Arrow WIP



A couple pics of the model I am working on now. No textures yet all 3d. I would say it is about 90% done. Cockpit still needs to be done as well as some detail work. The detail on it is ridiculous...It has about 300000 faces so far. It will be a combination of all the different versions of the arrow. It's mainly the Armada version, which I like best.
Thanks. I am trying to make this as 'perfect' as if you guys see something I've...somehow missed feel free to comment on it :).
Good stuff. Some bigger, better lit pictures would be nicer so we could see some of those details. :)

Can you show us some of your other models too? I'm interested in seeing what else you've made!
Hehe talk to yahoo about the size of the pics...I think that's the max size they allow for public viewing. I have quite a few models. I'll post some pics sometime. Ah and those pics are lit :)...otherwise they would be all black hehe. It's what they call..skylight. I'll post some more pics when I start texturing it.
I'm still waiting for an answer to your absurd and baseless accusations of me stealing your models. Post proof or apologize saibot.
It looks very impressive.

I wish to myself, I could do it skilled at least in such a way, like you...
Looking at those pictures makes me want to go back and ruin Major Dillion's day all over again.

Hey, perhaps you should detail the inside of the cockpit? And rig a pilot figure to sit in it. Then it would be utterly complete.
Ah yeah, it will be absolutely complete. It will have a cockpit and everything else. I'm trying to work at the highest level of detail here. Made a couple changes over the last few days...I had missed a couple things. Apart from that I've spent quite some time making the detail that is inbetween the engines and the main hull. Take a look at the new pic I've posted and you'll understand.
The landing gear is missing a couple details which I will take care of next. The textures will take some time...and I don't even want to start thinking about the cockpit yet :)
Yahoo automatically reduces the size of the pics so if any of you knows a better place please speak up.

Zorath, my bad, turns out we named our textures almost exactly the same :) I didn't bother to check the rest..hehe...sorry about that.
In case I didn't chime in yet, I think your model is

I'm anxiously awaiting to see how much better it'll look as the work on it continues.

In that I first was introduced to WC via WC3, I gotta say, the Arrow has always held a special place in my heart. I loved flyin' that bad boy, and still do.

Hey thanks overmortal. Why not. Tell me how you wanna do this. Btw, I took a look at your ship 'drawings'...yeah they're bad :) but I think it would be easy to build...I might think about it when the arrow is done.
For those who want to see some of my work from 1998-1999 look under the ships section of this page...I made the arrow/hellcat/dragon models there....Hmmm...I guess then this is arrow version 2.0..
smoke_saibot said:
Zorath, my bad, turns out we named our textures almost exactly the same :) I didn't bother to check the rest..hehe...sorry about that.

Apology accepted. Next time, turn on your brain before making such very serious accusations.

I like the arrow model, but 300,000 faces? Sounds like you're using alot more than you need :)
Hehe. My brain seems to be on right now...Unfortunately not all of us have the luxury of working on 'cap ships' that are made of boxes...I like working on more interesting stuff...hence the curves...ah yeah...and the high polygon count. But hey why don't you do better? :)
That is one damn fine peace of 3d Art. :D

Why does your Arrow does have so much guns under it's nose? The last time I heard they had four guns(2 guns for Armada). Or is this some kind of multibarreled, rotating gun system like the minigun?
Thanks man. The arrow has 4 guns...2 laser and 2 WC3. Mine is a breed between WCA and WC3. I also sent overmortal some pics so pretty soon you will see them on his site...hopefully. They are bigger :).