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It's sad to see what the WC community has become...it sickens me, really. LOAF...for everyone who has called you a Nazi in the past, I say this.

LOAF, you're a damn bloody Nazi.
LOAF: I'm trying to figure out why spiritplumber was banned. Seems like he was making some constructive suggestions. What was his offense?
9) If you believe that the CIC staff have made a mistake in regard to various forum rules, protests are NOT to be done on the board. You should use E-Mail, IM, or IRC. Any messages posted on the Forums for this purpose will be deleted, and the person responsible may be banned.
Bandit LOAF said:
You won't be coming back this time.

LOAF has struck again!

Aside from the little flame war, if you're looking into modding for Secret Ops, you'll need a team and lots of time to figure it out. I tried, I squealed (good thing nobody heard me), and I died.

Vegastrike, well its more like Privateer. Just fly around and make cash.

Flight Commander is personal recommend, but I'm waiting for more features and a solid release from eddieb.
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As I've had to reply to both a PM and an IM on this subject, I'll break with tradition and explain why Spiritplumber was banned.

Spiritplumber was banned months ago because he insisted on plugging the WCU mod in every thread - to the point of bringing back year old threads that could possibly be tangentially connected to WCU. He is now banned again because he acted like an idiot when I warned him against continuing to do that in this thread. The mistake was mine; I let him back in the first place.

He even managed to ass up my beautiful 15th Anniversary thread talking about how WCU should have remade Wing Commander I by now. That dog won't hunt.

As I see it, you all have two possible worries. One - you're worried that you'll be banned for advertising your mod because this seems to have come from nowhere. On the contrary, this is not some out of the blue banning - we went through the motions last time and Spiritplumber was warned, warned, warned, warned and then banned for it. What you're seeing here is Spirit blowing his second chance.

Your second worry is that we're beating up on some poor girl on the internet. It aint so. Spiritplumber is a gimmick account, and has always been a creepy guy pretending to be a woman to get your attention. Here's his livejournal, complete with more than you'll ever want to know about crossdressing and which chromosomes he actually has: http://www.livejournal.com/users/spiritplumber/ The whole 'meow, I'm a poor little abused internet girl' is a weird schtick, an act created to inspire support based on gender instead of loyalty from those of us who (lord knows) fantasize about meeting a girl who plays Wing Commander.

Either of these two things is more than enough drama for this poor community.
back to topic PLZ

i've a question, which tool with which parameters i have to use to compile some files to a *.tre file. i get some screens from wc3 (flydeck....) and changed resolution to 800x600. i made a *.mat file and changed extension to *.iff - i want to change a room in secret ops. i extract the tre for SO but how can i compile it to a *.tre file again....

Well, the first thing to point out is that you don't have to - SO will quite happily read files from the SO folder instead of a TRE file. Building a TRE file is really the last thing to do before releasing your mod, especially since the only way to make the game read a TRE file (...unless you replace one of SO's TRE files) is to use a DLL patch.

That having been said, the tool to use to build TRE files is HCl's TRE Maker, which you can find at the very bottom of his "old files" page (http://www.wcrevival.de/hcl/archive/). While you're there, it's also recommended that you download the BMP tools, which you will need if you want to make any MAT with transparency (e.g., space backgrounds), or with 16 bit colour (16 bit colour MATs are only used for splash screens).

Of course, you'll need to build a room file to make use of your new background... but luckily, I wrote a tutorial about that ;).
TREMAN does work with WC3 XTRE files... just not very well. Unfortunately it leaves it to the user to figure out which file is which. It is the only tool available to do anything with XTRE files, in any case.

As for compiling to XTRE files, as far as I know there is no tool to do so. Thomas Bruckner did have a tool to compile TRE files, but they were not XTRE files but rather his own personal variation of the format, not used in any WC game.
ok, i try again , but i always got the message ".tre file not found" when i start the treman.exe with e.g objets.tre (witch is in the same folder / copied from the wc3 cd) but i try again....
Ah, right. The problem you're encountering is related to the fact that TREMAN can't handle read-only files. Just remove the write protection from the TRE file you're trying to open, and everything will be fine.
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Hey Killerwave, any chance you might be updating the page any time soon?

Nowadays I have no time to mod or updates unfortunately.
Q has the login info on my page, and is more than welcome to update it in case he has any new tutorials or info.