Fahrenheit 9/11

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Hm. Wasnt the point of the 2nd amendment that the citezenry be able to retaliate to hostile invasion of the U.S.A.?

Then again, we have to realize that the constitution was written at a time when the average person either had a touch of common sense, or died.

Maybe we should have another revolution? Oh, wait... precision high explosive trumps militia riflery any day, up until the time you try to actually reoccupy. :s


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In todays media controlled political arena, you will only see what they want you to see. By and large Hollywood, and the media are vicious to the Republicans and nice to the Democrats. Think about bashing Bush for wanting the new law making it a seperate crime to harm a developing baby in addition to the mother in assault cases. This is not imposing his religious views as the media stated but rather just making federal what most states already had. Kerry recently has been pushing for extended unemployment benifits but when the vote was lost in the Senate by 1 vote, he was not there, he was campaigning. But that would put him in a bad light so don't go there. Think Bill Clinton... He Lied To A Grand Jury!!! and that was OK? He got a slap on the wrist, he has been harrolded as one of the best Presidents of our time? I'm sorry, maybe I am imposing my own beliefs, but adultury and lying under oath are wrong and should not be tolerated at all. It went unreported by most that several weeks before Wild Bill's testimony, Hillary said in an interview that any President who lies under oath should resign. Ordinary citizins go to jail for that. Hollywood thinks that since they are so influential that they know whats best. I for one am still waiting for Alec Baldwin to leave the country:


As for the topic of this depate, I will not go see the F 9/11 movie because I know that it will just be another movie with questionable facts and finger pointing trying to incite a lynch mob. There was no possible way we could have prevented 9/11 because we as a country where not ready for that level of security and scrutiny at our airports. We have lived most of our lives secure in our safety. There have been very few real terrorist threats to our country until we had to face that dreadful day. As long as there is an enemy out there who wish to hurt us, they will find a way. The only things that we can do is increase security and take the fight to them. To forestall anyone questioning me about Iraq, we did what was needed. We ousted a ruthless tyrant to bring freedom to Iraq. Yes we have paid a tremendous cost in lives, but did we stop going after Hitler because we had to face the realities of war?

In the meantime I will enjoy my second ammendment rights to both keep and bare arms. I am partial to my Springfield Officers .45 ACP and my Smith and Wesson Chiefs Special 9mm. I will continue to work at defeating any politician who wishes to take that right away from me. And yes I grew up with both guns and watching the violent evening news yet I haven't killed anyone yet..... hmmm... strange

whew my fingers are tired.



Nothing I could say could possibly come as close to perfectly summing it all up as the above post, so I won't even try...........except that I would prefer my Kimber to a Springfield.


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McGruff said:
.except that I would prefer my Kimber to a Springfield.

Kimbers are nice but when I carry I don't want an expensive gun that I would worry about scratching up the finish :D



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Honestly, I'd hate to see this thread get out of hand. Even though I am Republican (and Christian, and a middle-class white male), I can easily see that even Republicans can play such partisan games. Thusly, I'm not saying that Moore is evil evil evil because I like President Bush (and, admittedly, he has his faults, but he was what we needed when we needed him), but because such anti-whoever propaganda is really shitty and immature. It's on the same level as supermarket tabloids. It's fodder for the easily swayed, and a confidence booster for anyone who happens to dislike the recipient of the gesture.

I'm not here to declare ill on any one President. We cannot fairly judge any U.S. president simply because we haven't had to do what they do. It's easy for some film maker, college student, or (highly paid) political analyst to decry a political figure when they haven't had to be the one to make the tough choices. I'm sure many of us who have spoken ill of a leader would quickly change our tune if we suddenly found ourselves in their position, with decisions weighing on their minds that could affect the lives of millions, and possibly even cost some of those lives.

President Clinton made some bad moves. Sure. Every president has made at least one. President Bush had a choice to make over whether or not he would commit our forces to defend a highly elusive threat. He had to decide whether or not Hussein was truely a threat or not. He had to decide how and when to act, or not to. None of us here have had to make such choices, and I don't think anyone except a former president is qualified to say "He's doing the wrong thing" until history itself proves his actions fruitful or otherwise.

That's why it bothers me so much that people so casually sling insults at our President (any of our Presidents, to be honest). Tactful dissagreement about policy is one thing. Being an asshole is something entirely else.


My god, did we just actually have someone who is completely right in this discussion? (A rare thing indeed when it comes to politics...especially Moore and Bush...)

~Unless your all talkin' Libertarian. :) Then you can be right.


That scene illustrates my point precisely, a flamethrower kills a baby alien in #2 but one of them later survives being submerged in MOLTEN LEAD - BS.


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Very nicely put. I was not trying to attack any former president or any future canidate but was attempting to illustrate that depending on who you are you get selective attention from the "unbiased" media.



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The fact that people like moore exist is dangerous! First, I never said differing opinions were bad, but twisting facts and creating facts is severely irreasponsible. People like Iceman, who are easily swayed because they can't tell the difference between differing opinion and being an imbicile would vote against bush because of something that is not entirely true.

There are too many people out there who vote personal feeling instead of who presents the best option for the country. Hollywood is mobilizing to appeal to the people who vote who don't actually listen to the news and lack the ability in my opinion to make a sound decision.

The facts are simple, Bush used WMDs to get the Iraq war started, right or wrong.
He avoids talking about them now and simply begs the question, did he lie to us? a man who won't answer to his political enemies and to a country that elected him doesn't deserve the title of president.

The facts are even simpler, Kerry is trying to paint himself as a moderate democrat, Look at his voting record and you will find the fact that, many of the bills he voted on, 1) aren't simply about armor for troops, they never are.
2) He is two faced appeaser, says he's eviromentaly concious an drives an SUV(gotta love those gas prices, you SUV people and your need to feel safe muahahahahaha)

my option is simple, I'll just vote for frosty at the polls, someone I know I can trust.
Frosty for president 2004



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But did it die from the flamethrower just because it was a baby? The one in Alien 3 was fully grown. I thought the way the hybrid alien died at the end of Resurrection was pretty lame how it was all screaming, "Help me!" Ron Pearlman was great in that movie though. I think that guy is a pretty underrated actor.


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Iceman16 said:
actually the nazis were rightists. the communists are leftist.
A popular myth, but as far from the truth as it could possibly be. 'Nazi' is short for National Socialist. They were very much left-wing - it's just that they were less extreme than the communists.

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I merged the Alien Ressurection thread and the Fahrenheit 9/11 threads. Let this be a lesson to you all.


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vindicator said:
However, it is not his duty to inflict his personal beliefs on anyone while he is president.

What are you talking about??

Nice merge. I think Aliens was the best movie of the series also. It rocked.


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Elections are never more than always choosing between the lesser of two evils. I'm glad people like moore try to expose some things that are happening in the US govt. I'm not a supporter of any canidate as they all have their issues (although Nader would probably be my vote if third parties were actually serious contenders).

Without wanting to go into some political rant, I think we need a cleaning of the house. Totally fresh blood would do the govt some good...
"Fools run the government, sick foreign policy, their words are valiant but their hands are green..." - Pennywise
neither do i, but I'm just gonna roll with it.

Michael Moore's version of events apparently has Aliens piloting the planes, and Sigourney Weaver (sp?) as President bush. The movie culminates with madam president's speech, "I'm the monster's mother"
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