Blue people aboard the Tiger's Claw?


Rear Admiral
I'm sure I missed something in the cartoons. But like in that episode "Invisible Fighter," Maniac sits next to this blue guy and he says, "I just lost my appetitite." Was he blue from losing his appetite? Zaa?
The pink star girl Draal that Maniac 'hits on' is pretty good too. The frog guy from the Trafalgar has to be my favorite.

So than Blair's mother, who was also a Pilgrim, could have very well have been a blue person.

His dad had a taste, that's for sure :p
So, are the "video letters" Blair is making in WCATV to his aunt and uncle or to his dead parents?
(Err, to expand on that - he writes letters to his anti-war uncle... and his former military officer dad shows up as a ghost later on in the show (G))
Delance said:
What's the point of being anti-war when the enemy has no interest in peace?

Well we know it didnt work for the TC, thus the TC situation is not like comparable to the modern day world, but rather to WW2 (well it was ww2 in space) and id say like the false peace, had the allies been dumber could have worked in ww2 as well, had like Rommel and his buddies succeeded in killing hitler in 44, giving the nazis time to get alot of jets and rockets and nukes.
I don't believe the Nazis finished their hard water experiments.
Listen to what Blair is saying in Episode Three, "The most delacate instrument."

He's talking to his dad in his quarters before he goes to the bridge.
Grr, to say the same thing again: the person he is writing to and his father are established as two different people even in WCA. His 'father' *was* (past tense) a military officer. It's mentioned in "Recreation" and his 'ghost' is seen in "Expendable".

The man he writes to, who raised him and is alive is someone who is against the war and the military in general ("... I know you disagree with my decision to come here...", in Red & Blue). (It's established in later sources that this is his uncle).