Battlestar Galactica on - WOW!


I had havent seen this series, (im in the UK with no cable) but I went casually to check out the trailers for this series at and :eek: I was so amazed! It looks fantastic! From the trailers, it makes me wonder how cool a Wing Commander series like this would have been!!!

Oh well. I hope hope one of the UK networks picks up this series, and then I can see if its as good as the trailers look. :)

They played the original miniseries in the States over the weekened, edited, on NBC. They were both advertising the new series and the DVD of the original two-parter. Perhaps you can take a look over there to see if the DVD is out?

And, maybe if the show is successful, the networks will give epic sci-fi shows another chance. Though, the only other major sci-fi show not on the SciFi channel I can think of is Enterprise, and last time I heard, it was on life support.
The viewer numbers for the miniseries showing on NBC is supposed to decide whether or not NBC will broadcast the series in syndication, like Fox does with Stargate SG1.
I like the new BSG, despite Starbuck being a woman-which was my only real gripe anyway, the battle scenes are very well done and were worth buying the DVD in my opinion. So long as they don't get into a big grope fest amongst crewmembers it should be great.
I saw the first episode tonight. I thought it was great. It's similar to WC actually. They're on the Battlestar (i.e. the Tiger's Claw, Concordia, Victory, etc.). they escort transports, shoot capship missiles down, and shoot enemy fighters. I liked the "shelton slide" that appollo used to shoot the capship missile.. I'll have to try his technique: target missile fly in front of it, match speed, shelton slide, turn around and blow it away! If you're a wingnut, you should watch the show to encourage SciFi to show more space combat films. I'm sure everyone will have their gripes about the show- but HEY- IT'S SPACE FIGHTER COMBAT!!! If you're a true wingnut, you HAVE to love it!
Shaggy said:
I like the new BSG, despite Starbuck being a woman-which was my only real gripe anyway

I haven't seen it myself, don't have cable. Starbuck's a woman? :( Well, just as long as Athena isn't a man.
I've seen a bit of the show now, and it's good stuff. I know there's people here who hate everything, but don't listen to them... the show is quality tv.

I mean, how can you beat a show about an aircraft carrier in space? Err... what I mean is: a show about an aircraft carrier in space tickles me right next to where my Wing Commander spot is.
been watching it here on sky one.

Its really good, there have been some weak episodes, "water" for example. but on the whole it has been quality sci fi programming.

we are up to "colonial day" which on the whole was a pretty slow political episode. but man what an ending!
I never saw it as a two parter, saw the whole four hours in one go and it sat up okay, there are some genuine cringe worthy scenes however. The glow-age and baby killing being two of the main examples.

It has really improved as a continuing story now that most of the exposition so to speak is out of the way now. It can be overwhelmingly bleak during the first few episodes, bear with it and theres a really good Sci Fi series there.
I thought the first episode of the Miniseries was rather terrible, but I really enjoyed the second episode when things finally started to heat up (combat wise, sexuality wise it cooled down thankfully. I thought I was watching a futuristic porno the first hour of the first episode).

Anyway I'm really looking foreward to this. The similarities to Wing Commander are pretty staggaring when compared to the original Battlestar Galactica. I know a lot of fans of the original that are pretty dissapointed but I really enjoyed it. Granted I would've rathered someone make a Wing Commander TV series but this is close enough.... for now :p.

I'm also glad they left the Viper's relatively unchanged even though everything else is nearly unrecognizable. The Vipers were the important part though.
Conrad said:
The glow-age and baby killing being two of the main examples.
(that made him cringe)
Spien said:
I thought I was watching a futuristic porno the first hour of the first episode).
Wow, baby killing and porn-- I'm glad I missed the first hour of the first episode!!! Well, the reason I think it was awesome (the 2nd hour of the first miniseries showing is all I've seen so far) is because of the space fighter and capship combat. Take the space combat action out and you probably have a show that's crappy in every way from acting to plot.. However according to my ratings a show with terrible acting, plot, character's and character development, etc... and great space fighter combat= a perfect 10/10 4 star 2 thumbs up rating :D:D:D:D

P.S. BanditLOAF, great web page link for Batt.Galactica- VERY funny :D..
I thought the guy playing Adama was pretty good, but he's the only person who's acting really stood out. He really has the cynical old commander roll down. Baltar was decent as well. Everyone else was generic and forgettable but I think with further character development and experience their roles could be redeemable.

I enjoyed it a lot more than the Wing Commander movie... which isn't saying much.
Bandit LOAF said:
The TV show may be great -- but the pilot-slash-miniseries was really, really bad.

This coming from a loyal defender of the WCM.. ;)

I kinda like the new BSG, its got some issues, but it looks like it might be okay..

I reserve final judgment until after I see a few episodes though..

Hehehehe, yeah. The two are really similar in their combination of completely illogical plot developments and cool stylistic CGI space battles... BSG just managed to hit directly on my biggest pet peeve, which is when science fiction becomes too focused on sex.
I was 12 years old when the original series aired in 1978. Star Wars had hooked me on Sci-Fi, but once it was out of the theaters the fans were left with the feeling of OK, now what? We had no idea a sequal was planned, but even if we had known, 2+ years was a long time to wait, especially for a 12 year old.

Two animated series, Battle of the Planets and Star Blazers, were cool after school shows that were fun to watch, but not in the same catagory as a movie or a television series in prime time. Battlestar Galactica was like a dream come true. It kept my interest level in the genre high, and I enjoyed the series until it wasn't renewed- all 19 episodes. It kind of holds a special place for me because of that.

I was skeptical about the miniseries at first. I didn't see it when it first aired and I read many negative things about it before I caught the re-run. Once I saw it I thought it was rather enjoyable. It did have a lot of changes to the characters and several plot elements, but it was good Sci-Fi. I'll give the new series a chance.
I just watched the second half of the BSG miniseries on Sci Fi -- and I guess I'll admit that without the horrible spectre of the first part hanging over it it's fairly interesting.

Also, only the Sci Fi Channel can advertise medication for eye Herpes in primetime.