Examining the Colors of Academy Pilots and Their Ships (March 11, 2024)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
I have watched Wing Commander Academy hundreds of times but I somehow never noticed that the pilot helmets are color coded. They nominally match the Scimitars: blue for Maverick, red for Maniac, purple for Archer, etc.

It looks like they're forgotten or wrong a LOT... just like the ship colors. Hmm, maybe this is the kind of thing that needs a spreadsheet on a lazy Sunday afternoon...

Well I said I was going to do this and for some reason I did. I tracked every Scimitar that appears in the show (by sortie) and noted its pilot, color and fate. There are 150 and 25 are destroyed (or stolen by the Warrior King)!

Here are what seem to be the intended colors for the hero characters. Colors are repeated for extras (or are not visible).

There are a couple of exceptions: the trainers in episode one are all either red or blue, per the story... and The Last One Left gives Blair and Maniac black and a never repeated lime green, respectively:

Also if I had to see these goofy off model Scimitars then so do you:

Original update published on March 11, 2024