Broadsword in the Concordia's Hangar

Howard Day

Random art guy.
Hey, guys. I have been inspired by the Star Citizen hangar release, and thought I'd give replicating their scene a shot. And since I have high res versions of the Broadsword and Scimitar, I thought I'd let you guys see what they look like. It's pretty crazy how well they hold up. I still need to add some detail around the cockpit area, and around the landing gear... but it's pretty impressive what unity can do when worked on in an evening. Here's a link!
I know the mouse movement is twitchy. This is still very, very alpha. Very.
I will be adding the rest of the hangar around the 'sword.
Lemme know what you think!

Cannot really take a look at what's inside, my computer cannot chew that.
Looks pretty great in the shots, actually.
The Broadsword looks fantastic!

Your flight deck crew member could use a sandwich or two...
Oh my...
as much as i love my Citizen Constellation, this tiny walkable space you created made me giggle in glee like a little girl.
Any plans to do something similar with your other ships?
Yup. I'm working on something else to go in the scene right now. Unfortunately the only two original Pioneer ships I had transfered to the new super-detailed texture setup were the Broadsword and the Scimitar - and I never quite finished the scimitar, and it just wouldn't look right on the deck. I'm working on more... appropriate ships right now. :D

And I want to start filling in the hangar materials as well.
I've also been in contact with this guy:

Who has offered to let me test that advanced DXT11 Unity lighting tech in this scene. So there's a possibility of having real-time Global Illumination, Specular reflections, and ambient occlusion in a doinky little web game download. I dunno about you, but that makes me Giddy with excitement.
The Ferret! Never seen one without the airfoils attached. The more I see the more I want to see heh. Somehow I'm thinking a future TC of Star Citizen isn't that much of a pipedream.
Heh, seeing them side by side, it looks like the Broadsword could mount some Ferrets on its hardpoints.
Whistler: Thanks! Unfortunately, the way I'm doing the materials on these guys actually wouldn't work in Star Citizen. Last I checked the Crysis engine didn't support multiple UV channels. :( An interesting note is that the Ferret and the Broadsword are using the same textures. Same materials, even. If you look at this post you'll see what I'm on about!
Red Baron: Yep, pretty much. It's crazy the size difference. :D
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Heh, seeing them side by side, it looks like the Broadsword could mount some Ferrets on its hardpoints.
Hmm, never thought about it till you mentioned this. Considering a Ferret or Ferrets docked to a Broadsword torpedo hardpoint, able to carry an escort of recon fighters through a jump point. The sizes shown make it look possible.

Pity we can't export the models as is into Star Citizen but I can dream...and we do seem to have a few graphic artists around here, anything's possible with hard work and dedication.
I can see it within the realm of possibilities - I remember seeing footage from some of the lifting body experiments in the late-60s/early-70s; those were small craft launched from a trapeze hanging off of a bomber, unless I'm mistaken. Maybe in a scenario where a Ferret was being outfitted with an experimental drive/defense/weapon system that added too much weight for it to achieve orbit on its own or something...
Really enjoyed this Howard, very impressive work. It makes a nice companion to the Star Citizen module. Can't wait to see your other ships.
So Tonight I did more work on the Ferret and some work on getting color grading in. I've never had a chance to work with color grading before, and I freaking love it! Still gotta add wings and landing gear to the Ferret, though. Then some paint. What should the Concordia-Specific Ferrets paint jobbie look like? The ones in game are supposed to be InSys Fighters, right?

Early Test:
In engine running:



I've updated the build at:
Remember, hit "F" for fullscreen!

Okay, I've topped off the Initial pass on the Ferret - It's missing its rear landing gear, and a lot of its internal stuff (I need to make new generic textures to support this) I'll also be replacing the current pilot's chair.





And I also gave a shot at the Concordia Fleet colors. Very, very open to suggestions on this one. Since the additional art pass will have to happen anyway, this will definitely change.



It's in the build, Both Rough Concordia, Bare metal, and preliminary gear raising animations!!
I also quieted down the music. Sorry about that.
Love the work thus far, Howard. For the Ferret's scheme, I've got a few ideas:

- Maybe the yellow star from the Broadsword on the fins (similar to how the InSys scheme has the red stars), instead of the yellow striping.
- Yellow fin tips, with a squadron insignia on the outside of the top fins - I'm thinking similar to Felix the Cat showing up on the tails of some US Navy fighters up till the modern lo-vis camo took over.
- A "simple" insignia, in yellow - not sure exactly what, but done in much the same way that the Rapiers we fly sport a yellow lightning bolt.
- Something more like the Sabre, with green fuselage, silver wings, and some horizontal striping - either the tricolor striping from the Broadsword, or a different pattern/color to represent being in a different squadron.