Arrow WIP

Very nice work, though I do agree with Lynx... seems like there are a whole lot of guns under the nose instead of just 4.
well, aren't the arrow's cannons gatling in the game? they certainly look it to me. You might try bringing the caliber of those guns down . . .making each barrell a little smaller. That might solve your 'too many guns' problem.

I think your Arrow needs some rivets along the panels to make it more realistic. :) If you're going to make it uber-detailed, you might as well go all the way hehe.
Hehe...It might be missing a couple of screws here and there but I'm not that crazy...I gotta rebuild the wings...some minor flaws.
As for the gun problem...those guns are twin laser guns from Privateer 2 :). From my point of view...the more guns...the better :)