Blair Carrier

Origin didn't follow the pattern, because they were always tempted to put in names that had to do with them, eg. TCS Austin, and the TCS Winterrowd. As for the other ships, each class seemed to have it's own system. The Bengal class, for example, had names to do with Bengal. They had the Tiger's Claw, the Kipling... The Waterloo class had great battles - TCS Agincourt, TCS Gettysburg. The TCS Centurion didn't quite fit in though.
Maybe but I doubt you would see a ship named after someone disgraced like the Admiral

Quarto, it's no big deal some people don't know a whole lot about US naval names or designations, it's not exactly common knowledge
I think they should. It would serve to remind people that Tolwyn wasn't always bad. You can't forget a person's achievements just because he screwed up.
Alright fine, not Tolwyn then. How about Banbridge instead :p

But still Geoff Tolwyn was enough of a war hero to have a ship named after him(and maybe even a medal, "Geoffry Tolwyn Medal of Instability"?).

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It seems the tradition of sort that when an officer betrays his duty and principals of his service, the disgrace remains dispite fame and achievements.

TCS Geoffry Tolwyn would only serve as a reminder to servicemen that one of their own used people under his command not to defend his people but help slaughter them.

Kinda an untimate betrayal, in my opinion. Good thing he didn't recruit Bear.
Really? Who remembers that MacArthur wanted to slaughter the Chinese in Korea with the nuclear bomb? You? No. You? Nope. Anybody? Hell no. You remember MacArthur from his days in the Phillipines. You remember MacArthur from the signing ceremony. You remember him for his successful administration of Japan during the short (because of him) occupation.
Good idea

YES actually I do. I remember that and more, but that's not important is it? The fact that he would have was why he was "fired". Things like that were informally covered up to protect the integrity of the armed service.

There is a difference, Tolwyn would have used the genselect bioweapon on BW and even Confed at some point.

You can't deny what Tolwyn did, but him letting power get to his head and all he did after that and how it was made public, well I just don't think naming a vessel after him would be appropriate.

It was his hand in events that had led to his promotion to Space Marshal and the way I see it, great men do seek power but have power thrust upon them. Geoff was a big-time seeker.

It was tragic, but saw him as a casualty of war, after all, it wasn't entirely his fault. But again, the public knowing what he did would likely be enough to cause some protest I'm sure if a ship rolled out bearing his name.
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MacArthur didn't go behind the US government's back, however, set up a sinister organization hell bent on engineering a master race by killing those deemed unworthy, and pinning it all on an innocent group of people.

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Enlighten me Quarto. Exactly what bad things did MacArthur do in the Phillipines & Japan?

I also don't think you can compare Adm Tolwyn to Gen MacArthur. Tolwyn broke a lot of rules. Developing & using the biological weapons, when the Confed had banned them. Attacking civilian targets throughout Confed, UBW & Kilrathi space. Creating geneticaly modified people to replace us. Threatening to wipe out the UBW because they didn't meet his definition of what a human being should be.
Whatever MacArthur did, I don't think it is quite as bad as what Tolwyn did. OK true Tolwyn may be a war hero, saviour of Earth in the BoT. He may also have become deranged as a result of fighting that war. But his actions in WC4 negated all the good things that he did in the same way that Hitler's Final Solution negated all the good things he did prior to the war.
You simply can't name a ship after a person who disgraced the uniform. For any reason.

Now you can chew me out over MacArthur's failings. But so what? At least I'll learn something.
Penguin: You misread my post. What I said is that people remember him for the _good_ things he did in the Phillipines and Japan. I imagine there were some bad things too (there always are), but my point was that the good that he did was in the end far more important than his (bad) proposed solution to the Korean War.

Death's Head: "YES actually I do. I remember that and more, but that's not important is it?"... Ah... Exactly. That's NOT important, is it?

To everyone: Yes, I know Tolwyn was bad, and I'm certainly not defending him. But I think Death's Head hit the nail square on the head, when he said that Tolwyn was a casualty of the Kilrathi War. The man we saw in WC 4 was not the same man that we saw in WC 2 or 3. The real, sane Tolwyn "died" (I'm putting the ""'s around died, so people don't think that I'm suggesting that he actually died) bit by bit during the War, first with the BoT, and then with the Behemoth.
Now then, usually, we praise dead war heroes, rather than forget them, non?