2628 - An officers beginning

Chapter 22

“Standby Robin Hood, we have you in tractor range. We will lock on to you and bring you in” said the communications officer
“Copy that” said Brutus, “we are moving our wounded from unaffected areas of the transport. We are trying to avoid possible radiation sickness”
“Understood Robin Hood, please standby”
“So it begins” said Jonas as Brutus closed off communications with the Hibernia, turning around and heading to the rear compartment of the transports where fifty mercenaries or so were preparing a final check on their weapons, “gentlemen it is time” the mercenaries ready their weapons, helmets put on and chest guards double check.
The group were finalising their final bits and pieces when they felt the transport shudder when the Hibernia’s tractor beam was able to gain a target lock.
“You ready to do this Jonas?” asked Brutus who stepped into the compartment hold, “this would be a real test for us?”
“I was born ready Brutus” replied the operative, “you don’t need to worry. You just do your bit and I will do mine”

* * *

TCS Hibernia
Flight Deck

Up on the Flight Control Centre, Deck Officer James Douglas was issuing out orders for everyone to clear to Flight Deck for the arrival of the transport while checking with the damage control teams making sure they are ready.
“Everything all set their Jim?” asked Chief Technician Mendez who was reading off data-pad
“Looks like it chief” said James, “We have cleared all non essential personals from the flight deck. We have only the medical and emergency repair crews on the deck for the transport”
“Just hope our boys get back in time” said Mendez, “we are too spread out and we are liable at risk of being attack by pirates or even by the Mari-ad”
“Bah I would not worry about that” smiled James, “we can deal with it when they arrive. Ah here they come” James pointed to the damaged transport that was arriving.

* * *

“Get ready!” shouted Brutus as he yelled over the loud whining noise of the landing gears and engines of the transport, “First squad, once out are to hit and take down everything. Prisoners are secondary. Any questions?”
“You let us do our bit. You just remember to pay us after this job is finished” said one of the mercenaries, “you owe us a lot of credits for this operation”
“Don’t worry friend” said Jonas who stood next to Brutus, “you will be payed handsomely. What is your name friend?”
“Rocca” replied the mercenary
“Remind me once we have capture the Hibernia that I will reward you for your efforts”
“Transport docked!” the voice of the transport pilot was heard through the PA system, “get ready”

* * *

“Med team standby!” called out James, “Damage Teams One to Four ready for emergency repairs and fire control”

* * *

Technician Colin Green was holding the fire extinguisher ready, standing outside the transport main exit port when he heard Deck Officer’s Douglas orders, “Stand by Repair Crews!”
Suddenly the transport door slow open up, ready to enter Colin steps close and found himself face to face with a rifle muffle right up to his face
“What the fuck?!” said Colin
“Sorry mate you in the way” said the rifle holder as he pulled the trigger shooting Colin in the face.

* * *

“What the hell!?” shouted Mendez as he saw the technician got shot, the next thing he heard was a woman’s scream followed by a series of rifle fire, shouting and explosions. Reaching over for the emergency button, his hand was stopped by another hand. Looking up he saw it was James Douglas stopping him.
“Jim let go we have to warn the bridge!”
“Sorry chief” smiled Jim, “but like I said I would not worry about that we can deal with it when they arrive” pulling out his other hand from behind he punched Oscar to the head knocking him off, “nothing against you Chief, but I have been given a greater job opportunity”

* * *

TCS Hibernia

“Flight Control, Douglas what is the situation?” asked O’Hara
“Everything is under control Bridge” replied Douglas, “we are moving the injured to Medical and treating some on the flight deck. Transport is secured”
“Good work Douglas” replied O’Hara, “I will come down shortly and see the crew” O’Hara ended his communication when Captain Lang enter the bridge, “Captain the transport has been secured. Repair crews are seeing to the ship and medical teams are treating the injured. Douglas reports that several people are being sent to Med-bay for various treatments” Captain Lang seemed to ignore O’Hara and headed over to the Security Command Console and pressed a serious of commands and sequences
“Captain? Is everything alright?” asked O’Hara
“Yes everything is fine” said Lang as he pulled out a small gas mask out of his pant’s pocket and placing it on; “everything will be fine” shortly gas was coming up from the ventilation ducts in the bridge
“Captain is the meaning of this?” asked O’Hara, looking around crew were beginning to cough after being exposed to the gas, many have already passed out, reaching over and grabbing the Captain and trying to pull him, “Captain what are you doing!!”
Lang watched as slowly one by one people were dropping off after being exposed from the gas, leaving only O’Hara as the last one standing, “Sorry XO, I’m doing what is best for us all” said the veteran Captain as he continue to watch O’Hara gradually loosen her grip on him and gradually slid down on the deck plating of the bridge.
“Sorry Jessica” said Lang as he moved over to the communications console and switched to a different frequency, “this is Cang to Onas. Bridge is secured. You may bring the rest of the party in”
“This is Onas” replied the voice on the other line, “good work Cang. We are sending people to the bridge. Please assist them with their needs”
“Understood, Cang out” switching off the communication console Captain Lang sat back in his Command Chair and awaited for the arrival of Mari-ad forces.
My God what have I done thought Lang, may all forgive me for my sins for what I am about to do, may my deeds be remember as an honourable man pulling out a sidearm from inside his jacket, he place the pistol on the armrest of the chair and waited for the people to come.

* * *

Jonas picked his communicator when he received an incoming transmission,
“This is Cang to Onas. Bridge is secured. You may bring the rest of the party in”
“This is Onas” replied Jonas, “good work Cang. We are sending people to the bridge. Please assist them with their needs”
“Understood, Cang out”
“Cang?” asked Brutus, “who is Cang?”
“Captain Lang” smiled Jonas “it seems that the good Captain has been very happy to help us with the capture of the Hibernia”
“How did you manage that?”
“I will tell you one day” said the operative, “but in the meantime I think we should go ahead and take a look at the bridge” looking down at the flight deck from the Flight Control Centre he could see several mercenaries guarding over Confederation personal as prisoners some injured others unscathed from the initial attack
“Come Brutus lets take a visit to the bridge shall we”
“I’m coming with you” said Jim, “you will need someone to access some of the command consoles”
“Don’t won’t be necessary” said Jonas, “You have done what we required”
“You promised me that I get to keep the Hibernia if we capture it”
“Oh did I?” asked Jonas
“You promised!” said James, “You said you are offering the Hibernia if we capture the ship” Jonas chuckled
“I said I offer the Hibernia” said the Mari-ad operative, “I did not mention anything about commanding the Hibernia. That part is for me”
“You liar” growled Jim as he pulled out his sidearm ready to shoot Jonas but Brutus got to him before he got a chance when Jona’s lieutenant had his pistol out already and shot Jim in the head.
“Never liked the man” grunted Brutus, “he was so eager to please anyone”
“That he was” nodded Jonas, “now come. We are running late. We don’t want to keep the Captain waiting”

To be continued....
Chapter 23

Alpha Flight on return flight vector back to Hibernia

“OK this is strange” said Torps “you think that they would respond to me or something?”
“Hibernia is not responding?” asked Datangia “are we that out of range?”
“Unlikely. We are within communication range and there is no way we could not raise the Hibernia. Unless we were being jammed or something”
“But there is not a ship in the surrounding area or near the Hibernia” said Datangia, “well not that we know of and”
Datangia was interrupted by another voice “All Flight Wing do not approach the Hibernia repeat, do not approach the Hibernia”
“What the hell?” asked Torps
“Cut the chatter Torps!” said Silky, “Speaker identify yourself. This is Major Mallamo of the Confederation Forces. How did you get our communication frequency?”
“Major how I got this frequency is not of your concern. The important thing is that you do not approach the Hibernia. You must contact the remaining the Flight Wings and regroup at a different position”
“We need to land somewhere before we are running on empty ducks” interrupted Skinny “we are running at 15% fuel reserves left”
“Are any of the support ships nearby?” asked Silky
“TCS New York is on the outer skirts of the system?” said Datangia as he checked on his onboard nav-charts, “New York should be doing its final sensor run before jumping to the Caliban System”
“We heading back to the Hibernia” said Silky
“Major were you listening?!” said the unidentified speaker, “do not return to the Hibernia”
“Why?” asked Silky, “you have not said anything or give any reason to why we cannot return to the Hibernia as far as I’m concerned”
“The Hibernia is being taken over by Mari-ad forces” interrupted the speaker, “Mari-ad forces have infiltrated the carrier with Mari-ad agents and mercenaries”
“What the fuck you saying” said Skinny
“There is no way the Hibernia could have been taken over” agreed Torps, “I say we go back”
“You can go back” said the speaker, “and I will make sure I will attend to your funeral”
“How do we know that you are not one of them?” asked Datangia, “for all we know you could be a Mari-ad operative yourself and trying to divert us to some remote location where we don’t know”
“Listen to me carefully. You have two choices. You leave the Hibernia and head to find the New York before it jumps or you risk coming back and get killed. You don’t have much choice. Get out and warn the rest of the remaining Flight Teams. Out”
“Suggestions people?” asked Silky when the speaker left given the Alpha Team a few minutes to contemplate with the sudden news
“I say we all head back to the Hibernia” said Torps “It could be just a practical joke”
“But then it could not” said Skinny
“Too much to risk” said Silky
“Yet this man know our communication frequency and knew we were coming” said Datangia, “maybe we should split up and find out what is happening”
“That might be a good idea” said Silky, “Datangia you and Torps are to head back to the Hibernia as planned. Skinny and I will head and try to hail the New York and the rest of the Flight Teams”
“And if we get fired upon?” asked Datangia
“You get out and tried to fly to us. If we get to the New York before you reach the Hibernia, which I doubt we will try to meet you half way. Try to contact any of the remaining Flight Teams before you reach the Hibernia. We have to keep our eyes and ears open for anything”
“Well I guess we have to get moving” said Torps, “we are running low on fuel and it would not be long before we will be sitting on empty tanks”

* * *​

TCS Hibernia
Command Bridge
Ariel System

“Thank you for coming Captain” said Jonas as he continue to watch his operatives work at one of the control consoles, “thank you for providing us with the assistance”
Captain Lang stood behind him silent while a mercenary was pointing his rifle at his back
“Unfortunately we have the problem of what we are going to do about the prisoners we have here onboard”
“Normally we would dump them on the nearest planet” said Brutus who was standing by Lang, “but with the time constraints we have. We might have to start shooting them and then dumping their bodies”
“You have not right to hold us!!” said one of the bridge officers who was being at gun point by a mercenary, “Confed will send ships and will rescue us. You have no chance” the officer was about to continue speaking when Jonas pulled out his sidearm and shot the officer without turning to see if he was aiming at the right person. Several of the female Confed officers scream in shocked when their fellow officer was shot in the head.
“I will make this simple people” said Jonas “Cooperate with us and you will live. Failure to do so will result in meeting the same fate as this young man just did” holstering his pistol back he continued to looked at the operation console when a group of mercenaries arrived on the bridge from the main access lift.
“Any problems with the local populace Derek?” asked Jonas
“None what so ever” said the lead mercenary who arrived on to the bridge, “we have cleared all the vital and essential sections of the ship. All other Confed personnel are either held in the main cargo bays or in the med bay with the rest of the injured”
“Good work Derek. No strays?”
“None that we found” said the Mercenary leader, “the carrier is all yours. Congratulations”
“On the contrary my friend” replied Jonas, “you should thank the good Captain for allowing us to land in the first place” the hostages were shocked at the news that their commanding officer was the man responsible for allowing the terrorists into the carrier.
“Captain! Traitor!” growled O’Hara who was among the prisoners “how could you”
“I’m sorry Commander” said Lang “I have no choice”
“Why did you” said O’Hara, “you committed your life to Confed, you” Jessica was silenced by one of the mercenaries guard who club her with the butt of his rifle
“Thank you” said Brutus, “that woman was beginning to annoy me. Take her to the med bay and tell their Medical Officer that we want her sedated
“Seems that we are going to have some disgruntled people with us” said Jonas “we might have to set an example to them. Would you like to show them an example of our intentions Brutus?”
“With pleasure” smiled Brutus

* * *​

“You got to bullshitting with us” said Major Michael ‘Legs’ Brady, “there is no way the Hibernia could be captured. We have a marine detachment along with the security personnel onboard. It would have taken something like several special forces team to take you the Hibernia”
“I know sir” replied Datangia as he told the Major through the comm. channel. Datangia and Torps were able to reach through the Wild Aces squadron and given them details of what is happening. Although they have not reached to their carrier, there was the certain possibility that the carrier could have been taken over by terrorists and there was the chance that were people who could have gotten killed in the process including the senior officers.
“So what do we do now boss?” asked Captain Colin ‘Cowboys’ Forbes. Datangia was able to contact the entire Wild Aces Squadron and were to meet up along with Alpha Flight of Silver Arrows Squadron under the command of squadron leader Major Shauna ‘Trek’ O’Brian
“I’m open to suggestions” said Legs “we cannot attempt an air strike. We are running low on fuel and we cannot afford to hit the Hibernia in any way”
“The marines?” asked Trek, “you think the marines onboard would have done something about the terrorists who attempted to board the ship?”
“I’m guessing that they did not do much of a job then if the Hibernia is taken over by terrorists”
“Info” said Legs “we are going to need information about what is happening on the Hibernia. Do we have ETA on whether Silky has reached the New York?”
“Uncertain” said Datangia “we don’t know if they made it before the New York jumped. They were running low on fuel and it is pretty risky for them to try to reach to them”
“Alright this is what we are going to do. Datangia you and Torps will fly with my Alpha Flight and we are going to the Hibernia and see what is going on. Sensor sweeps, readings everything. The rest will head off with Trek and check the surrounding area of the Hibernia and see if there any transports that may be hostile. Track and detain any such ships. We have to find out if the Hibernia is in trouble”

* * *​

TCS Hibernia
Ariel System

“Fuck this is not good” said Lieutenant Marcus Harris looking over the shoulder of one his marines who was tapping into the security camera networks. On the handheld view pad the marine was tapping in, switching to different security cameras that were seen throughout the ship.
“They have cornered off every possible entrance, access tunnel and exit points” said the marine “Damn they even cut off access to the damn toilets and I’m bloody busting to go”
“LT we got to do something” said Private Chad who was guarding over an exit looking outside. Several other marines in the room nodded in agreement.
“Alright” nodded Harris, “first we need to find any more marines who are not captured. Private can you pull up a schematic of the ship’s layout?”
“I think so” said the operating marine as he inserted a wire into the access console port. A few minutes later, a schematic of the carrier’s interior scroll up on the data pad.
“We have to move fast” said Harris “we don’t much time”
“Well then you have to get your butt into gear” said Donovan “you need to get your men to retake the ship”
“I know” said Harris “just don’t know what or how to do this”
“You leave that to me” said Donovan “I’ll handle that”

* * *​

TCS New York
Caliban System
Command Bridge

“Are you sure about this?” asked Captain Michael Robert, the commanding officer of the TCS New York, “do you believe that the Hibernia is taken over by terrorists”
“We don’t know Captain” said Silky, “hopefully Lieutenant’s Cheng and Thorpe were able to reach any of the remaining Flight Wings. Otherwise they would be shot down by the Hibernia”
“Well I can confirm that the Hibernia has been taken over by the terrorists” said Captain Robert “and we know that it is the Mari-ad”
“How do you know that sir?” asked Skinny, “we have no known knowledge about it?”
“We received two different transmission both of them were from the Hibernia’s position” said the Captain, “Commander Sara please show them the transmission”
New York’s executive officer, Commander Sara led the two pilots to the main communication station.
“The first communication was this” said Sara as he activated the first transmission
“That’s Donovan” said Silky as he saw the bartenders face on the view screen
“To all nearby ships do not come within communications or sensor range of the Hibernia. Repeat. Do not approach the TCS Hibernia, the carrier has been taken over by the Mari-ad and holding Confed personnel prisoners. Do not inform Confed Command of the lost of the Hibernia. Doing so will result in the lost of lives which no one wants to have” the message then repeats itself again.
“About an hour after receiving the message we received this one” as Sara activated the second message.
“To all Confed ships within this quadrant. Let me say that the crew and other personnel onboard the Hibernia are not harmed and are being held until otherwise. The carrier, the TCS Hibernia is now under the command and control of the Mari-ad. any attempt to rescue the hostages will result in the loss of lives. Any attempt to retake the ship will also result in the loss of lives.
Now I know that this would be a complete embarrassment to Confederation Military to the public if people learn that their carriers has been board and come under complete control of the Mari-ad.
If Confed Command attempts anything it will be their fault if any lives are lost. So I would advise to think carefully of your next actions”
“The message end there” said Captain Robert “as you can see this pretty confirm our suspicions about the state of the Hibernia”
“Are you alerting Sector HQ Captain?” asked Silky
“Not at this stage” said Robert, “if what he says is true, then I do not want to risk any loss of lives”
“But the message could be fake” said Skinny
“The thought did cross our minds” said Commander Sara, “but we verified the authenticity of the message and the location of where the signal/message come from and they both checked out At this stage we have to be prepared”
“But we need to move fast Captain” said Silky, “we do not know of where they would move the Hibernia”
“Agreed” said Robert “but we cannot give away any indication that the any Confed ships are leaving from their assigned positions. Can we contact the remaining squadrons Flight Teams?”
“I don’t know but we are still trying to figure how to avoid the Hibernia’s sensors”
“What about the capital ships from our task force?” asked Skinny “is it possible to reach through to them?”
“That might work” said Commander Sara, “but we run the risk that the Mari-ad will be monitoring transmission. We are in a delicate situation.”
“Commander we might have no choice” said Captain Robert, “the ships of the task force may be our only option without alerting Command and we are running out of time. Contact as many of the capital ships you can and see we can rendezvous somewhere”
“You got something in mind Captain?” asked Silky
“No I don’t” replied Captain Robert “I want to get everyone together first then we will consider our options then”
Chapter 24

Ariel System, Day Quadrant, Vega Sector
TCS Hibernia
Flight Deck

Jonas looked at the hostages they have rounded up, sitting on the flight deck. About 30 officers and non-commissioned officers all with their hands tied behind their back. Mercenaries surrounding them with their weapons pointed at them.
This is going to be interesting he thought as he looked at each person on the ground
“People we have a situation here” said Jonas “it seems that people are not cooperating with us and we believe we need to set an example to you to prove our point” nodding to Brutus, Jona’s second in command random grabbed one of the male officers and pulled him up with the help with one of the mercenaries dragged him to the nearest airlock. The officer tried to kick and struggle his way out of their grip. The other officers on the deck were screaming at the man telling him to break free, others were telling him to calm down and do as they were while a few remained silent.
“You might want to be quiet for a moment folks” said Jonas but the crowd did not listen. Jonas pulled out his pistol and shot the male officer falling between Brutus and the mercenary. The crowd went quiet when they saw the officer drop dead
“As I was saying you should be quiet for a moment” repeated Jonas, this time he got their full attention but with the looks of angry people.
“Now that I have your full attention I will going to explain one more time. There are people who are not cooperating and need to be reminded who is in charge. Now because you did not listen a moment ago you have allow that officer die. Now will you listen to me?” several nods showed among the group
“Good now let me show you again” Jonas nodded to Brutus again and the second picked up the dead officer with the help of the mercenary chucked him out of the nearest airlock compartment. Brutus and the mercenary return back to the group and grabbed another random person. This time it was a woman. The woman in grey overalls, a flight technician. Brutus and the mercenary led the woman to the same airlock and shoved her into the compartment and sealed her in.
“This woman will live as long everyone on this ship do what they are told to do. The woman will be fed inside that airlock and stay there until we are finished with what we want to do. Anyone who refuses to do as they told will be responsible for her death which is being shot out of the airlock. Now because of the man early I shot. You already have the blood of the officers in your hands to think about”
“You shot him you bastard!” spat out one of the prisoners “you shot him without hesitation”
“No my friend” replied Jonas “you did. You didn’t listen to me and started screaming and yelling. If you listen to what I have to say, that man would have live” the prisoner didn’t reply knowing that what Jonas may have been true.
“Now this is what you are going to do” continued Jonas “you will continue your duties and you will be give orders on what to do. Those who are not assigned to any duties will be in their quarters under guard. Attempt of escape you will be shot, failure to comply to our orders you will be shot and our friend in the airlock will die. It as simple as that. Brutus please see to them” Jonas turned around and left the flight deck via a nearest access lift. “Bloody people” he whispered, “damn dumb asses they are”

* * *

TCS New York
Outer skirts between Caliban System and Ariel System

Senior Officer’s Briefing Room

“I am open to suggestions people” said Captain Robert “We cant contact Command, if we do they will kill the hostages. We cant approach the Hibernia, they will kill the hostages”
“There must be a way” said Skinny “could we negotiate with them?”
“Confed has issued a standing order that no negotiations is permitted to any terrorist organisations including the Mari-ad” said Silky, “Confed has maintain a policy when dealing with terrorists”
“What about the fighter pilots who were assigned to the flight assignments?” asked Lieutenant Alan Stenta (TCS Communication Officer) “their fighters would not have that much fuel to survive that long out in space?”
“We have to retrieve them sir” said Silky “We cannot afford to lose the pilots”
“And do so might risk the lives on the Hibernia” said Sara “you heard the demands”
“And you are going to comply with them” said Silky “there are people onboard that ship and I am not willingly enough to let them suffer at the hands of some no good terrorists”
“Any actions we take could jeopardise the ship and the lives of” said Sara when she was interrupted by Captain Robert
“Enough ladies” said Robert “we are in a difficult situation. We cant afford to lose the ship or the people onboard and at the same time we cannot ignore those pilots left stranded. Captain Mallamo does your onboard nav-computer would have the details of the other flight groups flight paths?”
“Unfortunately no sir” said Silky “but I do have the last known coordinates of where the teams were last located”
“That will have to do” said Robert “Lieutenant Stenta I need you to prepared a tight beam communication link priority one alert to the capital ships of the battle group I will need to brief with the commanding officers”
Chapter 25

Outskirts of Hibernia’s Sensor Range

“You got to be shitting me?” said Datangia “they can’t risk killing hostages on the Hibernia. We got to do something!?”
“We cannot risk them detecting us if we get within their sensor range” said Legs, “they probably can detect us even at this distance. Reason why they have not attack us or done anything is of concern”
“What about the guy who warned us!” asked Torps “whoever warned us should be able to help us?”
“I don’t know it’s just too risk as it is” said Legs “I’m out of ideas”
“I got an idea” said Datangia as he was scanning his technical ship readout on his display screen “Silky, the Hibernia can detect us if we are approaching with full systems on right”
“Correct, what are you getting at Datangia?” asked Legs
“Would they be able to detect us if we run our fighter on absolute minimal power? With minimal life support, zero communications and minimal thrusters for general velocity”
“It’s possible” said Trek “but the Hibernia’s sensors might be able to detect the fighter’s engine trail”
“Maybe not” said Torps “we are running extremely low on fuel. But if we set the fighter’s path trajectory of where the Hibernia is located we might be able to push the fighters towards a certain location and hopefully the inertia of the fighters might be enough to reach it without detection”
“Are you certain about that?” asked Legs
“I remember back at the Academy I tried shooting a missile at an automated drone with a dead engine and zero transmission. Basically it was like a dumbfire missile without the energy signature. The Hibernia might detect us as floating debris, but then a significant number of large objects as debris might be a little bit suspicious”
“We could jettison our spare parts canister” suggested Cowboy “if we get closer to the Hibernia sensor range we could jettison the spare parts make it look that there is a large clump of floating debris”
“Very tempting” said Legs “we don’t have much ideas to go and this is probably very risky. We can’t try to reach to where TCS New York is. We might miss them and by then we might be sitting dead in the water. Alright we will go with this plan”
“Should we try to contact the people who might have eluded the terrorist’s sir?” asked 1st Lieutenant Geoffrey ‘Priest’ Hanson “if what Datangia is true, we should try to coordinate our efforts of retaking the Hibernia?”
“Would be best to avoid that if possible” said Legs, “we don’t know if they would be monitoring any outgoing and ingoing transmission. If they are we are going to have a difficult time. The best thing for now is to keep communication to a minimal possibly communication silence. We might have to resort to laser tight beam communication from fighter to fighter if need be. But in the meantime everyone is to start setting their ship systems and begin to shut down all primary systems and power stations. All fighters are to run on minimal life support which means we have to put up our evac suits. We are to running on thrusters. Lieutenant Cheng, you and I will assess our options of entry onboard the Hibernia”
“Um me sir?” said Datangia sounding very surprised “um are you sure sir should you discuss the tactics with Trek he is also the senior officer present”
“Maybe” said Major O’Brian, “but you suggested the idea and proposed it to Legs, so I am happy for you and Legs to go over the plan of approach while the rest of us do all the dirty work”
“Thanks Major” replied Datangia “I appreciate your vote of confidence but I am not sure if this is going to turn out well”
“None of us do Lieutenant” said Legs, “we have to take what possible options and take the best course of actions. Rest assured that we have considered all possible options given the circumstances we are in. Don’t worry I believe that we can come up with a strategy to this predicament”
“I hope so sir” said Datangia, “I hate to see myself as the man responsible for the loss of the Hibernia”
Chapter 26

Ariel System, Day Quadrant, Vega Sector
TCS Hibernia
Command Bridge

“We have sealed off all the main access areas and non-essential compartments and areas” said Brutus as he was showing Jonas the ship schematics on the view screen, “we have secured all main passage ways and corridors that may allow anyone to gain access to vital areas”
“Good” nodded Jonas as he scanned through the schematics, “have we secured and obtained full access to the ship and the ships database?”
“No. Captain Lang has refuse to give us the access codes, nor has his executive officer”
“What about our techs? Have they been able to crack through the system?” asked Jonas
“Our techs have able to access some of the ships main operating systems, but they are still having problems accessing some of the vital systems. We have almost everything but a few systems. Weapons, propulsion and navigation systems are still offline”
“The systems we want first and it’s locked out how nice of Captain Lang to leave that problem for us”
“I would have thought that Captain Lang would give us full access” said Brutus “he willingly allow us to board the ship”
“True but it seems that the good Captain still have some reservation about allowing us to control the Hibernia. Where is he now?”
“He is under guard and observation in his quarters. We have two guards on him”
“Let’s go pay a visit to the good Captain” said Jonas “I think its time for a nice chat with him”

* * *

“Of all the places you would think they would check this place?” said the marine specialist as he tapping into the security network through a side console. Lieutenant Marcus Harris, Donovan and their group were in the ship’s gymnasium after several failed attempts of attempting to find access to security cameras and the communication network
“Fourth times a charm” said Harris as he stood next to the marine watching the marine fiddle with the wires connected to small data pad.
Private Chad and two other marines were guarding the only entry to the gymnasium, occasionally looking outside to see if there are any Mari-ads walking past. Donovan sat on a bench watching marine specialist access the network.
“Damn this!” growled specialist, “I can’t get through. They must have locked out every possible access”
“Is there anything you can do?” asked Harris
“Maybe I could help” said Donovan as he walked over and pulled out a small data chip from this pants pocket “put this in the data pad”
“What is it?” asked the specialist
“Just something that might help” said the bartender. The specialists slid the data chip in the pad and watched as a series of numbers began to scroll through the miniature screen on the data pad. The screen finally flashed with the text, FULL SYSTEMS ACCESS GRANTED
“Well I’ll be” whistled the specialists as he tapped in a few commands
“Wouldn’t we be traced if we access any of the command systems?” asked Harris
“No they wouldn’t” smiled Donovan “it has a masking system which prevents anyone to trace where the point of origin”
“What kind of bartender are you?” asked Harris “something like this would have come from an Intelligence Operative or Covert Ops”
“Maybe” smiled Donovan “but I assure you Lieutenant I’m one of the good guys”
“Lieutenant I have access to the security camera network” said the specialists. Harris and Donovan looked over the marine’s shoulder and looked at the data pad as the marine scrolled through images of different security camera located throughout the entire ship.
“Give me the command bridge” asked Harris. The image of the command bridge popped up on the screen showing it occupied with Mari-ad terrorists as several of the system stations with some Hibernia bridge officers at gunpoint being forced to work at some of the system stations “looks like they have secured the bridge. Give me the flight deck” the image of the bridge was replaced with the image of the Hibernia’s flight deck where the three could see a large number of the Hibernia’s personnel were sitting in a large group on the ground with several Mari-ads taking guard.
“Can you located the Captain?” asked Donovan
“Can’t seem to find him anywhere” said the marine, “bridge, med-bay, engineering, flight deck, nowhere”
“This leaves only his quarters” said Harris “there would be a couple of guards watching him”
“There would be a quite a few at the armoury sir?” asked Chad from the doorway “we need to gain access to weapons” flicking to the security camera in the armoury, Harris could see a number of Mari-ads guarding inside and outside the armoury department
“We need to get to the Armoury” said Harris “but we need to get more people to help us”
“I don’t think we should Lieutenant” said Donovan “there is ten of us here and we should keep the numbers to a minimal”
“Why?” asked Chad “we need to take the ship back by force”
“If we try to rescue some of them” said Donovan “they are going to notice people are missing and they would know that there are some people still roaming around the ship”
“I agree” nodded Harris, “we are going to risk exposing ourselves if they start noticing a number of our people missing or something”
“Sir we found some people” said the specialists, Harris and Donovan looked over at the screen and saw the images of several people in a room huddled in a corner with a couple of people at the door “it’s the science and research labs”
“They did not secured that department?” asked Donovan
“I guess that they didn’t think that it was a necessary section” said Harris “can we communicate with them?”
“I might be able to sir” said the specialists as he pulled out his hand held communicator from his utility belt, looking at Donovan “you would have something that might cloak the transmission in case they might pick up the transmission?”
“Thought you never asked” chuckled Donovan as he pull out a small device from his satchel he was carrying with him, “attach this to the communicator’s data port. The device would emit a transmission blanket which prevents outside parties to detect any transmission coming out from the communicator. It should work”

* * *
TCS Hibernia
Science and Research Laboratory

“You think they would have searched this place out?” asked Ensign Sarah Willis as she nurse her injured arm
“You think that this place is a possible place to find us” said Technician James Golding, as he paced around the room
“We can’t risk leaving here” said Sergeant Alan O’Connell, “we leave here and they might find us”
“There has to be a way out” said James when he was interrupted by a soft beeping noise at one of the communication console at a science station
“Who would be communicating us?” asked Alan “no one knows we are here”
“Could be a trap” said Sarah “the terrorists might be trying to trace us if we answer the communication”
“But it could be somewhere who might have avoided capture” said James “we don’t know who it is?”
“Damn it I don’t care” said Alan as he walked over to the communication console and picked up the line
“Damn it O’Connell I thought you never answered the line!” said Harris on the other side of the line
“Damn Lieutenant you gave me a fright” replied Alan, relaxing after hearing Harris voice
“Are you alright Sergeant?” asked Harris
“We are holding up and we are doing fine sir” replied Alan “we got some injured here. Where are you Lieutenant?”
“We are at the gymnasium mid-deck” replied Harris, “How many people do you have?”
“We have ten people including myself and Corporal Packer” replied O’Connell
“Same we have ten with us. We are located a deck below you. We are going to try to get to you. From there we are heading to the armoury to get weapons. You and those people with you are to stay put until we arrived understand?”
“Copy that sir” said Alan “see you soon”

* * *
TCS Hibernia – Gymnasium

“We have our work cut out sir” said the specialists “all the access routes to the Science labs are sealed off or patrol by the terrorists. We have no way through”
“Are you sure Conrad” asked Harris “a short cut or something”
“No there is no way through sir, I have check the schematics”
“Damn it!” spat Chad as he paced around the gymnasium “this is pissing me off. We are trapped here. People trapped over the other side and we can’t do jack all!”
“Stow it Private!” ordered Harris “keep your cool. We need to plan this out carefully”
“Um sir what about the vents” asked one of the marines, Harris looked up at the circulation vents that could be seen.
“Are they big enough?” asked Donovan
“It could be enough to squeeze through” said the marine “someone give me a boost” Donovan walked over to the marine and helped the marine up to the vent and move the grill and looked inside. Crawling inside the marine crawled a few paces in and crawled backwards back out, “its pretty snugged sir but I think we can travel across through the vents”
“Conrad do we have any vents that come across the Science Labs?” asked Harris
“Yeah we do” said the specialist “but the passage of the vents goes past where Mari-ad might patrol. We have to be very quiet when we go past. I hope you guy’s can hold your breathe and not make a sound”
“Alright let’s get going” said Harris, “secure any loose clothing and bits. Make sure we don’t make any loud sound through the vents. It’s going to be hell if they hear us”
Chapter 27

Outskirts of Hibernia’s Sensor Range

“Alright Datangia do you have sort out a the strategy for this?” asked Major O’Brian
“I think so Sir” said Datangia “Major Brady and I have covered all possible avenues that we could think of. Although we covered all bases I don’t know what are our chances are”
“Being in charge is about taking chances and to be ready to take the risks Lieutenant” said Major Brady “but then you would not know what happens til you try it”
“Alright tell us what you got” asked O’Brian
“Alright, everyone” said Datangia as he opened an open-communication band with the rest of the fighters present.

* * *
TCS New York
Outer skirts between Caliban System and Ariel System

Senior Officer’s Briefing Room

“Are you sure about this? asked Captain Robert as he read the data-pad “The Hibernia has not moved from its last position?”
“Apparently so” said Lieutenant Uzamaki, his Tactical Officer, “since the broadcast more than 24 hours ago, the ship has not moved at all. So far we are tracking them and yet they have not moved. We have detected no outgoing or ingoing transmission. Nor have we detected any ships coming within the Hibernia’s sensor range”
“That’s not right” said Major Mallamo “how the Hibernia could be staying still and not do anything. Something is going on”
“I agree” said Captain Robert as he read through the data-pad “it just not seem to add up. What are they doing?”

* * *

Ariel System, Day Quadrant, Vega Sector
TCS Hibernia

Captain Lang’s personal quarters

“Nice room you have here Captain” said Jonas as he looked around the room admiring some of the personal effects that were placed around the room. Lang was sitting on one of 3 chairs while two of Jonas’ mercenary were pointing their rifles at him “it is a pity that you may lose this room”
“What makes you think that I am going to help you any further” said Lang as looked at the people around him, “I have done my share of the bargain, as I recall you were to release my wife and children once I let you in!”
“Ah correction my Captain” said Jonas “the statement you received was once we have control of the ship, then we will hand your wife and children back to you. As I recall we don’t have full access to the ship”
“You bastard!” growled Lang as he tried to get up from his chair only to be stopped by the two Mari-ad mercenaries.
“Now, now Captain” smiled Jonas “no need to be hasty. Just give us the codes and full access and I promise to see that your family are back to you”
“Let me see my family first!”
”The codes Captain”
“My family first!” said Lang as he tried to stand up again
“I guess I have no choice” said Jonas as he pulled out his pistol and pointed at Lang’s forehead, “Captain I don’t have access to your family but I know someone who does. I cannot let you see your family until you gives us what we need. The codes please Captain”
“Fuck you asshole!” spat Lang spitting Jonas in the face
“Ah what a shame” sigh Jonas as he pointed the pistol to Lang’s legs and shot his right knee.

* * *

“Damn this is really pissing my pants” said Torps “any closer and the Hibernia could see us and lob a few torpedos at us or something
“Cut the chatter” said O’Brian “all fighters stand by to release your spare part canisters. We have to time this right or we will dead out here. Ready 3, 2, 1, release!”

* * *

Ariel System, Day Quadrant, Vega Sector
TCS Hibernia
Command Bridge

“I’m getting something” said the Mari-ad operator “I’m reading a large clump of objects”
“What do you have Arcus?” asked Derek walking over to where the operative was “fighters? Transports?”
“Not sure” said the operative “I’m reading what looks like debris. I don’t detect any transmission or engine signatures”
“Well we are close to an old debris field” said Derek “could be just clump of crap that probably got bumped towards us or something. Don’t worry about it”

* * *

“Passive sensors on Sir” said Datangia “the Hibernia is not scanning us. I think they are ignoring us”
“Guess the plan work then huh” said Cowboy “this is too close for comfort”
“The plan worked” said Legs “OK listen up folks we are to use minimal thrusters. 20 second intervals. Silent Communications until further orders. Hope this plan works, lots o lives are depending on us”

* * *
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Chapter 28

Two Hours Earlier

TCS Hibernia

Captain Lang’s Personal Quarters

“I guess we have little choice do we Captain?” said Jonas as he turned and walked out the door “just remember our deal we made”
Justin Lang sat quietly in his armrest chair looking out at the view-port towards the vastness of space looking out at the stars and wonder if he made the right decision.
The two Mari-ad mercenaries that were with Jonas left the Captain’s Quarters and stood guard outside his door. At least they gave him some privacy and let him mull over his thoughts.
Justin got up from his armrest chair and walked over to his desk to where his computer was located and accessed his personal log and started to put in his entry.

Captain’s Personal Log 2628.238.1455,
This would be last entry as the Hibernia’s commanding officer.
It is with great regret that I have failed in my duty as ship’s captain, as an officer, as a husband and as a father.
I thought the agreement with the Mari-ad would ensure the safety of me and my family. I was wrong. I was so wrong. I had wish that I never Jonas. But I did and I was desperate.
I wished I made the deal with the Mari-ad. I wish I never knew them all.

Thirty Years Ago
Vega Sector, Day Quadrant, Enyo System
TCS Austral

“How is he?” asked Commander Kieran Armstrong, but he knew what the answer would be. The Chief Medical Officer, Dr Williams was using every possible medical means to keep the Captain alive, but with injuries the Captain sustained it was impossible for anyone to survive an internal engine explosion.
“Sorry Commander, there is nothing I could do” said Dr Williams “I just cannot stabilise him. He has third degree to most of his body and he lost a lot of blood from the shrapnel”
“How is the Lieutenant who dragged him out of the wreck?” asked Armstrong “what of his injuries”
“The Lieutenant is alright with minor burns and scratches” said Williams “he will be ok. He is being attended by one of the medics over there” he pointed to a young man being attend by one of the ship medics who was wrapping a bandage around his head.
“Commander” Kieran turned back to see the Captain woken up looking at him “what is the ship’s status?”
“The engine blew Captain” said Kieran “Damage Control Teams are in control of the situation. Lieutenant Foster and his security teams are already assessing the damage and investigating the cause of it”
“How did I get out?” asked the Captain as he tried to sit himself out, only to wince in pain and was forced back down by Dr Williams
“Captain please lie down” said Dr Williams “you have sustained too much injuries. Try to lay still and let me treat them”
“Commander, how did I get out of engineering?”
“One of the officers apparently was nearby saw you and pulled you out of the wreckage sir”
“I think it was one of the new transferred officers from McAuliffe Captain. Lieutenant Justin Lang”
“Bring the Lieutenant here please Commander”
“Lieutenant Lang!” called out Kieran waving the young Lieutenant over with the medic trailing behind him
“Sir?” said Lieutenant Lang nervously saluting the Commander
“Stand easy Lieutenant” said Kieran “how are you feeling?”
“Bit sore up there sir” said Lang indicating the bandage on his forehead “one of the beams almost knocked my head off and I got cut pretty bad”
“Good that you are still alive” said Kieran “the Captain would like to speak to you Lieutenant” indicating to the Captain lying on the ground with the Doctor by his side
“Come, come Commander don’t pester the young Lieutenant” said the Captain “let me see the face of the officer who saved my life” Lang walked closer to where the Captain lay.
With all the training Lang had at the Fleet Academy, he wasn’t ready to see the actual images of war and conflict. Lang looked at the Captain’s body, his uniform completely burnt from the fire, the medals on the jacket melted into the fabric leaving nothing more than a blob of metal. All over the Captain’s body, his skin was burnt black, some burnt completely off, leaving expose the red fatty tissue layer under the skin. Lag could see the putrid smell of the flesh that for a moment he felt he was about to throw up.
“Not a pretty picture Lieutenant hey?” chuckled the Captain interrupted by a spasm of coughing
“Captain are you alright?” asked Kieran
“I am fine Commander thank you. Can we have a moment alone please” said the Captain. Everyone left moved away from the Captain and Lieutenant Lang
“Lieutenant I know that I don’t have much to live so I will make this as short as possible”
“What do you mean sir?” asked Lang “I don’t understand”
“Oh come now Lieutenant” said the Captain “A man knows when his time is drawing to an end and I know that my time is coming to an end. Firstly what you did, trying to rescue me was admirable was commendable and I will make sure that you are to be commended for your actions”
“Thank you sir” said Lang unsure where the Captain is heading off with the conversation
“The second thing I want to tell you and only to you that the explosion in engineering was an act of sabotage”
“Sabotage sir” said Lang “we have to inform Command about this incident”
“Unfortunately we cannot Lieutenant” said the Captain as he tried to sit himself up, Lang helped the Captain sit up trying to get his breathe “Lieutenant, what I am going to tell is consider highly classified and considered dangerous to people who knows of this information”
“I don’t understand sir” said Lang “what do you mean dangerous?”
“The sabotage was caused by Mari-ad operatives”
“Mari-ad” said Lang “I never heard of them sir. The Mari-gosa is the only name I am familiar with. They were a political party in the Confederation Assembly that was expelled”
“The Mari-ad is the Mari-gosa Lieutenant” said the Captain “the Mari-gosa have allied with the criminal underground and renamed themself as the Mari-ad”
“Why would they do that” asked Lang. The Captain about to reply when he started to cough violently “Doctor!” Dr Williams rushed over with Commander Armstrong following
“Damn it is not good” said Dr Williams as she scanned the Captain with her bio-medical sensor “I need to get him to the infirmary”
“The Captain?” asked Armstrong
“Not now Commander” said Dr Williams “right now I need to treat him and as right now he is my priority now yours. Your priority is getting the ship back online. Medic I need a stretcher now!”

One day later

TCS Austral

“How much longer?” asked Commander Armstrong “I would thought anyone to be expose that kind of damage would have died almost instantly”
“As did I” said Dr Williams “but for some miracle or fate, the Captain is fighting this and it feels that he is not ready to go yet”
“Do you know how much longer he will live?”
“From the injuries, the burns and the radiation he was exposed to, maybe another day or two. Three at best. I never seen anyone in my medical experience to fight this and live”
Commander Armstrong and Dr Williams continue to discuss the Captain’s condition when they both heard the main door slide open. Kieran turn to see the young Lieutenant Lang enter.
“Ah our young rescuer come to see our Captain” said Dr Williams “it is nice for the officers to visit their Captain”
“Sorry Doctor” said Lang “I hope I am not interrupting”
“No not at all. I have some work to do. I’ll leave you with the Commander and the Captain”
“Commander how is the Captain?” asked Lang walking up next to the Commander
“I don’t know Lieutenant” said Kieran “Doctor has given him one to two days, three at best”
“What is to happen if he dies sir?” asked Lang “do we have to return back to McAuliffe. What about our assignment”
“Lieutenant calm yourself” snapped Kieran “you’re an officer of the Confederation Forces, an officer of the Confederation Naval Fleet. Compose yourself!”
“Yes sir, sorry sir” said Lang “just that I don’t know what it is expected of us”
“We are to continue with our assignment as planned” said Kieran “we are to continue our field testing on this ship and provide our results to Command”
“Yes sir”
“In the meantime Lieutenant, shouldn’t you be back on the bridge reporting for duty?”
“Not yet sir” said Lang “I have the watch in another hour or so. I thought I would pay a visit to the Captain first and thought to see if he is awake”
“Well he is resting now so we would have to wait”

12 Hours Later

Lang return back to his quarters exhausted and sleepy. The Commander had run a series of drills and tests to the point of exhaustion.
The Austral was the first of a new class of ship design to carrier smaller snubfighters to carry surgical strike against larger military targets.
The Confederation were contemplating of bring back ships of the 20th and 21st Century when the superpowers of Earth dominate with the aircraft carriers and destroyers. Now Command has contemplated of re-introducing the carrier concept and have already built several of the new carriers and begun test and new development of a newer class.

Lang flopped down on his bed when his computer chimed.
“Yes?” Doctor Williams face appeared on the computer screen “Dr Williams?”
“Lieutenant Lang, the Captain requests that you come to the Med-Bay please”
“Yes on my way”

* * *​

“Please be brief Lieutenant” said Dr Williams “we don’t know how much longer he has to live”
“I thought you were able to treat his injuries?” asked Lang “I though the Captain may make a full recovery?”
“He sustained far too many injuries” said Dr Williams “and he lost a lot of blood from the explosion in engineering. I am able to make him comfortable and treat some of the injuries; otherwise he does not have much time”
“Doctor, are you sure about this?”
“Doctor is that the young Lieutenant I hear you talking with?” the Captain’s voice could be heard from the treatment room “bring that man over here”
“The Captain has taken a likening towards you Lieutenant” said Dr Williams “pray to God that you don’t get emotional about it”
“No Doctor I won’t”

“So our budding Lieutenant arrives” coughed the Captain as Lang entered the sickbay “how are feeling young man?”
“I am well sir” said Lang “is there something you want Captain?”
“Actually there is” said the Captain “remember our brief talk on the flight deck?”
“Yes sir” said Lang “about the Mari-gosa?”
“Mari-ad Lieutenant” corrected the Captain “the Mari-ad. Lieutenant, I believe you will have a successful career as an officer in the Confederation Navy, as long you stay one step ahead of trouble”
“I don’t understand sir”
“What happens Lieutenant, no matter what happens, don’t trust the Mari-ad. Don’t believe a word they say, don’t make any promises or deals with them”
“Why sir? Are they a problem?”
“They are a serious threat to the Confederation and we have been trying to shut them down ever since they began terrorising the known systems”
“Captain why are you telling me this?” asked Lang “should you inform Confed Intelligence or Command”
“The Mari-ad have their fingers into everything and possibly into the higher echelons within the military command tree. I cannot risk revealing such information. Fortunately there are a small group of officers who are aware of the threat the Mari-ad pose”
“I want you to join our group, our organisation”
“Organisation sir?”
“We are known as Blue Reign, Lieutenant. We are a covert group within Intelligence”
“Military or Civilian?’
“Neither Lieutenant. We work outside the known Confederacy we” the Captain coughed violently, Lang reached over to assist, but the Captain held his hand up “we work secretly outside the system. We work to achieve one goal. The safety of the Confederation and its allies”
“Why are you telling me all this” said Lang “I’m a mere Lieutenant”
“A Lieutenant with a future” said the Captain “join us and we can help you with your career”
“I need to think about it Captain”
“Sure I understand”

* * *​

The bell rang for almost five minutes before Lang ever knew it rang that long, bleary eyed, Lang stumbled off the bed to answer the call chime on the computer screen. Dr Williams appeared on the other side of the screen
“Doctor” said Lang “what can I do for you?”
“Sorry to wake you up Lieutenant” said Dr Williams “but I should let you know that the Captain died two hours ago” Lang woke up completely at the news
“The Captain lost too much blood” said Dr Williams “the burns he suffered were too severe and I was only able to treat so much. I’m sorry Lieutenant I have done all that I could”
“The Commander?”
“He has been inform and will make the announcement within the hour”
“I see”
“Before he died, the Captain informed me that he wanted to give you something should he died”
“It’s a data-pad and it can only be access with your security clearance and voice activation”

* * *​

Lang sat at his desk reading the entry for the tenth time, twentieth time he lost count how many times he read the message and still he could not believe what the Captain left for in his message.
Again Lang replayed the message.
“Lieutenant, I know you have much to think about this and I know that I don’t have much time so I will be straight to the point. The Confederation spans over all over the known galaxy and it has achieved a great deal. However the Confederation cannot be everywhere to maintain stability. The Mari-ad after it was expelled from the Assembly have been targeting key Confederation sites weakening the government from within.
They strive to strike out at anything and at anyone whom they believe is an inconvenience. Blue Reign was established after the terrorist bombing at Sirius in 2580. Since then Blue Reign have been keep an eye out for the Mari-ad and other groups that poses a threat to the Confederation. I see you, who is capable to help protect the Confederation. If you help us I will ensure that you will be looked after. On one condition only. Don’t trust the Mari-ad at any cost.”

Present Time
TCs Hibernia
Captain Lang’s Personal Quarters

Never trust or believe the Captain said, Lang continue to write in his log I should have listen to him and yet I ignore the only request he asked of me. What have I done. Cynthia, my darling wife I am sorry. Lang finished his entry and turned off his computer.

Lang walked over to his clothes draw and pull out his formal dress uniform and put it on. Standing in front of the mirror, Lang looked at himself in the mirror and wonder what if things were different. What if he had made the second decision. It was too late for him and he was too far in and he couldn’t do anything. He reached over to a nearby draw next to his bed and pulled out a small sidearm.
The sidearm silver plated pistol given to him by Commander in Chief of Vega Sector on his promotion to full Captain Bars. It has been a tradition with officers who are promoted to full Captains Bar were given a small memento. Swords, medals, plaques. Lang was given a pistol. Lang wonder who thought of this tradition but it didn’t matter, nothing matter anymore.
Looking at the mirror in front, Lang gave himself an Academy style salute and pointed the pistol to his temple and pulled the trigger.
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Chapter 29

Ariel System, Day Quadrant, Vega Sector
TCS Hibernia

“Damn!” grunted Major Brady as he tried to adjust his spacesuit “now I understand why marines hate Zero G combat. These suits are so bulky. No wonder I can’t move much”
“Could have been worse” said Major O’Brian. Lieutenant you got access?”
“I think we bypass the security lock sir” said Datangia as he and Torps were fiddling with an access port control port “I think we have neutralized the security sensors around this section I hope no one is around”
“Agreed” said O’Brian “Ok here is the plan, once Datangia and Torps opens the access port we secure the immediate area and assess the threat. No hero stuff folks otherwise I’ll shoot you myself” a couple of chuckles replied through the headsets “OK Datangia when you are ready, go!”

* * *

TCS Hibernia
Command Bridge

“There it goes again” said Arcus “I swear the sensors are being tampered with”
“You are being stupid” said Derek leaning over to look at the console screen
“See there it goes again” said Arcus pointing at the screen showing a detail schematic of the Hibernia. Arcus pointed to a section of the security sensors along the ship’s hull turning on and off intermittently “I tell you something is wrong”
“Are you forgetting something you idiot” said Derek “this ship is over 20 years old. Did it occur to you that some of the ships system are probably breaking down or wearing out?”
“Oh I didn’t think about that” said Arcus “I suppose this ship is old. Still does not explain why someone wants to hijack this carrier”
“Well don’t tell Jonas” said Derek indicating to the Mari-ad leader who was with his lieutenant looking over the map table in the centre of the Command Bridge “he doesn’t need to know about such petty things”

* * *

“So far our techs are still trying to break through the secured ship systems and still they bypass the security protocols” continued Brutus as he explained the situation to Jonas, “we only have gain control of the environment systems, internal communications and most of the ships internal systems”
“But we don’t have access to the ships main systems?” asked Jonas
“No, we don’t have main communications, navigation and sensors, weapon controls, and propulsion. Our work gangs are having problems access the snub fighters in the hanger bay. They are all under some kind of lockdown”
“Something which Captain Lang did before allowing us to come aboard?”
“I guess so” said Brutus “we have a few people down at Engineering trying to get the engines online and operational, but nothing seems to be working out. The only thing we have able to get working is something call the E.H.W.S”
“Really” said Jonas “I’m surprised the Hibernia has that system onboard. That system was considered redundant”
“What is E.H.W.S?” asked Brutus
“Environmental Hazard Warning System” said Jonas “Often referred E-WAK by the Confed technicians during the early days. The system was design to detect any environmental hazard that could pose a threat to the ship and the crew. During the early days of testing and trials the system show potential but unfortunately it didn’t perform to its full potential as it had some difficulty in identifying and differentiating some environmental hazards”
“Did they fix the problem?”
“They have tried and where not able to determine the problem in the systems. Military Brass decided that they could not afford to risk using the system until they fully explored the problem. So the E-WAK project was scrapped and kept in the military systems archives”
“How did you know about all this?” asked Brutus “you seem to know almost everything that we are doing”
“Not everything” said Jonas “just prepared. The information about the E-WAK was very hard to obtain and it costed quite a fortune to pay for it”

“Sir we have a communication from Crane and Kiro” said one of the Mari-ads at the communication stations.
“Put it through” said Jonas “this is Jonas, report”
“Sir, this is Crane, we were assigned to guard Captain Lang and...” the guard was hesitant to continue
“What about Captain Lang?” asked Jonas
“He is dead sir”
“What! How?”
“We heard a shot from inside the cabin. We went in to find Captain Lang dead. He shot himself”
“Understood, leave the body. Go and assist the team down at Engineering. Jonas out”
“You going to leave the Captain there?” asked Brutus “should we try to access his personal computer and find his access codes?”
“Unlikely they would be there” said Jonas “the good Captain would have known that we might have tried to access his terminal should we kill him. No, we will continue to find another way. But on the other hand..” Jonas switched the map table off and headed to the main lift “I think I should have a look at the Captain’s terminal and see what secrets he is hiding”
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How have you found the response to fan-ficcing here? Do people come back with anything positive? I've lurked around WCNews for a while and never really posted much, but decided to pay this little section of the forums a visit.

Seems awful quiet!

I had an idea for writing something up as I'm about to start a job with an (un)healthy commute. As it doesn't look like there's ever going to be any big official WC release again, I get the feeling fan work is all that we'll have left. But it seems the community isn't really geared up for fiction so much as gaming developments like StandOff. Understandable, of course.

Thoughts and observations?
Wing Commander than stay alive with people providing some contributions to the community.As for memy fan fiction writing is on the back burner for a bit due to my high work commitments
I have a chapter to be posted for Officer's Beginning, Sins and Vengence but I havent edited it yet