Alien Artifact WCP SO Fiction. (question)


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Hi Guys!

I was just conducting a search on the Nephilim when Google showed me a link to this thread.
Some sunshine & a few general questions...
I read this with enthusiasm. Two questions shot through my head as I reached the end.

Was the fanfiction written and what does this post by LOAF mean?
Bandit LOAF said.
IIRC, that fiction was part of the background written for Strike Team, the cancelled sequel to Secret Ops... Boomer posted it to by mistake some years ago. (As for what they're looking for - the only reasonable guess I've ever been able to make is Blair... but there's some logical problems there, too.)
Sorry for bringing back an old thread... but I now know what the meaning of the artifact reference was!

First post in my livejournal explains it:
Post #149

Is it explained what the aliens were looking for?

The three systems where alien energy signatures were discovered. Which could not be clearly assigned.

Unfortunately, the link, in the post, only leads to a blank page.

I am grateful for any information. :)