Fan Project Vote Under Way (January 13, 2023)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator

We are cruising right through January, which means our annual Fan Project of the Year contest is moving quickly towards its conclusion. If you missed voting initially, you can still get your ballot in before the winners are called! Here are the nominees once again. Scroll down below to vote!

  • Challenge Coins - ZOmegaZ’s successful 2021 crowdfunding campaign resulted in these beautiful trinkets in 2022! He took fan feedback to balance the sizes of the ships in the design and the results turned out great.
  • elend’s Physical Models - elend is a master craftsman and his recently completed Dralthi model is high professional grade art. It belongs in a museum!
  • Emulation Technology - Whether getting DOS games to run on Linux, Mac WC games running on PC or Xbox games going on PCs, this has been another great year of technological advancement in emulation.
  • Gemini Sector RPG - One of the longest running and consistently playing fan RPGs, the Gemini Sector crew recently wrapped up a huge campaign with the TCS Majestic. They’re a great bunch to hang out with!
  • Graphical Novel Project - EmuMusicFan’s graphical novel project has branched out into a variety of artistic creations from sketches to comics to shorts. He does a great job capturing the Kilrathi spirit!
  • Klavs’ Models - Klavs was back to doing what does best, making updated versions of some of the most iconic Wing Commander craft. His models are also widely available to boost the graphical fidelity of numerous other fan projects!
  • Lego Creations - Lego builders had another fine year as well! From the Avenger to the Epee to the Broadsword and more, bricklayers built some truly impressive ships in 2022.
  • Mac’s Lore - Mac put together a whole bunch of fabulous lore videos that were big hits on YouTube, which helps spread the fandom far and wide! In between animating takes, he also made a ton of fantastic Wing Commander-themed wallpaper images.
  • Space Sandbox Mods - This was an unexpected surprise as well! Fans have gone far beyond Minecraft to put together highly accurate and functional versions of Wing Commander ships in multiple sandbox engines such as Kerbal Space Program and Space Engineers. We got not one, but two elaborate Tiger’s Claws in 2022!
  • WC4 Remastered - What more needs to be said? The team released their highly anticipated demo this year in a flurry of excitement around the CIC Birthday. Throughout the year they continuously published articles talking about the project’s ongoing development and where it will take this next.

With so many great projects, it’s hard to pick just one! Think about it and vote below!

Original update published on January 13, 2023