Do you think it was correct that Confed destroyed Kilrah?

Do you think it was *right* that Confed destroyed Kilrah?

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    Votes: 55 75.3%
  • No

    Votes: 18 24.7%

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I vaguely remember a ST:TNG episode in which the Federation ceded a planet to the Cardassians. But there were some human colonists there, who didn't want to live under the Cardassians, so Picard worked something out.

Then there's the Maquis (sp?)...
Originally posted by Saturnyne

An Earth colony that's not part of the Federation? Isn't that an oxymoron? Or is that like when states join(ed) the union?

No... it'd be like a country that's not part of the United States... <G> You don't have to be part of the Federation to colonize a planet.
Originally posted by Penguin

Well, for some Terrans and some Kilrathi, it is black and white. As for me I'm not prepared to lower my guard until the Kilrathi demonstrate an ability to live peacefully with other races for a sustained period of no less than a single generation.

Exactly my point, for some it is-although the subject really isn't. That's the problem. You can't make assumptions about entire groups, if the groups contain different opinions, etc. (After all, there were some Kilrathi that wanted the war fought differently, or to end it entirely. Didn't we have that discussion somewhere...?)