CF-105 Scimitar

So here's the second Pioneer ship to get the new texturing method upgrade...the Scimitar! I still have a bit of work to do on the underside, and the missile racks are correct, nor final. Landing gear and cockpit details have yet to be worked out, as well.




The modelling on this one has been rather tricky - there's a lot of references for the cockpit area, but not all of them line up perfectly, so I kinda had to take the parts that did fit together and just use those.
Anyhow, enjoy, and comments and changes are welcome.
Wow that looks Awesome! Even though I loathe the centurion mud pig she is a classic... You nailed it! Good looking either way, aesthetically pleasing and we can't forget the time we first used the Gatling mass drivers with extra DURA steel in WC1.