Excalibur Joins the Lego Fleet (May 18, 2008)


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Deacan's spotted another nifty Lego Wing Commander model. This time it's an Excalibur rendered in LDraw that was virtually created by Big Jim. Although a physical mockup hasn't yet been done, the ship was made to be completely buildable by real Lego pieces.
I designed this to be built and there are no hidden gaps or anything that might prevent someone from making these if they had the right bricks. I will make more MOCs as I have time, but until then, please enjoy and review my Wing Commander III Excalibur!

Original update published on May 18, 2008
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I wonder if someone might be able to put together a nice Wing Commander fighter with the Lego Factory service? They have space-specific subthemes now and it doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility that someone might put together an Arrow with the Star Justice colors/pieces... then we could all just buy it in one kit!


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I planned on opening the model in Lego's Digital Designer software- you can then send the order to Lego and get just what you need!


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Am I missing a download link for the model?

There isn't one. At his page, the author says to contact him for the ldraw file. I couldn't find an email link there, so I just posted a review. Feel free to try to track him down.