Blue people aboard the Tiger's Claw?

It's kind of odd when you think about it.
If there are so many other races ( or at least semi different races ) running about. How come in the Wing Commander games we see so very little of them?
I know we see the Firekkans in WC1, the Steltek in Privateer, and lets not even go near Privateer 2 in regards to whats canon and whats not.
But take WC2 for example, apart from Hobbes, the entire crew of the Concordia is red blooded, regular skinned humans.
I think these blue people were either just a simple afterthought thrown in to make more of a 'multicultural' space :p that or a major palette error on the production computers ;) .
Dragon-Dreams said:
. . . that or a major palette error on the production computers ;) .
Dang, I thought Academy was made with hand-drawn (good) animation?

I think that the multi-colored humans in Academy are attempts to show the diversity in the universe while acknowledging there aren't many alien races shown in the games or novels. Chris Roberts did want to have a few more alien races presented, especially in the bar scene in WC4, but budget prevented that. The multi-colored humans seemed to be an homage to Robert's wishes.
Chris Roberts didn't write the WC4 script.

That said, Academy was hand drawn animation, as they didn't have computers that did that in 1995/96.
Or perhaps...

He actually had purple parents and he was some freak accident. Like I knew a guy with brunette parents and he was a bright red head. Good, now let's move on.