Alpha Test Game 3

Some weird stuff with the objects selector going on (see attached jpg). After I selected the Rapiers on each menu, I got a clearer view of the battlefield. Whenever you move over one of the FF missiles, though, it will pop up again. At least for me (Chrome 7.0.x)...
And yes, field report is missing here, too.


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Um, yes, actually, I was perfectly aware that he was aware of this and... Let me just get something out of my car! *runs away* :p
(I've read the message he posted minutes before, but this one managed to elude me. :eek:)
Is the registration still runnning?

If yes then i wanted to join you with Callsign Pantheos and

One Grikath (Ravager)
Two Broadswords (Reaper and Darkness)
Okay I'm back. The conference was a huge success, but I'm absolutely exhausted.

Hi Pantheos. If you can go make an account (follow Ironduke's link) I can spawn your ships tomorrow or Tuesday, when I have finally some more time.

Looking quickly at the behind-the-scenes on Game 3, looks like only Quailpilot hasn't submitted orders. Just a reminder that since the game doesn't understand teams, it will offer you things like opportunity fires on your own missiles (if appropriate) or tailing your wingmates. You can just open and immediately 'submit to command' the orders window to send in a 'do nothing' order in those cases.
I have already registered myself and im looking already around. I read already the rules :D

I cant open Game 1: Test Game 1 (Ship_Load Error: Unexpected number of matching templates: 0)

and Game 2: 3-Phase Test (Error finding pilot data.)

I think thats bc my ships arent spawned/added jet.
I think thats bc my ships arent spawned/added jet.

I also noticed some error output (missing parameter or some such) from weapon.php, which mysteriously disappeared as I refreshed the page. Don't know if Avacar was fiddling with the database as I was doing that.
Hi Pantheos,

I haven't added your ships yet, and when I do, they'll be in Game 3. Game 1 is more or less broken through retroactive bug fixes. Game 2 should be stable, but you wouldn't have any control over it in phase 5.
So, Panda hasn't submitted orders for Panda 1 yet, but Panda 2 is finished (green). What about Panda 3? It doesn't seem to appear on my list.
I never got to give Panda 3 orders. Panda 1 won't respond - it says "Fatal error: Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency? in /home/agespast/www/www/avacar/phase5/combat_functions.php on line 269" and won't pop up the orders window.

Sorry, since work with Avacar I have a bad habit of emailing him or telling him in person instead of posting on the forum.

Hmm, and I notice again in end-phase the pop-ups are showing up before they should (they should only appear on mouse-over). I definitely need to look into them, but I haven't had time yet.

Pantheos, I haven't forgotten you; I'll try to add your ships later today so you're in for the next movement phase.

Also, did anyone get an email saying that the turn was ready?
Okay, finally got around to it! Pantheos, your ships are in. I just spawned them based on random number in my head that were mid-range, and it ended up you're flying semi-formation with Ironduke. Have fun!

I've artificially submitted your ships in with no orders for this phase; your first opportunity to move will be during the MP of next turn.