Battlestar Galactica on - WOW!

Pogrom NOT a Typo

Actually, I was hinting at the issue of Pogrom the Definition! Any form of Ethnic Cleansing, or Racial Extermination being the definition.

By Endless violence, and the Dehumanizing of anything, Are we not Pogrommed?
I did not mean to start a debate here, at least not on this ground. But, with T.V. and Movies being what they are. And the Very Concept of Merc Inc. In any shape. Yep, We do it all the time.
NOT That I agree with it. But, It is a Reality. :mad:
Since, I do write for some Political issues. I sometimes forget, the Hinting. :eek:

The real point, was that the New Series has it's Really High points, Vengeance, Violence, Defense, And Conscience. That is why it's worth looking deeper than the CGI or Content, that may be so very subtle. :p
Give it a Ride, the more you look the more you find. :D