching far and wide to build their Wing Commander collections with all manner of limited editions, different international translations and other exotic finds.
  • DefianceIndustries' Art - This is another example of one vote doing a lot of heavy lifting. Defiance has done everything from animated series style art (with integration into the WC1 engine) to Arena inspired renders to a whole tabletop mod with gorgeous miniature depictions, just to name a few of his projects.
  • Flight Commander 2 - We got an updated playable demo for FC2 this year. The spaceflight doesn't just look gorgeous, it also has very cool indoor game flow options. This project is just bursting with potential!
  • Gemini Sector RPG - The crew of the has their work cut out for them in the Gemini Sector. This RPG stays very active and is supplemented by numerous live chats, animated briefings and even livestream tie-ins.
  • Graphical Novel Project - EmuMusicFan sketched lots of gorgeous Kilrathi this year - and got some great attention for it!
  • Language Mods - This one is another combined option because so many people made so many big updates this year. WC1 into German, WC2 and P1 into Spanish, cleaned up text and more. There's a lot of great modding happening to even the oldest WC games!
  • Lego Creations - It was another fantastic year for Lego building. It continues to amazing me how authentic fans can make these ships look!
  • Mac's Lore (& Art) - Mac's YouTube channel really hit its stride this year with a variety of Wing Commander and other sci-fi videos, but he didn't stop there. He also shared a whole bunch of high class art that was used in the making of his vids.
  • WC4 Fan Remake - The WCRespace team is hard at work on bringing a next generation update to this beloved chapter of the Wing Commander series. Throughout the year, they kept us updated on the progress of their art and technology. We're looking forward to seeing something playable in 2022!
  • wcdx 2.2.1 - The latest version of wcdx makes the program functionally complete for the Kilrathi Saga version of WC1 and adds cockpit damage back into WC2. It takes what was once a somewhat buggy experience and makes it a very compelling way to play Wing Commander on modern systems!
  • Wing Leader - Howard Day's Wing Leader project also had a pretty productive year with new characters, shipboard scenery and the addition of the Krant to the game engine. This continues to be a project we get a lot of questions about, so we're looking forward to another burst of activity in 2022 hopefully!

Original update published on January 21, 2022
Hi guys, thanks for using the Wing Commander: Flat Universe image. The game is in its current state online and available for multiplayer sessions, you will find a link to the Discord server where you download the game. Come all and hook up and fly&shoot/mine away!