Uh - right. That would be using a boolean to "refine" the mesh. AKA cutting the polies. Sorry bout any confusion. there is a bit of clean up required, though - nothing a quick "weld" session can't fix, though. after I get the shapes on the hull I want, I then extrude the panels. that way, everything is one mesh.



Brad Mick
aww.. that Tarsus is so small! Great for dodging laser bolts; it might actually end up being a pretty useful ship :)

It's great to see those three ships together. Excellent work.
Shipgate said:
Needs more dog!
Holy crap, I cannot stop laughing!!! Thank you Greg you brightened my day!

Anyway, these are amazing. I have a friend who does stuff like this, but nothing I've seen of his so far matches this. Well done!
Oooo! Such detail...and only in around 8000 polys! ie. low enough to be used in a real-time engine. Respect sensei. *bow* =) Any word on the textures?