A little WC Comic Strip...

The file has been uploaded. It's in Quicktime format (Sorenson 3), and is about 5MB in size. This one is funny, well at least I think so! Once it gets posted, let me know what you think everyone.

Nicely done! :D

Did you use the video capture capability in DosBox to grab the footage?


Thanks for the feedback everyone, I appreciate it, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I may do a little WC3 video next (something completely new) if and when I get some free time. I was going to rip out just the characters in the video using masking and a few other video tricks that I have and make a funny little scene. We'll see....

I'll be posting what WC items I have left in my other thread very soon if anyone is interested.

BrynS: Actually, I didn't even know DosBox could capture! I'll have to look into that as it probably would have made things easier!

Thanks everyone,

In case it wasn't clear from the update I did, I think this stuff is great. It's all completely beyond my skills, so I'm always so excited just to see people in the community contribute to making this great complex whole Wing Commander fan identity... and it doesn't hurt that it was very funny.
I agree, you hit the nail on the head, LeaderOne.

I really liked both of them, especially the second one.