2628 - An officers beginning

Chapter 8

The following day...

At the remnants of the Mari-ad Depot
Enyo System, Day Quadrant, Vega Sector

TCS Hibernia
Wing Commander’s Office

“You want to see us sir?” asked Datangia as he and Arrows entered Colonel Parker’s office.
“Ah yes come sit down Lieutenants I have a few things to run by before you receive your flight assignments ” said Parker as he finished signing off the reports he was reading, “I have review your performances over the last mission. From the reports I read from Captain Grant and Lieutenant Harris I must commend you on your actions”
“Thank you sir” replied Datangia, “frankly any other pilot would have done the same”
“That may be true” replied Parker, “but you acted upon your own accordingly and did so without hesitation. What you did was brave. I have conferred with your squadron commander, along with Captains Lang and Grant and Lieutenant Harris. I have decided to award you two the Bronze Star” Datangia and Arrows sat there speechless with both of their jaws dropped in surprise.
“Sir I do not what to say” said Arrows as she was the first to recover from the news
“Well how about close your mouths first” smiled Parker as Datangia and Arrows tried to regain to regain their composure, “you pilots did a good job out there and should be commended for your actions. There will be an award ceremony at 1800 today the observation deck after today’s mission assignments for people who served on board the Hibernia for the last six months. Your medal presentation would be award during then”
“Thank you sir” said Datangia
“You are welcome Lieutenant. In the meantime I would like to ask you both to keep this among yourselves and not to tell the others just yet as it would probably distract everyone today. I will inform everyone of the awards ceremony today on the ship’s bulletin later on. In the meantime get your gear together and I will see you both in the briefing room”

30 minutes later

TCS Hibernia
Flight Wing briefing room
“And finally we have mission assignment Zeta” continued Parker as he assigned the mission assignments to the four squadrons, “Zeta flight will be Datangia and Peck. You two will be escort a survey shuttle team, which has jumped in from McAuliffe Naval Base, Alexandria. They are conducting a sensor sweep of the depot wreck and assisting the Hibernia’s team and salvage anything worth investigating and report back to Sector Command.
“Sir Do you think the Mari-ad will try some form of counter attack?” asked 2nd Lieutenant Michelle ‘Peck’ Lee
“I doubt it” replied Parker, “we dealt a massive blow to them and they would probably regrouping after their losses not to mention the transports we were able to capture with the help of Beta flight from the Flying Tigers and Delta from Wild Aces we recovered from those transports, supplies, parts for the striker fighters and technical data. With this we might be able to find we might found out where those ships originated from and how they are able to have function Striker fighters”
“Sounds like an easy run sir” said Datangia as he looked at the map behind Parker, “just a baby sitting mission”
“Something like that” smiled Parker, “but I would not get too comfortable. Although we gave them a huge belting there is not guarantee that they maybe watching us right at this moment. So keep your eyes peeled”
“Yes sir”
“O K so if there is no other problems or questions? No very well dismiss and good luck out there”

Half an hour later

Flight Deck
“Rapiers all clean and check out” said Mendez as he passed Datangia his flight helmet, “I hear it is an easy run for you?”
“Yeah, just baby sitting some shuttle from McAuliffe and doing some scans on the wreck”
“Shouldn’t be too much of a problem would there. You will finish this up in no time. See you when you get back Lieutenant”
“Will do”

* * *

En route to the Mari-ad wreck depot

After the destruction of the depot, the Hibernia moved back away from the wreck as they believe there was nothing to gain. However orders were received from Sector HQ from McAuliffe that they want to survey the damage and recover any valuable materials and or information that might help them fight against the Mari-ad.

“So what did Parker wanted?” asked Peck “did the Colonel giving you a grilling over last night?”
“Ain’t telling you anything” said Datangia, “that is for me to know and you to find out. But then if I have to tell you I would have to kill you”
“Oh is that a fact” replied Peck, Datangia could see Peck was smiling on the video on the comm. channel, “you are a disappointment. You are no fun”
“Says who” laughed Datangia, “I might tell you when we get back”

* * *

Back on the Hibernia
Somewhere hidden

In a darken room, a person was hunched over a computer terminal watching and listening in on a conversation between two pilots

“…Oh is that a fact? You are a disappointment. You are no fun”
“Says who? I might tell you when you get back”

The hunched person pressed a few buttons on the terminal and the screen changed to a view seeing two Rapier fighters escorting a survey shuttle to the depot wreck. The unidentified person then pulled out a data pad from a side pocket and plugged it into the computer terminal. The person entered a series of commands on the data pad and watched a series of numbers of scroll down the screen following by a series of command activations. At the end of the numbers and commands a question appeared.
‘Activation of Tracer-Satellite?’ Two boxes with Activate and Deactivate appear on the person’s data pad.
The person pressed the activate button.

* * *

At the wreckage of the Mari-ad depot

Among the debris of fallen pieces, a small satellite probe undamaged from the station’s blast wave remained dormant. Drifting among the wreckage hitting softly against the other pieces of wreckage from the station suddenly sprung to life. Lights appear around the probe and four panels open up showing an array of sophisticated sensory systems.

In the distance the probe detected three incoming ships. The probe identified them as Confederation ships. A series of beeps and flashes of light on the probe were activated and slowly it vanished into the background becoming invisible. A cloaked satellite.

Upon arrival of the remnants of Mari-ad depot
“Well, well” said Datangia as they arrived to wreck site, “looks like we missed the fireworks”
“Looks like there is nothing left” said Peck, “looks like we did a pretty good job hey Lieutenant?”
“Sure did” replied Datangia, “Shuttle Survey, this is Zeta Lead. You are ready to scan debris field”
“Copy that Zeta lead” replied the Shuttle pilot, “we are starting up our sensor sweep. Gives us about 15 minutes”
“Copy that shuttle. We will sweep around the wreckage and check for anything”
“Copy that Zeta Lead”

* * *

At the same time
TCS Hibernia
Command Bridge

A young officer approached Lang and Parker who were observing the different fighter flight assignments in their section of space.
“Um sir” coughed the young officer
“Yes Ensign what can we do for you?” asked Captain Lang
“Um sir we are detecting a faint transmission and cannot pinpoint its point of origin”
“It’s not coming from the ship?” asked Lang as he turned to face the Ensign, “what do you have at the moment?” the Ensign gave the Captain a data pad containing information regarding the transmission
“We are not sure sir. It is not an audio transmission or a video transmission. We cannot identified what signal it is”
“Very peculiar” said Lang as he read through the data pad, “Parker you recognised any of this” passing the pad to the wing commander
“Hmm no, this is weird. I don’t think I have seen anything like this”

* * *
TCS Hibernia
Donovan’s quarter

Donovan in his quarters at his computer terminal reading some idle junk mail when a message blip appear at the corner of his screen. Donovan tapped the monitor with his light pen to receive the message. Next he saw a series of numbers scrolling down and a message requesting an activation of a satellite.
“Damn I forgot they still used those bastards” said the bartender as he pulled out the keyboard panel under his desk which was connected to his terminal. Donovan entered a series of commands and the monitor changed from the numbers to schematics of the entire ship of the TCS Hibernia. Donovan entered another series of commands and a targeting reticule appearing and began sweeping through the entire schematics of the ship searching for something.
“Hmm now where will you be hiding my little friend” whispered Donovan as he watched the reticule scanned through the decks of the Hibernia. The scanned completed and registered zero findings.
“Oh so you want to play hide and seek eh?” smiled the bartender as he type in another series of commands. The targeting reticule began another sweep going through everyone room and every deck on the Hibernia. At the end of the second sweep the computer registered 20 findings.
“Damn you are harder than I thought” Donovan got up from his chair and walked to his bed and pulled out a case from underneath. Opening up he pulled out a data pad and plugged it into the computer terminal.
Donovan entered a series of commands on the data pad and entered the same commands on the computer terminal. The screen on the data pad flashed and the terminal monitor now showed four more targeting reticule and began another sweep.

* * *

The hunched figure was monitoring Zeta’s flight when it received a message from the terminal that it was being scanned and locating its position.
“Shit!” hissed the unidentified person, the person quickly enter a series of commands and pulled out the data pad from the terminal causing the monitor to go blank darkening the entire room.

* * *

“Oh very smart” smiled Donovan as the computer informed him that the transmission has creased transmitting and the point of origin could not be located, “maybe another time then hey my friend?” Donovan turned off his terminal and pulled out the data pad and packed up his terminal before leaving his quarters.

* * *

15 minutes later
At the Mari-ad wreck site

“We completed our sensor sweep Zeta lead. We are ready to head back”
“Roger that Survey shuttle” replied Datangia, “setting course back for the Hibernia. I guess that’s all hey Zeta 2?”
“Eh it could have been better”
“Maybe when we get back I might tell you what the Colonel said to me”
“I would hold you up to that Lead”

* * *

TCS Hibernia
Flight Deck

“Well I guess it was an easy run” said Parker as he met with Peck and Datangia at then end of the flight deck, “I guess you guys need an easy assignment every once in a while”
“Can’t argue with that sir” said Peck, “it was a little bit refreshing”
“Very well. Stow your gear and clean up. The Hibernia will be moving out from his region and heading to new coordinates. In the meantime I need you guys to put on your dress uniform and report to the observation deck at 1000 hours”
“What for sir?” asked Pecks
“You will see when it happens” said Parker as he saluted the Lieutenants and headed towards to the main lift to the bridge
“I think I know what is going on” said Peck as she and Datangia headed to the decontamination room and locker rooms. Datangia merely smiled and winked at her.
Chapter 9


Somewhere back deep in the Enyo System, Vega Sector

Unmarked Transport

“A cloak satellite?” said Brutus as he watched the view screen, watching two Rapier fighters flew right past the satellite, “how is that possible!?”
“Who said it was cloaked?” said Jonas as he continued to watch at another view screen on the other side of the main bridge of their ship, “we haven’t developed the technology for that. Confed military have failed many times of creating the perfect cloaking technology and many times they have not succeeded”
“But the satellite?” asked Brutus
“That my friend is a secret I intend to keep” smiled Jonas as he walked up to his aide and watched the two Rapiers on the small view screen escorting a survey shuttle, “I will tell you something though. We were able to obtain design schematics which make objects harder for ships sensors to detect”
“Amazing” whispered Brutus as he continue to watch the fighters continue to fly by, “why is it then we are not using it for our fighters?”
“That is easier enough to answer” said Jonas, “because we are lacking certain resources which allows us to manufacture it”
“There are certain let’s just say certain materials which are very hard to find these days and we decided to use these devices for specific duties”
“We Jonas?”
“The Mari-ad Council had decided about this about two years ago when I stole the plans”
“Why didn’t I know about this?” demanded Brutus, “I was told of any assignment about stealing any plans?”
“That was because you were assigned to escort that cargo transport of medical supplies that we picked from Landreich”
“Oh” Brutus felt a little bit sheepish when Jonas explain his reasons why Brutus wasn’t with him, “I thought we do all assignments together as requested by the Council”
“True. But at that time we were short on our medical supplies and need to replenish our stock so the Council decided to assign us different assignments that time”
“I suppose so” said Brutus, “can’t go against wishes of the Council can’t we?”
“Don’t worry Brutus” smiled Jonas “I will make sure that I will tell you of all the assignments we get”
“Well can you explain to then why are waiting here then watching the satellite then?”
“Watch and learn” said Jonas as he pointed to the two Rapiers as they escorted the shuttle away from the wreck site and head back to their point of origin.
“So they are leaving so what?” said Brutus, “like we don’t know that”
“Oh really?” said Jonas as he pressed a few switches on the main console, “communications what have you got” speaking to an operator who was sitting by another console behind where Brutus and Jonas where.
“Sir we intercepted a transmission from the Hibernia” replied the communication officer, “they have received orders for new assignments. They are heading out”
“Excellent. Signal the fleet to jump in at the designated coordinates at two minute intervals. Inform them I to be running on minimal power. We don’t want to arouse suspicion”
“Yes sir”
“What fleet?” asked Brutus
“What on the main viewer” said Jonas as the walked towards the middle of the bridge where a large view screen hang in the middle. Watching the screen, Brutus saw a jump point opening up and a cargo transport coming out of the jump point.
“That’s one of our heavy laden cargo transports” said Brutus as he recognised the ship, “what that doing here. Won’t we be or the transport be captured?”
“Nope. They are carrying supplies and materials for our new outpost”
“New outpost?”
“You see Brutus. That previous outpost was constructed out of an old derelict carrier and it has past it’s used by date. The Council believe that this location is too valuable to lose and want to establish a stronger outpost here. So we are rebuilding a new one from scratch”
“But that would take many months, maybe a year to fully build a new outpost from scratch”
“Not if we pre-planned this” said Jonas as another jump point open out and a huge tanker transport jumped out towing a large metallic sphere almost doubling the size of the tanker. Another two minutes later another tanker carrying another metallic sphere jumped out.
“What the?” said Brutus as he saw the two tankers carrying the metallic spheres, “what are those things?”
“Those, my friend” said Jonas, “are part of our new outpost. We had our engineers design a new outpost based on several ideas from the Council. In three months you shall see the final product”
“Three months! That’s impossible!” said Brutus as he continue to watch the transports, tankers and other ships started arriving through the designated jump points, “three months is not possible”
“Watch and learn then Brutus” said Jonas as he walked over to the communication console and picked up a headset, “This is Bee Hive to Queen Bee. Do you copy?”
“Queen Bee to Bee Hive” replied the voice in the headset, “main ships arrived and awaiting remaining ships and orders”
“Very well, Queen Bee. Commence unloading and begin construction plans O-P-2”
“Orders received and acknowledge. Queen Bee out”
“Come Brutus lets get something to drink” said Jonas as he led Brutus out of the bridge, “let’s sit and talk of other things. All this work is making me thirsty”

As Jonas and Brutus headed towards the main lift out of the bridge, an operator operating one of the main bridge consoles, watching the two Mari-ad officers head out of the bridge, slowly pulled out a small data pad out of his pocket. Making sure no one else was watching him connected the pad to his main console and type in a series of commands. The main screen console changed view from communication logs to an outside ship camera view showing the arrival of the transports and tankers. Watching the new ships arrive, the operator type in a series of commands and the image change to the two large metallic spheres that was brought in. Using his data pad connected to the console, he pressed a button on the side of the data pad and the device began downloading images of the ships arriving and the spheres they were carrying. The operator began downloading schematics of the sphere attempting to determine its capabilities. Once the download was completed the operator looked around and making sure no one was watching him, pulled the data pad out of the main console and place it back in his pocket and resume back to his original work.

* * *

“How did you know he was looking?” said Brutus as he and Jonas remained in the lift looked at a small portable view screen showing the main bridge
Jonas mere smiled “The Council was aware that were being infiltrated but unsure who was being targeted. That man was never part of the ship’s crew. I know because I never hired him”
“Well I didn’t either” said Brutus
“Exactly, that man must have kidnapped our operator and replaced him with himself”
“Who is he? Is he Confed Intelligence?”
“I don’t think so” said Jonas as he continue to watch the man carefully, “his actions are very clumsy. No I don’t think he is Confed Intelligence. Nor is he any form of military intelligence. Confed would not have kept someone that clumsy”
“Should we taken him in and question him?”
“No” said Jonas as the lift finally stopped and the main lift doors open up leading the two men to the main corridor that led them to the mess hall, “let’s see what he does with the info data and see who is he working for”
Chapter 10

TCS Hibernia
Flight Wing Recreation Room

The party was in full swing by the time Anthony arrived. Two hours ago, Anthony along with several other officers on board the Hibernia were awarded with medals for those served with distinction. Anthony and Kathryn were awarded the Bronze Star for their actions on the Mari-ad depot and for the help they provided to the Marines. It was a rare thing for the pilots to help out the marines but when that happens, friendship are form which would last a life time between friends.

Anthony did not go straight to the Rec Room where everyone was celebrating on the people’s good fortune. Instead he went to the communication room and contacted his father who was back on Earth after a short stint in the Enigma Sector patrolling to his assigned sector. When Anthony told his father about the award he received he was ecstatic and congratulated him on his award and promised that when he next see him he will bring a bottle of champagne to toast on his good fortune.

Upon arriving Anthony noticed that all of his squadron were around two tables joined together celebrating on the recent events and success. In the middle of the group, Anthony would see Arrows being in the centre of the attention of waving her hands in some weird motion at the same time talking to the squadron about something. Anthony quickly walked over to the bar when Donovan was dishing out drinks to the off duty personnel and other crew people.
“I guess congratulations are in order hey Anthony” smiled Donovan as he poured a drink and passed it to Anthony, “I guess you the main star tonight”
“Nah I think you are” smiled Anthony, “you’re the one giving out the drinks like there is no tomorrow!?” Donovan grinned as he poured another drink and passed it along to another person nearby the bar, “Eh what can you do when you are having a good time” Donovan looked behind Anthony where the rest of his squadron is sitting, “you better join the rest of your squadron Anthony. You don’t want to be the party pooper”
Anthony turned around to see his squadron and saw some of his squad mates were calling him over, “Datangia get your sorry ass over here!”
“Oi Anthony, grab your drink!”
“Anthony start drinking you got a lot of catching up!”
“I guess I better do what they say hey Donovan” smiled Anthony as he grabbed his drink and joined his squadron. Everyone applauded Anthony when he pulled a chair over sitting in the middle of the group where Arrows was showing her new found toy, the Bronze Star.
“I guess we expect better things from you hey Datangia?” asked Torps as he drained his beer and pouring himself another drink from a nearby jug, “now you and Arrows got an award. I guess you guys can have all the hard assignment”
“In your dreams Torps” laughed Arrows, “you got a lot of sucking up to do if you want either of us to do any of your assignments”
“Aww bugger” groaned Torps, “and spoil all the fun for the rest of the Flying Tigers?”
“Ah who cares anyway?” said Pecks, “with Bronze Stars to our squadron I’m sure we will win the monthly highest scoring squadron”
“I don’t know” said Anthony, “the Wild Aces have completed more missions than us thou and they have been successful in every operation”
“Quit the chatter folks” said Silky as she walked up to the group with another couple of jugs of bear, “we were to relax and congratulate on Datangia and Arrows on their Medals, not to see stats and take downs” Silky slide one of the jugs to the other side of the table where Pasty picked it up and pour himself a drink, “now drink up and loosen up! That’s an order”
“Yes Ma’am!” everyone replied and got into their beers.

The rest of the evening went more wild with the rest of the squadrons arrive for the party. The usual drinking contest went ahead between the squadrons with Skinny outdrinking every other pilot that dared to challenge him. The last one to go against him was 1st Lieutenant Jessica ‘B-lady’ Abnett who lasted almost long enough to beat him but not long enough, when Skinny challenge B-lady to another beer sculling round which she lost at the end.
After the drinking games finish it was entertainment time with a band consist of several crew members from around the ship got together to play some of the crew’s favourite songs including classics from the last 20th and 21st century as music from that era was very popular and is still popular to this day.

Datangia was sitting by one of the now vacant tables look at the Bronze Star he received earlier on. Tracing his finger along the engravings, thinking when he saw a shadow above him. Looking up he saw Arrows with bottle and two shot glasses.
“Now there is no reason for you to not celebrate on our success is there” said Arrows as she put a shot glass in front of Datangia and in front of her and pour what looked like to be tequila.
“Tequila?” asked Datangia
“What were you expecting lemonade?” teased Arrows as she quickly swallowed her drink
“Eh you never know” smiled Datangia as he quickly swallowed his drink followed by a quick breathe trying to keep the alcohol down
“You are not weak are you Datangia” asked Arrows
“Hell no” said Datangia, “you forget that even thou I’m Chinese I lived most my life in Australia and where we come from drinking is a national past time!”
“Oh really” mocked Arrows, “come on then you Aussie. Let’s see what you got” the next twenty to thirty minutes Datangia and Arrows were drinking shot glass after shot glass of tequila oblivious to the people around them, with the drinking came the jokes and strange comments and personal life stories about themselves.

The party dragged on and soon gradually people were leaving to recover and getting ready for the next day. Some going to their quarters, others went to the medical bay to get some anti-hang over patches.
Datangia and Arrows although stopped drinking couple of hours ago, both were still intoxicated with the amount of alcohol they drank and giggling both sharing stories about their past.
“You serious?” asked Datangia, “you got that nick because you shot one of the instructors while practicing?”
“It was an accident” said Arrows, “how was I supposed to know that day that one of the instructors was in the field while I was shooting my arrows. Besides it he wasn’t looking”
“Yeah right” said Datangia, “I think that I am going to stay away from you now when I see you with your bow and arrows” Datangia pulled away from Arrows while sitting on his chair. Arrow reached out with both hands and was able to grab the chair and pulled Datangia very quickly back to her, too close to the point they were face to face almost touching.
“Woah that’s a tad bit close darling’” said Datangia as he pulled back, only to have Arrows placing her hands on his thighs pressing down on them as if she was trying to stop him from moving, “I like this spot” she smiled, “you know Anthony. I have to admit you are cute” Datangia felt his ears getting red hot and can feel his face getting warm. He was lucky that he was Asian because not many would know if they would be blushing or not.
“Um I’m flattered Arrows” said Anthony as he coughed a bit, “you nice too Arrows. I think you had a bit already tonight and I think you should go get some sleep” Anthony was about stand up when Arrows grabbed him by the face and pulled him towards her and kissed him on the lips.
Shocked by the sudden move, Anthony was frozen completely caught off guard by Arrows that he could not think what he should be doing next. What was like only five seconds seems like forever when Arrows finally pulled back and smiled at him,
“Um Arrows that was nice” said Datangia, “I, um. I don’t know what to say. I just, err, um” Datangia was stuttering, couldn’t put two words together let alone form a sentence. Smiling broadly Arrows stood up, grabbed one of the unopened wind bottles near by and two wine glasses. Holding them with one hand, Arrows grabbed Anthony by the other hand and led him out of the rec-room to the main lift which takes them to the quarters.

* * *Donovan was watching from the bar where Arrows and Datangia were talking when he saw Arrows made a move on Datangia, “Well I’ll be” he said, “Datangia you lucky bastard”
“What’s that Donovan?” asked Balls who was sitting in front of Donovan at the bar sharing a bottle of whisky with Torps
“Take a look over at our new recruit” said Donovan nodding to where Datangia and Arrows as sitting. Balls and Torps turned around and looked in the direction where Donovan was pointing towards.
“That lucky bastard” said Torps under his breathe, “I was trying to make a move on her tonight and I get shot down” chuckling Torps could stop himself laughing to himself when he saw Arrows led Datangia out of the rec-room, heading towards the main lift, “I almost forgot. Arrows is in for a shock”
“What?” asked Balls
“Datangia is a virgin” Torps burst out loud laughing when he couldn’t hold it much longer
“What!” both Balls and Donovan said in unison
“You bullshitting right?” asked Balls, “Datangia a virgin. You’re joking right?”
“Nah I’m dead serious. Anthony went to school to school, to college to the Academy. He told me he never dated anyone or gone out with girl ever. Friends he has but not of a female nature if you get my drift”
“Damn he’s 22 and untainted” said Donovan
“Not anymore by tonight” said Torps. Both Balls and Donovan looked at Torps both suddenly realised about what was about to happen and both started laughing.
“I guess that Arrows will have to give him a crash course on the birds and the bees hey” said Donovan. Balls quieten down after his laughter trying to regain his composure
“Damn I can’t remember the last time you got laid” said Torps
“Maybe because you too damn ugly” said Balls as he jabbed Torps in the ribs
“Hey, you’re no Casanova yourself” said Torps, “and I thought chicks dig guys in uniform”
“Yeah but what if the chick is wearing the uniform?” asked Balls
“Well then boys I guess you are out of luck then” said Donovan as he finished polishing of the wet glasses, “we can get all the juicy details tomorrow. In the meantime” Donovan pulled out two brooms underneath the bar and passed one each to Balls and Torps.
“What’s this?” asked Balls
“What do you think it is” said Donovan, “you two are the last one left and you knew the rules after a party. The last two people regardless if they are drunk or sober have to help clean up the mess” Torps and Balls turned around and saw the mess they were about to clean up.
Bottles on the tables, chairs and long the ground, some broken and some intact; Food scraps litter all over the tables some of the half eaten, some of the chairs knocked over along the room and in some spots in the rec room Balls and Torps could see vomit spots near the rubbish bins where a majority of litter were scattered around the bin, none of them actually were placed in the bin.
“Oh crap!” said both Balls and Torps, both groaning and remember the deal that was made.
“Oh fellas” said Donovan, “you might want these” Donovan passed to the two pilots a pair of rubber gloves and some garbage bags, “it is bit messy and smelly over that corner. Let me know if you guys need the mop as well” sporting a cheeky grin Donovan resume cleaning the rest of the bar clearing away the glasses and bottles while whistling a happy little tune, while Balls and Torps were cleaning the mess and grumbling.
Chapter 11

TCS Hibernia

Anthony winced at the sound of someone voice over the PA system. He cannot remember how much he drank, but he sometimes can’t stop helping himself out on a good drink especially when he is around good people.

Gradually he was able to hear clearly the voice on the PA system.
“All pilots report to your squadron’s briefing room at 0600, all pilots are to report”
“I should muffle that damn speaker” he said to himself as he tried to regain his composure
“What did you say?” said a sleepy voice next to him.
Suddenly Anthony was wide awake and sober. He looked to his right and saw Kathryn Ross completely naked with the bed sheets barely covering her.
“Jesus!” whispered Anthony as he jumped out of the bed. It was only then did he noticed when he was out of bed that he too was stark naked.
“What?” asked Kathryn.
“What are you doing in my room?”
“Your room” laughed Kathryn, Anthony looked around and saw that he was not in his quarters.
“What the hell happen?” asked Anthony.
Letting the sheets drop away, Kathryn stretched, showing off her body to good effect, and said, “Well, come back here and I’ll show you . . . again.”
Anthony found his clothes on the floor and pulled on his pants, “Damn. I didn’t do it last night . . . did I?”
Kathryn’s expression clouded first then she smiled devilishly at him, “You most certainly did, more than once. What is the problem Anthony? It’s not like the first time you shagged”.
“Well Ah . . .” said Anthony not certain how he was going to answer the question. It took a full second for Kathryn to realise something about Anthony. After realising she laughed, “My god! You were a virgin!?” Anthony merely nodded as he putted on the rest of his clothes.
Watching him put his clothes back, Kathryn sat up in bed pulling up the bed sheets smiling at the young Chinese guy, “For a Chinese guy who just had sex for the first time. You were pretty damn good”
“Um thanks I think” said Anthony as he put on the rest of his clothes, “we have to go briefing in twenty minutes. We are going to be late, if we don’t hurry”
“Don’ worry” replied Kathryn, “I am sure they can understand. Especially the amount of shit you drank last night”
“Well um what do you expect when there is a party” said Anthony as he pulled up his boots, “I better get back to my quarters and clean up. When the day is over I think you and I need to talk”
“Oh talk huh?” said Kathryn, “or do you want another private one on one discussion?” the young woman chuckled as she got up from the bed and heading towards her locker and pull out a jumpsuit.
“Oh shut it” growled Anthony as he headed out, “I’ll see you at the end of the day”
Anthony left Kathryn’s quarters and headed down the corridor to his quarters. He rounded a corner, nearly colliding with two other people.
“Easy there Anthony, you are going the wrong way” Anthony looked up and saw that he almost collided into Balls and Torps.
“Well, guess you had a fun night last night” smiled Torps, “so did she pop your cherry?” Balls tried to hold back a chuckle as he turned away from Anthony and Torps.
“That is none of your business” said Anthony, “I’m heading back to my quarters and clean up”
“That messy huh?” continued Torps, Balls burst out laughing couldn’t hold back much further.
“Ah Anthony, you such a moron” said Balls, “Don’t worry we won’t start the briefing without you. I’ll tell Silky”
“No!” said Anthony as he ran past the two pilots down to the corridor heading towards his quarters, “tell her nothing. I will be there soon” he shouted back
“And if you don’t get back in time. I’m telling” shouted Torps as they saw Anthony rounded a corner.
“You seriously not telling are you?” asked Balls
“Maybe” smiled Torps, “I might have ask for some compensation for withholding certain information”
“Ah you such meanie” said Balls as they both headed to the squadron briefing room.

* * *

Vega System, Douglas Quadrant, Vega Sector.

TCS Hibernia
Flight Squadron Briefing Room

Almost everyone in the Flying Tiger’s squadron were present for the briefing. All except Anthony who has not arrived.
“Hmm where is Datangia?” asked Jewel who was sitting at the front of the briefing room chairs.
“Oh I think he is trying to recover from last night’s festivities” said Torps as he turned around where he was sitting and smiling at Arrows who was talking to Peck, “have you seen Anthony Arrows?”
“I don’t know” replied the woman, “I haven’t seen him since the end of the party after talking to him”
“Yeah?” Torps was grinning broadly. Arrows was about to reply when Major Mallamo entered the briefing room with Captain Border.
“All right are we all here?”
“No Major” said Torps, “I think that” Torps was about to finish when the doors behind the group slid open and Anthony rushed in, “Sorry I’m late” said Anthony as he quickly sat a seat next to Drool who was sitting in the front row of the briefing room.
“Welcome back Datangia” said Silky, “you just in time. We were just about to start” Silky quietly conferred with Balls with the mission assignment before she started.
“Ok you ladies listen up. For those who are not aware. The Hibernia has jumped into the Vega Sector where we are assigned to picket and policing duty in this system. Command has inform us that Vega’s main forces are going through a refit and has assigned us as the babysitters until they finish their refit”
“How long will that take?” asked Lieutenant Carl ‘Brains’ Wallace
“Colonel Parker informs me that the Hibernia will support a task force from the 7th Fleet. Capitals ship are position are major key positions and jump points and monitor all incoming and out coming traffic. The Hibernia is station at these coordinates” Mallamo activated the mission map on the wall behind her indicating the position of the Hibernia and the location of the planet Vega, “we are going to run regular patrols and cargo sweeps of any incoming an out coming ships in this vicinity. If any illegal contents or other forms of contraband are detected, we are to detain the ship and marines will come and board the ship and take control of it. Once we have taken control of the ships we are to escort them to Vega Base where they will be charged and interrogated. Any questions? No Good. Balls will assigned today’s flight assignments. Dismissed”
Chapter 12

TCS Hibernia
Flight Wing Recreation Room

“Damn one week of escort and patrolling is one thing” said Torps, “but a month of militia duty for Vega. Damn it is driving me nuts”
“Who said that this assignment was going to be fun” said Drool as he finished his drink and passed it to Donovan who refilled it, “besides it is a break from the Mari-ad for the last couple of months. I thought that operation on that outpost was going to go on forever”
“Personally I would prefer fighting against those terrorists then anything else” said Torps. As they were continued talking the door as to the Rec Room and both turn to see Anthony ‘Datangia’ Cheng entered the room reading a flimsy.
Looking around Datangia saw Torps and Drool by the bar. He waved to them and head towards them.
“Hey there Datangia, what do you got there?” asked Torps
“Mail from my dad” replied Anthony as he sat on one of the stools next to Torps, “Orange thanks Donovan. I got a squadron briefing in an hour”
“What does your dad do Datangia?” asked Drool
“He is a Captain of a destroyer, the TCS Ronin. He is currently with a small squadron of ships in the Hawking Sector. He says they are doing survey and reconnaissance for possible new colonies and stations”
“Sounds like fun?” said Drool, “do you keep in contact with him?”
“Every once in a while we keep in contact. We sent mail to each other how we are doing and what is new on our side of the galaxy”
“You miss him?”
“No. Because I know he is still alive and I know that he tries to catch up with me and spend as much time possible”
“It must really sucks no to keep in contact with your dad” said Torps, “I contact my folks at least one a fortnight and let them know how things are and what is happening back at home. What about your mom? Do you keep in contact with?” Anthony looked down as his drink, pondering how he was going to reply to that question, “I’m sorry did we bring something up?” asked Drool.
“No it is not like that” said Anthony, “My mother died after I was born. I never knew her par the photos and vids my father shows me of her” Anthony turned away as if he was trying to wipe a tear away, “I never knew her and I probably won’t no matter how much I look at photos and vids. It just ain’t the same” Anthony swallowed his drink and left the bar leaving Drools and Torps at the bay.
“Man he is screwed” said Torps
“Nah it just family problems” said Drool
“That is what I said” said Torps, “he gets a message from paps and now he is getting emotional. We can’t have that if he is on assignment?!”
“Nope, but I am sure he will recover” said Drool, “Anthony is a tough guy I am sure he will survive”
“I would not jump to conclusion fellas” said Donovan as he picked up their glasses, “don’t let it fool you. I think Anthony is much stronger than he thinks”
“Why do you say that?” asked Torps
“Well he may be emotional when he hears or received something” said Donovan, “but when I see him just before a mission assignment. He gets focus almost to the point he put aside everything and focuses what is needed to be done”
“That maybe true” said Drool, “but then I never have seen him like this”
“Me neither” said Torps, “I suppose it is only one of few times we have seen him a bit emotional. I suppose it does not include with his frolicking with Arrows”
“That’s a different matter” said Donovan “and I think that Anthony personal social, love or sex life should not be our concern unless otherwise”
“Eh maybe” said Torps, “personally I think that Anthony should tell us about his problems if he has any. We are his squad mates and squad mates help each other out”
“True” said Drool, “but then again you have to remember that it’s his life not ours”
“Ah you no fun” said Torps as he finished his drink, “Well we better get ready soon. Silky probably got our next flight assignment all drawn up by now”
“Yeah I bet she does” nodded Drool as he finished his drink, “Donovan thanks for the drinks and chat. See you around”

* * *

TCS Hibernia
Flight Squadron Briefing Room

“Well I must give everyone a gold star for everyone turning up on time” said Silky as she looked at everyone in the room, “and not one hangover or excuses for late arrivals” a few chuckles could be heard among the pilots, “now for today’s assignments” Silky activate the map viewer behind her from the podium showing the map of the Vega System and the surrounding systems.
“All right ladies we are separating into three flights of four fighters, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Flight. Alpha will remain with the Hibernia and is assigned with escort duty and Vega System patrols”
“Not again” groaned Torps. Datangia turned around and saw Samuel Thorpe shaking his head, “I just came back from a previous patrol”
“Problems there Torps?” asked Silky
“No ma’am” said Torp as he quickly sat up from his chair, “just reviewing the mission specs”
“Very well, as I was saying Alpha is remaining with the Hibernia while Bravo and Charlie Flight will be assigned to long range reconnaissance. Command and Intel informs us that from the data they collected from the Mari-ad depot and from other sources, there is Mari-ad ships coming through this system and we are not sure where, but they are coming sometime soon. So in the next two to three days it is going be hard. But we are not doing it along. The Wild Aces will also be deployed along these flight paths in three separate wings also” Silky pressed another button on a control pad and three new colour flight paths appeared on the map viewer, “we have Delta, Gamma and Zeta Flight covering these paths. As you can see they are within range of providing assistance if need be. So the plan is simple. You all go with the allocated the flight paths, reconnaissance the entire area, report any findings and return back to base. If there any transports that jumps in within your area. Inspect them and ensure that there is not hidden contraband or other illicit items on board. We will have marines standing by for boarding if found any”
“And if we encounter hostiles?” asked Lieutenant Michelle Lee
“Well that is easy to answer” said Silky, “we have been given the green light to engage hostile forces if they fail to respond to any of our requests”
“Too easy” grinned Lee, “well at least that cuts down half our problems”
“Well if there are no more questions? Good, dismissed and good luck”

Twenty minutes later
TCS Hibernia
Flight Deck

“God this is going to boring” said Torps as he and Skinny walked to their allocated fighters, “at least the other guys get to fly out do something easy while we have to baby sit transports and all”
“Why bother” said Skinny, “at least we are not going to be shot down”
“Eh” shrugged Torps, “where is Silky and Datangia?”
“Silky is with Parker and I think Datangia is over there I think” pointing to a group of other pilots. Torps turn to where Skinny was pointing to and smiled. In the distance he could see Datangia talking to Arrows. He could hear what they were talking about, but he had a fair idea what it was, “what’s so funny?” asked Skinny
“Ah nothing I will tell you later” said Torps, “Come on we better get moving before Silky has our balls for dinner”

* * *
“So Kathryn I was wondering if we can talk sometime when we all come back from our mission assignments?” asked Anthony
Kathryn was fiddling her helmet and flight suit while listening to Anthony “Hmm maybe about what?”
“Well it is about that night” said Anthony quietly trying to hide his embarrassment and avoiding other people around to hear their conversation
“Oh?” Kathryn’s attention was now focused on the Chinese, “what about it?”
“Well you said something which caught me by surprised and all and I just wanted to talk before people started getting ideas and all?”
“Oh is that all” smiled Kathryn giving Anthony a small pinch on his cheek, “let them think for themselves”
“But I don’t want people to think otherwise of things that are not true”
Kathryn looked at Anthony and placed her hand on his hand, “Once we finish our assignments, we’ll talk”
“Thank you” said Anthony

* * *

Approximately 1.5 hours later

Torps was flying wing for Datangia as they escorting a transport that jumped into the Vega system. For the last 40 minutes, Alpha flight were busying running escorts and scanning ships coming in and out of the system searching for any illegal items and any other contrabands

“So what did you talk to Arrows about?” asked Torps, as he checked his sensors for any incoming ships. He saw Silky and Skinny on his sensors escorting a transport out to its exit jump point.
“None of your business” replied Datangia, “I don’t see why it should be a concern for you?”
“Ah come on mate” said Torps, “I just want to know what I saw”
“And that is Arrows and I were talking” said Datangia on the comm. screen, “that is what everyone should see. Just two pilots talking to one another. It is not you don’t talk to Ensign Ham”
“Hey how did you know about that?” Torps could see Datangia smiling on the comm. screen, even thou he was wearing his helmet, Torps could see that Datangia was smiling behind the helmet, “you cheeky bugger”
“Looks who’s talking”
“OK you got me there” said Torps in defeat, “but you have to tell me what is going on. People saw you and Arrows leave the party together that night”
“Yeah so”
“Well so people would want to hear the goss”
“I will think about” said Datangia, “look lets focus on this. When we get back I will buy you a drink and I might tell you”
“You better” said Torps as he pushed his throttle up to moved ahead of the transport to scan the forward sector, “otherwise I am going to kick your ass”
“Yeah like to see you try mate” laughed Datangia
Chapter - Intermission
** This is refresher for everyone who may have lost track of the people through the first 12 chapters of 2628.**

Meanwhile while Alpha flight is running escorts for incoming and out coming transports, Bravo and Charlie flight along with Delta, Gamma and Zeta from the Wild Aces squadron are patrolling outlying regions of the Vega System.
The next following chapter or more will be focused on these two squadrons and their events that take place.

For some who have forgotten these are the names of both the Flying Tigers and the Wild Aces squadron and the assigned Flight they are in.
Chapter 12 highlights the Flight group’s mission assignment and the people involved.

The following are the people who are in both the Flying Tigers and Wild Aces Squadron –

Squadron 28th Flight Group Flying Tigers Squadron

Squadron Commander Major Amanda ‘Silky’ Mallamo
Executive: Captain Gregory 'Balls' Border
Pilots: Captain Samantha 'Jewel' Ibanez
1st Lieutenant Samuel 'Torps' Thorpe
1st Lieutenant Dark 'Drool' Simpson
1st Lieutenant Allison 'Shorts' Goodman
1st Lieutenant Carl 'Brains' Wallace
1st Lieutenant Jean-Luc 'Pasty' Rico
2nd Lieutenant Tyson 'Skinny' Edwards
2nd Lieutenant Kathryn 'Arrows' Ross
2nd Lieutenant Michelle 'Peck' Lee
2nd Lieutenant Anthony ‘Datangia’ Cheng

Flight Group
Alpha Flight
- Silky
- Torps
- Skinny
- Datangia
Bravo Flight - Balls
- Drool
- Arrows
- Brains
Charlie Flight - Jewel
- Shorts
- Peck
- Pasty

Squadron 57th Flight Group Wild Aces Squadron

Commander - Major Michael ‘Legs’ Brady
Executive Officer - Captain Colin ‘Cowboy’ Forbes
Pilots - 1st Lieutenant Geoffrey ‘Priest’ Hanson
- 1st Lieutenant Jessica ‘B-lady’ Abnett
- 1st Lieutenant Gary ‘Storm’ Simons
- 1st Lieutenant Maria ‘Tipsy’ Sandow
- 1st Lieutenant James ‘junior’ Lucas
- 1st Lieutenant Amy ‘Pikachu’ Wong
- 2nd Lieutenant Michelle ‘Leet’ Llane
- 2nd Lieutenant Alexander ‘Ferrari’ Prost
- 2nd Lieutenant Frederick ‘Freddy’ Ronaldo
- 2nd Lieutenant Matthew ‘Bleach’ White

Delta Flight : Legs

Gamma Flight : Cowboy

Zeta Flight : Priest

Below is the names of people who have been seen through the last 12 Chapters, just a refresher of those who forgotten who is who.

TCS Hibernia – Command Crew and other officers
Commanding Officer: Captain Justin Lang
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Jessica O'Hara
Wing Commander: Lieutenant Colonel David Parker
Executive: Major Joseph Lector

Chief Tactical Officer 1st Lieutenant Miles Lee
Chief Communications officer 1st Lieutenant Sarah Jessica
Chief Technician/Chief Petty Officer Chief Technician MendezCommander of Hibernia’s marine forces Major Donald Lee
Oscar ‘Nuts’

Captain Richard Grant
- Commanding officer that lead a company of 40 marines to board the Mari-ad depot (Chapter 5)
- Acting Executive Officer of the marines detachment

Lieutenant Marcus Harris
- Part of Grant’s marine company during the Mari-ad raid (Chapter 5)

Sergeant Collins
- Marine on board the Hibernia who assisted in the Mari-ad depot raid (Chapter 5)

Private Simon Watts - Private with Collins detachment
Marine Specialist Stevens - Demolitions/explosives expert
Jasper/Lee/Kinder - Marines accompany Datangia and Arrows at the Mari-ad outpost

Chad - Marine. Ferrari provoked in Chapter 7 about the Marines lost at the Mari-ad Depot

Lieutenant Shauna Tyson - Chief Medical Officer of the TCS Hibernia

- Hibernia’s bartender
- ?? Secret Agent

Lieutenant Ronald - Pilot flying Survey shuttle SM001
(Chapter 8)

Commander Winston Turner - Academy Lecturer
Lieutenant Colonel John Regan - Academy Flight Instructor

Sara ‘Gem’ Dale - Academy Recruit
David ‘Reddy’ Wilson - Academy Recruit
Jessica ‘Flame’ Ablett - Academy Recruit

Ta-Ke Cheng
- Anthony’s grandfather and friend of Admiral Wayne Banbridge
- Ta-Ke and Wayne’s father went to high school together

Jennifer Cheng
- Anthony’s grandmother, Ta-Ke’s wife

Francis Cheng
- Anthony’s father
- Naval Captain
- Commands the TCS Ronin, Confederation Destroyer

- One of the Mari-ad’s chief lieutenants and best operatives
- Initiated the Mari-ad Supply dept self destruct system in the Enyo System from an unknown location

- An operative of the Mar-aid and a member of Jonas infiltration team.

Monty - Mari-ad bridge officer (Chapter 5)
Scott - Mari-ad bridge officer (Chapter 5)
Chapter 13

On the outer region of Vega space
Bravo Flight

“Transport Ulric, you are clear to proceed to planet Vega have a safe journey” said Balls as he finished his sweep on the transport that jumped in. For the last hour numerous transports have been jumping in and others jumping out. Both Bravo and Charlie Flight have been seeing transports after transport coming in and it was getting repetitive.

“Pretty boring ain’t it boss?” asked Brains on the comm. channel
“Yeah well someone has to earn a living around here watching over these transports while you guys squandered it all on the drinks at the bar” replied Balls
“Yeah you are one for talk” said Drool interrupting the conversation, “if I recall you yourself go for a bit of drink once in a while”
“Yeah, yeah” grumbled Balls, “I am known to have a few good drinks, but don’t mean I spend it all at once, unlike some people I know who spend it buying some dirty magazines”
“Hey who told you that?” asked Drool
“Aw come on Drool” laughed Brains, “we all know about your tidy collection of magazines. Why do you think we call you Drool for in the first place?”
“Quiet down folks” interrupted Balls “we got transport jumping” Balls was observing his sensor readings when five freighters arrived at the jump point, “ok folk, time to earn our pay. Drool you’re on me, Arrows and Brains you two form up and ID those freighters”
“Bravo Lead” said Drool reverting to standard comm. chatter “I’m picking up interference from one or two of the transports?”
“Same here Lead” confirmed Brains, “it is jamming with our sensor readings” Balls attempted to adjust his sensor readings attempting to compensate with the interference they are experiencing.
I don’t like this thought Balls as he switched open communications with the freighters, “to the unidentified freights this Captain Border of Confed Space forces you are emitting some form of sensor interference, shut down your systems and prepared to be scanned” no response came from the freighters, “to the unidentified freighters are you broadcasting an interference signal which is interfering our sensor readings. Shut down your systems and prepare to be scanned”
“They are not budging Bravo Lead” said Drool
“I notice Bravo Two” replied Balls, “Bravo Flight, sweep over the five freighters and ID their cargo I want to know what they are hiding”
“Too late something is happening” said Arrows, “freighters are opening their cargo bay doors” Balls looked up at his visual scanners and good seen on his small monitors that the cargo ball doors on all five freighters were opening up
“I got a bad feeling about this” said Balls

* * *​

Somewhere else in the Vega System

Delta Flight
On approach to Nav point 3

“Scope is all clear Delta Lead” reported in Ferrari, “place is quiet like a tomb”
“Copy that Delta 4” said Major Michael ‘Legs’ Brady, “seems we got an easy run folks”
“Score extra points for us hey Delta Lead?” asked Lieutenant Jessica ‘B-lady’ Abnett
“Always” replied Legs, “we can always go for some easy missions. Sure beats hanging out the rec room waiting for new assignment and everything”
“Lead I’m picking high energy readings!” said Ferrari “there is a ship jumping in!”
“That’s impossible!” said B-Lady, “there is no jump point designate on our flight path. Are you sure”
“I’m reading the signal clear and precise” said Ferrari, “Delta 3 you getting this?”
“I’m reading this as well” said Lieutenant James ‘Junior’ Lucas, “I’m getting high level energy spike and I don’t like this one bit either”
“Standby team” said Legs as he changed his flight path and heading towards where the jump point is forming, “Home one this is Delta Lead. Home one this is Delta Lead, we are picking high energy readings indicating of a possible jump point forming up and detecting a ship is coming through”
“Delta Lead this is Home One” Hibernia’s executive officer face appeared on the comm. channel, “that is impossible are you sure Delta Lead”
“Affirmative Home One, we checked our sensors reading and everything we are detecting a jump point and detecting a ship trying to jump through”
“Copy that, keep us posted Delta Lead. Do you have a fix on what ship is jumping in?”
“We are getting something” said Balls as he saw a bright white light forming, “standby. We are getting something.”
“Delta Lead, this is Captain Lang. What do you see?”

* * *​

TCS Hibernia
Command Bridge
Vega System

“Copy that, keep us posted Delta Lead. Do you have a fix on what ship is jumping in?” asked Commander O’Hara
“We are getting something” said Balls on the comm. monitor, “standby. We are getting something.” O’Hara was watching the monitor followed by static coming through the speakers, Captain Lang and Colonel Parker was standing by watching the screen. Lang walked up to the monitor and brought the microphone to him,
“Delta Lead, this is Captain Lang. What do you see?”
“Don’t know sir” said Balls, “I see a bright light and, oh my god what is that?” Lang and the others could see the eyes through Major Brady’s helmet that something was out there and it was something bad.
“Major Brady, report!” said Lang, “What do you see out there!”
“My god it is huge” whispered Legs, “Delta 3 and 4 you got a sensor reading on that thing?”
“Delta Lead, transmit your visual data to the Hibernia” ordered Lang
“Stand by Home One” said Balls, “we are picking up interference from this thing we are, Delta 2 what is that over starboard?” the next few moments were screams and shouts among the four pilots followed by silence.
“Home One to Delta Lead, Major Brady do you copy?” the communications officer did not received any signal from the flight group.
“Colonel, get the closest flight group and find out what happen to Delta Flight now” said Lang
“I’m on it sir” replied Parker, “Charlie Flight from the Flying Tigers is within range to them. I will inform them of change of plans” Parker moved over to the Flight Operation stations where he conferred with the officer at the station
“Navigation what do we have over there?” asked Lang
“I’m not picking up anything sir” said the Navigation Officer, Lieutenant Stuart Wade, “We were following the four signals of the fighters then nothing. I cannot read their transponder. Nothing”
“Not good” said Lang, “Parker I want Charlie Flight over there ASAP. I want to know what the hell is going on over there!”

* * *​

Bravo Flight

“We got fighters coming out those bays!” said Arrows, “Strikers! I am reading 10 Strikers total, two each from each freighter”
“I read it too” said Drool, “got 10 Strikers on sensors”
“Shit just our luck!” hissed Balls, “Bravo Flight, evasive manoeuvres! Home One this is Bravo Lead, we encounter five freighters and 10 Strikers. We are engaging hostile forces”
“Bravo Lead this is Colonel Parker!” Parker’s image appeared on Ball’s comm. screen, “Gamma Flight is within range your flight path and will come to assist. You are to hold off those fighters as long as possible”
“Roger that Bravo Lead out”

* * *​

TCS Hibernia
Command Bridge
Vega System

“Home One this is Bravo Lead, we encounter five freighters and 10 Strikers. We are engaging hostile forces” said Balls on the comm. channel
“Now what!” said Lang as he turned to see the communication officer receiving the transmission from Bravo Flight.
Parker rushed over to the comm. station and grabbed the microphone when he heard Bravo’s Flight report, “Bravo Lead this is Colonel Parker! Gamma Flight is within range your flight path I’m sending them to assist you. You are to hold off those fighters as long as possible”
“Roger that Bravo Lead out”
“What the hell is going out there!?” said Lang not asking anyone particular
“I don’t know what is happening Captain” said Parker, “but I am guessing those freighters are Mari-ad ships whereas for Delta Flight, I have no idea and I just hope that they are alright”
“That maybe Colonel” said Lang, “but I would like to know what is going on out there. One minute everything is running smoothly the next all hell breaks loose”
“Well hopefully when Charlie and Gamma Flight make it in time to assist the other flights we might get an idea of what is going on”
“I hope so Colonel for your sake” said Lang, “because in the last six to eight months things have been crazy and I swear I am ready to hang up my boots. This Mari-ad business is driving me up the bends”
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Chapter 14

Bravo Flight
Outer Region of Vega Space

“God damn fucking prick” growled Drool, “someone get this twit off my ass!!”
“Hang on Bravo 2, I’m on my way” Arrows face appeared on Drool’s comm. screen
“Well you better get here this bastard is beginning to ride my ass pretty tight”
“Oh you would like that would you”
“Just hurry up here!”

* * *

“How you holding up there Bravo 4?” asked Balls
“I’m holding up Bravo Lead” said Brains, “nocked up one kill and hounding the other here. You?”
“Same thing” replied the squadron executive officer, “Bravo 2 was right, they are riding us hard!” Balls switched his communication frequency to the Hibernia’s main communication line, “Home one is this Bravo Lead, where is Gamma Flight? What is taking them so long?”
“Bravo Lead, this is Home One” Lieutenant Jessica appeared on the comm. screen, Gamma Wing should be there in 15 minutes. You have to hold on a little while longer”
“15 minutes!? We will be dead in 15 seconds if they don’t get here soon enough!”
“Standby Bravo Lead, Gamma should be there soon!”
“Copy that just tell them to hurry up!”

* * *​

TCS Hibernia
Command Bridge
Vega System

“Home One to Delta Lead. Do you copy?” continued Lieutenant Jessica, “Delta Lead this is Home One do you respond?”
“What is the ETA on Charlie Flight?” asked Lang
“10 minutes top” replied Parker, “Lieutenant, keep trying to get through to Delta Flight. Damn we got to find who what happen out there” Parker walked over to the nearby intercom and switched it on, “Lieutenant, get Major O’Brian on the bridge ASAP”
“What do you think is out there Captain?” asked Parker
“Don’t know Parker” said Lang, “I don’ know and I don’t like it. Colonel I want O’Brian to lead a Search and Rescue Team and I want to be on standby alert. I do not know what happen out there and I don’t want to believe that something bad happen out there”
“Agreed” said Parker

* * *​

Bravo Flight’s current position
Outer region of Vega Space

“Bravo Lead, this is Gamma Flight. Calvary is here what your status is?”
“Pretty banged up here Gamma Lead” Balls face appear on Lieutenant Geoffrey Hanson comm. screen monitor, “we have three Strikers down, we are hit pretty badly and don’t know how much long we can hold on. You guys sure picked a good time to come in”
“Sorry Bravo Lead” replied Hanson, “once we get back I buy you guys a round of drinks”
“I will take you up on that” said Balls, “just help us out here and we can settle the score later”
“Agreed. Okay Gamma Flight, pick your targets and engage those Strikers!” Hanson received the acknowledgements from the three pilots that were on his flight wing.

* * *​

Charlie Flight
On approach to Delta Flight’s last known position
Vega Sector

“What the hell happen here!” said 1st Lieutenant Allison 'Shorts' Goodman. Charlie Flight arrived to Delta Flight last known position. Instead of see four Confederation Rapier fighters, they saw a large debris field
“I don’t know” said Captain Samantha 'Jewel' Ibanez, “but we better find out” Jewel switched her comm. frequency to all channels hoping that Delta Flight might be able to pick up their transmission, “Charlie Lead to Delta Flight do you copy? Delta Flight do you copy. Peck you picking up anything?”
“Nothing on my sensors” said Lieutenant Michelle Lee, “there is too many debris and interference. I can’t detect anything”
“Wait a minute” interrupted Lieutenant Jean-Luc Rico, “I am picking up a faint signal. It is pretty faint I could barely pick it up on wide range sensors. Looks like it is on the other side of the debris field”
“OK Pasty and I will go in and investigate the signal” said Jewel, “Shorts, you and Peck keep searching through that debris field and see what you get”
“Copy that”

15 minutes later

“Home One, get a SAR team ASAP!” said Jewel, “We found Delta Flight. All in escape pods. Repeat Delta Flight has been found and all 4 pilots are in their escape pods. Request immediate SAR team”
“Copy that Charlie Lead” said Lieutenant Jessica, “SAR teams are enroute to your position. Captain Lang and Colonel Parker wants you to scan through the debris field and find what you can on what happen?”
“Copy that Home One. Charlie Flight protect the escape pods, I am going into the debris field and scan through the wreckage and see what the hell happen here” Jewel received acknowledgements from her flight group.

* * *​

Meanwhile back
Gamma and Bravo Flight
Outer Region of Vega Space

“Get this son of a bitch of my ass!” cried out Brains as he swerved left and right away from the Strikers guns, “damn my shields are about to cack it!”
“Hold on Bravo 4, I got your six” said a voice on his comm. channel; Brains turn around in his seat to and saw a rapier. Brains saw the Rapier sweep in on the Striker from above shooting its guns, followed by a missile
“Thanks Gamma 4” said Brains when he checked his sensors and identified who helped him, “I owe you a drink”
“Sure no worries Bravo 4” 2nd Lieutenant Frederick ‘Freddy’ Ronaldo faced appear on Brain’s comm. channel monitor, “let’s go and help the others shall we?”
“You got it; I’m on your wing!”

* * *​

“Scratch one more Striker!” said Arrows as she shot past the Striker fighters that she destroyed, “Bravo 2 are you still there?”
“Still on your wing” said Drool as Arrows can see his wingman flying cover next to her, “we got 2 Strikers left”
“I see it” said Arrows, “let go and finish them off!”
“Bravo Flight, this is Bravo Lead” interrupted Balls, “Gamma Flight is going after the remaining fighters while we go and disable those transports”
“Shit we forgot about those transports!” hissed Arrows, “damn we better go after them before they jump out”
“Well lets hit those burners and go after them” said Drool, “less talk now and more action please”
“Copy that lets go!”

* * *​

20 minutes later

“To the Captains of the unidentified transports. This is Captain Border of Confederation Space Forces” said Balls, “your engines have been disable and we have fighters targeting their weapons on your. Stand down and prepared to be board by Confederation security forces”
“Screw you bastards!” a face of bearded man appeared on Balls comm. channel monitor, “you are not taking us with you! The Mari-ad never surrenders to anyone!”
“Shit this is not good” said Drool as he watched his sensors reading while monitoring the communication channel, “Bravo Lead I am picking a spike in energy readings in the engine reactor compartment of the lead transport”
“Damn the fools is trying to blow himself up!” said Balls, “It is going to self destruct! All fighters pull back and brace for ship explosion shockwave! Bravo 2 how much time do we have til detonation?”
“Two minutes!” replied Drool
“Jesus this is not good” said Balls, “to all remaining transports. Your lead ship has initiated a self destruct. If you value your life, then shut down your shields so we can pull out away with our tractor beams” no one from the remaining four transports replied to Balls request
“To Captain Border, this is Acting Captain Julius please respond”
“This is Confederation Lead Fighter, you may speak”
“The crew have subdue our Captain and I am taking over the transports and we are surrender and ready to be boarded”
“The self destruct system?”
“We have deactivated the system”
“He is right Bravo Lead” said Drool over a private comm. channel, “I am not picking up any energy spikes or anything from the lead transports”
“Very well Captain Julius” said Balls, “and the remaining four transports?”
“You don’t need to worry about them Captain” said Julius, “they are controlled by remote from this ship”
“By remote?” Balls was slightly speechless when Julius said the remaining 4 transports were controlled by remote from the lead transport. Balls can see on the comm. channel monitor Julius was slightly smiling after telling Balls about the ships
“Surprised Captain?”
“Somewhat” replied Balls, “Captain, security forces are en route to our position stand by to be boarded. Captain Border out” Balls switched off the comm. link between him and the lead transport. Transports controlled by remote, it was never heard of before. Sure fighter drones he has seen and know plenty off, but larger ships especially cargo transport was never heard of.
What were the Mari-ad up to he does not know and after hearing what he just heard, he fear that the Mari-ad are going to be more than just a thorn in the side.
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Chapter 15

TCS Hibernia
Captain’s Ready Room

Vega Sector
Three Hours later (2628.235.1955)

Captain Lang, along with Colonel Parker and Lieutenant Commander O’Hara were watching the recording from the flight recorder from Delta Flight. The images seen were blurry but they were able to pick up the faint images they saw. The flight group arrived at their designated flight path where they saw a large cylindrical-type craft jumping in. According to their ships database, the ship did not match to anything and was classified as unidentified.
The three officers watch the recording, listening to the comm. chatter between the four pilots. They were not concentrating on the audio but more focusing on the strange new ship which Delta Flight found.
When the recording the finished, the lights in the Captain’s Ready Room lit up and was met only with silence.
What seem like an hour was only 5 minutes before Colonel Parker said something.
“Recognise anything Captain?” asked Parker, the Hibernia commanding officer shook his head as he stood up and walker over to the bar and pour himself a glass of water
“I don’t think I have seen anything like it in my 30 years” said Lang, “I thought I have seen it all, but this is something different and I do not want to know what that was”
“What do you suggest we do now sir” asked O’Hara
“Take the data to Science under classified orders” said Lang, “I want them to figure what Delta Flight saw and gather as much information we can get from the flight recorders and report back to me in 24 for a full report before I report this is Command”

* * *​

TCS Hibernia
Flight Wing Recreation Room

Vega Sector

“Any word from Delta Team” asked Datangia
“Nothing at the moment said” Major Michael ‘Legs’ Brady as he finished his drink, “meds says that they are all critical but in a stable condition”
“What do you think happen to them?” asked Captain Colin ‘Cowboy’ Forbes, “we never had a situation like this before”
“Not that I recall in my years of service” said Legs, “I think Charlie Flight got spooked when they found Delta”
“Are they still at debriefing?” asked Cowboy
“Yeah they still at it” replied Datangia, “it is almost three hours. You think that got all the information they could give?”
“Maybe, but I suppose that there are some things which they believe might be useful for Command”
“Anyway I hope that everyone is alright” said Cowboy, “I hate to lose four good people”
“You got that right” said Datangia, “I can’t believe in almost four months, I have seen more action that I could expected”
“Sometime you’re lucky” said Legs
“And sometimes you are not” continued Cowboy, “You never know what comes at you”
“I suppose so” said Datangia as he finished his drink, “excuse me guys. I am going to get some sleep”
“Yeah” said Legs, “it has been a long day for us all. We better get some rest. We never know what we might face tomorrow”

* * *​

To be continue.......
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Chapter 16

Orbit around Planet Vega

TCS Hibernia
Command Briefing Room
2628.237.2030 [48 hours later]

It was a while since Lang and Parker had assembled a full senior officers briefing and even then it was only on full scale assault on a planet or installation. Neither has occurred with Hibernia for the last five years.

All of the senior officers were watching the recording from Delta flight. Lang and Parker were watching the other officer facial expression, trying to determine of what they were thinking.
After the recording was finished, the lights went up and silence was also met.
Just the same as us though Lang, Damn this is not good
“One question sir” asked Captain Grant, “I am sure I would speak on behalf of all the other officers here. What the hell is that?”
“Good question” said Lang, “I am going to leave that to you Chief Science Officer, Commander?” Lieutenant Commander Cameron Martin approach to the stand where Lang was standing
“Gentlemen I am going to be quite frank with this” said Cameron, “we have analysed all the data from Delta flight as well as interview the pilots. We have run ship comparisons with our database and correlated all data with the information we obtain from the Varni race and we have come up with nothing”
“Nothing!” said Major Lector, “you’re kidding right?”
“No Major I am not” replied Cameron, “after the initial analysis and conferring with the Captain we submitted a detail report to High Command about the situation and within six hours after sending the message we received reports from Command that they have no knowledge or information of such about the unidentified ship Delta flight spotted. They are in the dark as much as we are”
“So what does Command want us to do?” asked Major Lee, “Command surely wants us to investigate further about this new alien?” Lang walked back standing next to Cameron, “Unfortunately, Command does not want us to investigate on this new alien”
“What!” all the officers started asking for explanations
“Gentlemen please” said Lang as he tried to calm the officers down, “I am as much as you are wanted to know who were up against and why they are in Confederation space. But Command told us they have several problems already and cannot afford to take on another problem. As of this moment, Confed as set up a small research team back on Sol and are currently investigating the matter while we are to reassume our duties here in the Vega Sector”
“That can’t be right” said Parker who sitting on the front row of the briefing room, “Surely this is more important than anything else? We are possibly having our first contact with another alien species!?”
“I agree with you Colonel” said Lang, “so did Command. But with the increasing threats with the Mari-ad we are forced back on the back foot. Reports have come in from several systems in this sector of Mari-ad skirmishes and transports being raided. Command has order a full scale operation in all affected sectors and has set up an independent task force to eliminate the Mari-ad threat in all regions”
“Command is asking for the almost impossible Captain” said Grant, “an operation would require ships and resources from an entire fleet? This kind of operation would be a logistical nightmare!”
“Actually that is what Command has done” said Lang, “Command has order the entire Sector Fleet on alert throughout Vega and has reassign all command ships on different quadrants”
“The entire seventh fleet!?” said Chief Engineer Officer, Lieutenant Julius Lindeman, “Command is crazy! This would be a logistical nightmare!” all the officers started to talk at once, voicing their concern about the new orders and wondering where the Hibernia would be posted
“Gentlemen please” Lang called the officers attention back towards him, “we have our orders and we are to follow them as expected. Your concerns are noted and believe me I am not as happy as you are. But we have our responsibility to the ship, to the crew and to the Confederation and the main goal is stability. Command as assign the Hibernia to the Day quadrant in the Vega Sector where we will rendezvous with the lead command ship in that quadrant. We will receive further orders and assignments once we arrive. Until then, the Hibernia is jumping in to the Blackmane system. There will be another full officers briefing in 12 hours. In the meantime review the all the reports of the recent Mari-ad attacks in the Day quadrant get up to date on the situation. We will discuss our next operation then, dismissed”

* * *​

“You don’t like this do you David?” asked Lang as all of the other officers left the briefing room
“Damn it Justin no” said Parker, “you know and I know that this is wrong and Command should not ignore something as big as this. This is the next big thing since the establishment of McAuliffe Base and meeting the Varni”
“I know David” said Lang, “but this is out of our hand. Command believes that if we do not eliminate the Mari-ad threat quickly we may not have enough resource to deal with this new alien situation”
“Damn I don’t like it at all” growled David as he walked over to the main view port looking outside at the planet which they were orbiting, “Twenty years of unquestionable service to Confed and now they do this stupid thing”
“I don’t blame you David” said Lang, “but Command is right about this. If we focus on this new alien, the Mari-ad might hit us from behind and we would be trap between two forces and Confed is in no position to take on two sides as the same time. A third if you consider the Pilgrim Alliance”
“I almost forgot about them” said David, “but the Pilgrims are not much of a problem. I think it is the zealots they have within their group”
“I think so. But we need to do this quickly. David go get some rest and read up on the reports. I will see you in 12 hours”
“OK will see you then”

To be continued……
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Chapter 17

TCS Hibernia
En-route to the Blackmane System
6 Hours before next officers briefing

Flight Wing Recreation Room

Datangia was feeling a little bit moody. Silky was not telling the squadron why they are heading back to the Day Quadrant after they clear the area of all hostiles. The only thing the squadron was told was that they had some unfinished business.
“Frustrating isn’t it” said Donovan as he sat down next to Datangia on one of the bar stool
“Huh?” Datangia looked up as Donovan chucked his tea towel over the other side of the counter the barman pulled a small metal flask from the side of his pocket and took a swig of his drink.
“Not being told what is going on and being left out of the loop”
“Something like that” replied Datangia as he watched the barman take a swig of his flask, “Your own personal supply?” asked Datangia
“Oh yeah” smiled Donovan, “besides I hate some of the synthetic drinks they supplied to us. They don’t provide enough of the real stuff to us boys” Datangia merely shrugged unfazed about the amount genuine alcohol that was permitted on board capital ships.
Back when he was in the academy he heard rumours of a lost squadron on board another fighter carrier. Rumour has it that a whole squadron went to the recreation room for a big drinking night and literally drank the whole bar down. Later that evening the entire squadron was spotted down at the flight deck of the carrier and commandeered their fighters and left the ship, they never returned. No one was able to determine where they headed to. Search parties were sent out to determine where they flew out to but nothing was found or knew where they could have been. Command later issued that the squadron was MIA in the line of duty and was forced to cover up the story.
As far the public knew the whole squadron were drinking too much one night and got involve some accident. Nothing else was released. Since then High Command issue the order of repossessing all alcohol and replace them with synthetic brands to avoid further embarrassment.

“Does it have to be so frustrating not being told what is going on?” asked Datangia
“Sometimes, I first notice it when you asked your squadron commander couple of hours ago about your next mission assignment”
“Yeah well she was being a little bit cryptic about it”
“You can’t blame her for being vague” said Donovan, “She is just doing her job and making sure she knows what she is doing when she has all the information”
“Yeah maybe” agreed Datangia, “but I don’t like it when the squadron does not know anything for a period of time and start asking questions”
“Just be patient Anthony” said Donovan, “Relax you will find out when the time comes. Besides,” the bartender took another swig from his flask, “tell me about your folks back home”

* * *​

Captain’s Ready Room

“Are you sure this is it?” asked Parker as he read the data pad, “Command orders the entire 7th Fleet on high alert status throughout the entire sector and what we get from the fleet are the leftovers!?”
“I don’t understand either Captain” said Commander O’Hara, “the Britannia? Damn I thought they would scrap that old battleship?”
“That ship has passed it’s used by date sir” said Lieutenant Jessica, “with that ship as command, we have only two cruisers and a couple of frigates and a handful of Byrd-class reconnaissance ships but are we going to put a stop to the Mari-ad are with..”
“That’s enough Lieutenant” snapped Lang, “People I have read the list of ships that will be in this quadrant and like you I am not as happy as you are. I would assume with the increase attacks and threats from the Mari-ad I thought we get reinforced with another fighter carrier command ship and or the new anti-fighter destroyers we keep hearing about”
“But Command saw fit to keep their best within the inner systems of the Sector” said Parker, “the wonders of the Confed bureaucracy within Command. Sometimes I really wonder what really happens in their brains of theirs”
“One of the reasons why I never took the position back at Sector Command several months ago” said Lang, “I don’t think I am the type to sit behind a desk”
“Sir” said O’Hara, “with all due respect. With almost 35 years of naval service don’t you think should consider the possibility of finishing out of harms way?”
“Possibly” said Lang, “but I’m an officer and a crewman of this ship. I belong with the ships. Not getting fat and lazy behind a desk. I rather spend my last days on this ship than anywhere else”
There was a minute silence then between the officers in the Captain’s ready room. Everyone knew that Captain Lang, unlike any other commanding officers is not a fan of being part of the brass and rather spend his time onboard ships, travelling, exploring and doing his duty rather than giving orders.
“Gentlemen, please review the files you have and report back in five hours for briefing and assessment before we have our full briefing with the senior staff and crew, dismissed”
Chapter 18
At an undisclosed location

Jonas was sitting up in bed completed naked with a glass of scotch in his hand. Twirling the glass, Jonas watched the alcohol moved around the glass. Next to him slept a naked woman. Jonas could see with the small lamp light next to him her smooth skin, and small glistering of sweat along the middle of her back from their hour long romping.
Finishing his drink, Jonas got up from the bed and walked over to the bedroom balcony which overlooks the city central night life. He looks down and could see the hundreds of people coming in out of restaurants, night clubs, pubs and other entertainment places here people come to enjoy.
While looking on at the crowd a small beeping chime was ringing behind him. Jonas turn to see his private communicator was chiming. Jonas walked back in and picked up his communicator.
“Jonas” said the voice
“The Council requests your presence at the chambers at your earliest convenience”
“Acknowledge” replied Jonas, “Informed the Council I will be at he Council Chambers in an hour” turning back he saw his female friend was awake and was sitting up, smiling at him, “make that two hours”
“Understood” Jonas turned off the communicator and walked over back to the bed where his female friend was
“Am I keeping you up?” asked the woman
“No not at all” smiled Jonas as he got on the bed lying on top of her, “besides I don’t feel like leaving”
“So I notice” said the women as she wrapped her legs around Jonas’s waist, “Damn I missed you” the woman leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

* * *​

Two Hours Later
Location Unknown -
Mari-ad Council Chambers

Jonas stood patiently as the 12 members arrived one by one until all 12 circles had an occupant.
“Jonas you have been brought before the Council in regards to your oath and allegiance to the Mari-ad”
“Of course Lord Black” replied Jonas, “My allegiance is always to the Mari-ad. I will serve to benefit the Mari-ad”
“Indeed” said Lord Black, “We summon you to hear your update on the Hibernia”
“The Hibernia” asked Jonas curiously, “My Lord, the Council would have received my reports regarding the Hibernia. All our operatives are in place as are our ships”
”Yes we have received and review your reports” said Lord White, “but I believe that there is a leak within your unit”
“Impossible Lord White!” said Jonas, “I personally saw to it that all my operatives are loyal and obedient to the Mari-ad”
“That maybe true Jonas” said Lord White, “apparently someone must have leaked certain information about our intentions and the Hibernia has is aware of our intent” Jonas wasn’t very happy with the sudden revelation provided by the council. He will have to find out who leaked out the information and ensure that it never happens again.
“The time for your plan has been changed” said Lord Red, “your group and a contingent of other units will meet up at a pre-arranged coordinates” a small white light shone down a meter from where Jonas was standing where a small pedestal stood with a data pad on top.
“This pad will provide you with all the necessary information” Jonas walked over to the table and picked up the data pad and walked back to the centre circle and read through the data pad scrolling through the officers and crew on board the ship
“We are to hit them in Blackmane?”
“In a way” said Lord Red, “the Hibernia is en route to meet up with a contingent of ships in an effort to clear their assign quadrant of all Mari-ad presence”
“What is it you require me to do my Lords?”
“The Hibernia is now our foremost priority to be captured. Meet with the other teams, capture the Hibernia and eliminate the Confed forces, let no one survive” said Lord Red, “the Council has decided that we want to fast track this operation”
“We don’t have time to get everything My Lords” said Jonas, “the logistics”
“Are your concerns not ours” said Lord Red.
“My Lords, what you ask took weeks to prepare and you expect me to change everything in a matter of hours” a chuckle could be heard from Lord Black
“My dear Jonas” laughed Lord Black, “have faith with the Mari-ad and in your abilities. We will reveal to you in due time how we shall proceed with this operation after you successful complete this mission. You will be rewarded for your time and effort. In the meantime you are to ensure that the Hibernia does get any reinforcement when they are attacked.”
Still uncertain about the operation, Jonas was about to ask another question when he was interrupted by Blue Robe, “No more questions Jonas, you have your assignment. We will call you in due time. You are dismissed” the doors which lead into the council chamber rooms open again but from the opposite side from where Jonas entered, “Yes Lord Blue” Jonas bowed and left the council room with questions running through his mind, confuse and uncertain.

* * *​

“The man is resourceful” said Lord Black
“Indeed” agreed Lord Red, “but he is not ready to take up the new assignment”
“Should we have told him that the Hibernia is not aware of any Mari-ad attack?” said Lord White
“Makes no difference” said Lord Aqua, “We are running short on time. We have received reports of a new situation arising”
“Yes the new alien” said Lord Tan, “Confed has no answers for this unexpected arrival. This will play in our favour”
“Has our research team found anything?” asked Lord Grey
“We have found nothing as this stage” said Lord Orange, “but our operatives are have found a link somewhat related to an old survey report conducted in the Gemini Sector”
“We will send agents to investigate” Lord Brown
“In the meantime we have a problem” said Lord Green, “Blue Reign has return and is causing us problems”
“We have expected this” said Lord Black, “operatives have found one of their agents on board the Hibernia”
“Do we have identification?” asked Lord White
“We do” said Lord Black, “the agent’s name is Donovan”
Chapter 19

Blackmane System

TCS Hibernia
Flight Wing Recreation Room
(1.5 hours after the Seniors Officers Meeting)

Anthony has not recall seeing this many ships since the operation on the Mari-ad outpost almost two weeks ago. In almost less than a month, Hibernia has seen more action than any other Confed ship and or forces since the Pilgrim Conflict and even then Confed ships had their fair share of action.
This was completely different, this wasn’t a war with some other faction, and this was an internal problem which poses a threat to the stability of the Confederation.
Anthony along with several pilots received word that the Hibernia was to be part of a task force responsible for removing all Mari-ad threat in their assigned quadrant of the Vega Sector.

What surprised Anthony the most was that the Hibernia were given a lot of the older class starships and escort ships which should be sent to the scrap heap years ago.
“Do you believe this Anthony?” said Tyson Edwards, who was sitting next to Anthony reading a datapad “they give us a bunch of crap ships to search out the Mari-ad”
“Do you know the ships we have?” asked Anthony
“Yeah, we got that battleship, TCS Britannia, two Cruisers the TCS Maine and TCS New York; we got the frigates the TCS Gallipoli and TCS Anzac and recon ships, the Einstein, Galileo and Voyager”
“Great Skinny” groaned Anthony, “we are getting the decrepit pommy ship the run down cruisers and other crappy ships”
“It is not that bad” said Tyson, “at least the frigates are the newest ships deployed in this quadrant. The frigates we got and those in the fleet around the sectors are supposed to have the latest communication and sensory systems in the fleet.”
“Maybe but we could have got of those UN class cruisers. I heard they could put through a few ships without getting a scratch”
“Yeah but they are being decommissioned because of their faulty ship hull structure design. Command is not releasing those ships”
“And leave them at Sol as home defence? Yeah that’s smart!”
“Problem there guys” asked Donovan who approached to the two pilots with two mugs of hot drinks, “you guys should be getting to your briefing soon”
“Not for another 30 minutes or so Donovan” said Anthony as he took one of the mugs and took a sip, “this is nuts why would Command think that the Mari-ad will still be here? We took out that outpost and our ships searched the entire area?”
“Well I guess that Command is not satisfied with the job we did” said the bartender
“Yeah but” Anthony was about to continue when the PA speakers came alive,
“All squadrons to report to Flight Wing Briefing Room, repeat all pilots to Flight Wing Briefing Room”
“Guess times up then” said Tyson as he stood up finishing his mug of drink
“You guys be careful out there” said Donovan, “you never know what to expect”
“Don’t worry Donovan” said Anthony, “from the last month I have seen more things that I would expected already and we are not evening fighting a war” Anthony turned around and rush out to catch up with Tyson.
“You may not be” said Donovan softly as he watched the pilots left the Recreation Room, “but I am”

* * *​

Flight Wing Briefing Room
15 Minutes later

“All right people settle down” said Parker as he got everyone’s attention, “if you have not noticed by now. The Hibernia is part of a task force here in this quadrant of the Vega Sector and you would have seen the ships already arriving in”
“Yeah a bunch of old granny ships” said a voice at the back of the briefing room, a general chuckle responded at the remark, even Parker smiled.
“Yes we got a bunch of oldies with us” said the Colonel, “but at least we got some firepower and can get the job done. First I will brief you a general outline of the operation” Parker activated the viewscreen behind him showing the entire Day Quadrant of the Vega Sector, allowing the pilots to see where they are located and the mission objectives, “As you know the task group is responsible of routing out any remaining Mari-ad presence in this quadrant and make sure that there is no chance of them returning.
The Hibernia is to systematically go through each system starting from McAuliffe system, then in a sweeping in a clockwise pattern, to each system performing a series of short and long range reconnaissance sweep before we proceed to the next system”
“Sir” asked Lieutenant Lucas from the Wild Aces squadron, “should we start our operation at McAuliffe instead of Blackmane?”
“Not necessary” replied Parker, “Security forces and personnel station at McAuliffe will do the necessary operations giving us some more to conduct the rest of the quadrant. In terms of the ships with us, the Britannia will remain here in the Blackmane system as our main rendezvous point, the Hibernia will move back to Hell’s Kitchen first followed by the Carlin and the Pephedro system before heading south of the quadrant. We will be going along with three reconnaissance ships which will assist us with the sweeps. We will have the TCS Maine escort by the TCS Anzac conduct a sweep in the opposite direction of the quadrant while the TCS New York escorted by the TCS Gallipoli will sweep across behind us once we finish our sweep in case we missed anything.
In the event if we detecting any incoming transports of any other ships, the marines will board and conduct a security check before heading to their final destination. One flight group from each of the four squadrons will be assigned as escort for the marines if they are to board any ships that comes within our sensors”
“Sir how long is this operation going to take?” asked Major O’Brian
“According to the projected time analysis from Command and the ships we have. It should take us at least six months for a full sweep of the entire quadrant”
“Six months!?” said several of the pilots, many of the pilots started voicing their anger at the projected time to complete this task, some of the other pilots started arguing among themselves about the assignment itself.

“That’s enough all of you! Yes this is going to take a long time and going to test our patience, but I need your full cooperation in this. I don’t like this as much as you do but we have a job to do and we are responsible for fulfilling that job. Now if there are no other questions I will start going through the mission assignments. Silver Arrows you will be…”

* * *​

30 Minutes later
TCS Hibernia
Flight Deck

“I can’t believe this shit!” said Anthony as he started his final pre-flight sequence check, “we got rear position sweeps and escort the marines for boarding operations!?”
“Settle down Datangia” said Silky on the communication monitor, “the Colonel does not like this as much as everyone else. Look it might not be so bad after all. We are only doing a reconnaissance operation here in this quadrant. And if I am correct we got rid of all the Mari-ad presence here, so it should not take too long to conduct the survey. We might even finish in half the time it might take”
“I don’t know Silky” replied Anthony, “it is still stupid, a waste of time and a pointless. We clear this quadrant, there is nothing left now except a few listening posts, colonies, lonely transports and a bunch of crappy granny”
“Lieutenant that’s enough!” snapped Silky, “stow that crap before I put you up for report”
“Yes ma’am” replied Anthony
“Look Anthony, just be patient about this. Do the mission assignment and we will finish in no time. Patience is a much needed virtue in this job”
“Yes ma’am” said Anthony, “final check up is complete. Alpha 4 ready for launch”
“Affirmative” said Silky, “Flight Control, this is Alpha Flight, we are ready for launch”
“Copy that Alpha Lead. You have green light, you’re cleared for launch”
“Okay Alpha Flight, lets get this job over and down” said Silky, as she slowly push her throttle stick forward, pushing her fighter along the runway and out of the hanger,
Chapter 20

Undisclosed location

Unmarked Transport

“We should hit them when they are so spread out” said Brutus as he watches the tactical screen on the main viewer, “this is a too good of an opportunity”
“No yet” said Jonas as the looked at the viewer, “the Council wants the Hibernia. The Council will get what they want. Has our forces arrived?”
“Yes those transport you wanted are here at the designated point, our strike teams are in as well as the raiding squadrons. You care to tell me what your plan is?” Jonas smiled
“In time Brutus, in time”

* * *​

Ariel System

TCS Hibernia
Command Bridge

“This is not good at all” said O’Hara as she listens to the communication traffic between the ships and fighters as they performed their reconnaissance sweeps through their quadrants, “we only have a squadron onboard and we are prone to attack from hostile forces”
“Relax Commander” said Parker as he and Captain Lang were watching the reports scrolling through from the tactical station, “We are getting by in good time. The squadrons know what they are doing and so far it is good”
“Colonel is has been only two hours and I don’t like it at all I..” O’Hara was interrupted when the communication officers interrupted, “Captain we are receiving a distress signal” said Lieutenant Jessica, “audio only, patching through”
“This is the transport ….we are……..overloaded……pirates…..part of convoy……damaged…”
“Tactical, where is their location?” asked Lang
“Signal is coming just outside sensor range, near the edge of the system, signal is faint. I’m picking at least three possible four different signals” replied Lieutenant Henry Dale, the tactical officer.
“Who is closer to them?” asked Parker
“Alpha flight of the 28th sir, they are returning for refuelling, Gamma Flight of the Wild Aces is closer to them” said Dale
“Very well, inform Gamma to set new coordinates to investigate” ordered Lang, “Colonel we don’t know much choice in this matter, we sent out all our fighters too quickly and we are spread out too thin. Assemble a group from the Black Bears, they are to escort marines and medical transport to assist with Gamma”
“Yes sir”
“What will be our fighter strength?”
“We will only have the remaining Black Bear squadron at 75% strength” replied Parker, “but we have flights from the Tigers and the Arrows coming back we should have at least two squadrons strength within the hour”
“And the other ships have jumped ahead of us and the rest our doing rear guard sweeps” said Lang as he looked at the tactical viewer, “I don’t see any possible Mari-ad threat at all. We have already cleared this area before so the chances of attack is minimal. Colonel get those fighters up and check those transports”
“Yes sir”
“Commander you have the bridge I will be in my quarters, inform me of their update once they arrive”
“Yes Sir”

* * *​

TCS Hibernia
Flight Wing Recreation Room

Donovan was reading the data-pad with absolute dread, he received reports of an attempted attack on the Hibernia but no known news of when, where or how. He needs to inform the Captain but doing so would jeopardise his identity to everyone and to the organisation. He cannot afford the risk.
“Damn it” growled Donovan, “got to tell the Captain but how” then an idea popped up in his head.

* * *​

TCS Hibernia
Captain’s Private Quarters

Lang sat at his desk mental and physically tired, holding a framed photograph of his family in one hand and a glass of whisky in the other, Lang was looked at the photo smiling at the memories of the fun he had when the photo was taken.
While reminiscing of the past, his computer console beeped, indicating he has an incoming message. Putting down the photo and glass, Lang activated the console and accessed his mailbox to receive his message.

TO: Captain Justin Lang, TCS Hibernia SEVENTHFLT
Captain Lang,
The Hibernia is in danger, the ship will be attack by hostile pirate/rogue forces, repeat the Hibernia is in danger. Recall available fighters and stand by for possible attack from forces.

Captain Lang read the message a few times and sighed, a tad bit late stranger he thought.
“I don’t have any choice” he said as he deleted his message and went back to look back at the photo then back to a data-pad that was in front of him with both an audio and written message. Lang activated the audio message,
“Captain Lang” said the unidentified voice, “if you are receiving this message then you would be in the Ariel System assigned to your orders by Command. Let me inform you that your wife and two children are in our custody. You will are to assist with handing over the Hibernia to our forces when we arrive, failure to do so will result the death of your family and they will be return to you in boxes” Lang’s hands were trembling when the voice finished talking and he could here the screams and cries of his wife and children in the background, “You can hear your wife and children, Captain and I will assure you that I will not hesitate to kill them if you do not comply to my wishes. To prove my point please press the image viewer on the data-pad” Lang pressed the image viewer button that was flashing on the data pad.
The data-pad viewer change to show images of his wife and children all tied up and gagged. He could see tears streaming down their faces, shirts torn, hair all ruffled and could see that his wife has a few bruised on her arm indicating of being assaulted.
“You can see that I am serious” said the voice, “failure to comply will result the death of your family”
“Dear god no!” said Lang as he saw the images scroll by, “God no!”
Hello all, it has been a long time and people would have wonder whats been happening and what not.
I have been busying with work and study commitments, not to mention writers block. I have also started writing another fan fiction based on the popular game, World of Warcraft.
Any hoot Im back and still alive.
An Officer's beginning is still alive and will continue on with more stories and more interesting things to come.
Here is Chapter 21, which I hope everyone would enjoy to read.

Chapter 21

Approximately around the same time

Ariel System

Cargo Transport Robin Hood
En-route to TCS Hibernia

There were about a hundred of them inside the main hold. Mercenaries armed to the teeth with almost every possible conceivable weapon. Jonas and Brutus were watching them prepare themselves for the final stages.
“Is everyone ready?” asked Brutus, the mercenaries all nodded. Everyone arming their rifles, pistols and heavy weaponry, “Looks like everyone here is ready” said Brutus, Jonas nodded in approval as he walked over to a communication console along the bulkhead, “Bridge are you ready?”
“All set here” replied the voice from the bridge
“Patch us through to the rest of the transports” Jonas waited while communication link up was made with the rest of transports which were travelling en route to the TCS Hibernia.
“Communication link established sir” said the Bridge officer, “you can speak to them”
“People” started Jonas, “in a short while, the Robin Hood will board the Hibernia. Once we are in, and secure the hanger, we will send out a signal. When you receive the signal you are to take up jamming positions around the Hibernia and await orders. Hopefully they will be unprepared for the attack we will launch. At approximately 20 minutes into the operation, transports Diva and Ogre will board and deploy their mercenaries. Any questions?” there was no response.
“Good await my signal. Jonas out”

* * *​

TCS Hibernia

“Sir we are receiving a distress communication from a cargo transport” said Lieutenant Jessica
“Put it on speakers” said O’Hara, the voice on the speakers was garbled and the transmission was very hard to hear
“……port..Hood…..damaged……pirates…..attack….ems failing….need assistance with repairs”
“Can we clear it up?” asked O’Hara
“Negative. Readings on the transport show they are severely damaged, possible engine failure and radiation leak”
“Life signs?”
“I’m reading about 30 life signs” said Lieutenant Lee from his console
“I think I can clear the transmission” said Jessica, “putting them through”
“Transport Robin Hood, we have wounded people onboard. We were attack by unknown forces. This is the Transport Robin Hood, we are carrying medical supplies and families’ onboard en-route to Hell’s Kitchen please respond!”
“This is Commander O’Hara of the TCS Hibernia” replied the executive officer, “we receiving your distress call. Are you able to reach to our coordinates?”
“Negative, Hibernia” replied the voice, “our engines are pretty shot up and don’t know how much further we can reach to your position. We will try to boost the power to the engines, but we cannot make any promises. We need help from you medical team, we have injured people, burns and broken bones”
“Acknowledge Robin Hood, we are sending fighters to escort you in standby. Jessica, inform the Captain of the situation”
“Yes sir”
“Damn this is just our luck” said Parker as he observed the tactical screens, “we are spread out and we get a bloody transport in the bloody way”
“We can’t leave them David” said O’Hara, “send two fighters from the Black Bears David. We have to take them in and move them from further possible attacks”

* * *​

“Transport Robin Hood, we are sending two fighters to escort you in to our location” replied Commander O’Hara, “we will provide what assistance we can offer”
“Much thanks Hibernia” replied Jonas, “please come quick, we do not know how much longer we can survive another attack”
“Will do Robin Hood, we will be there as soon as possible”
Jonas turned around to Brutus who was grinning from ear to ear, “That was easy wasn’t it” said Brutus
“Indeed” replied Jonas now let the fun begins

* * *​

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!!” said Donovan as he slammed his fist on the desk, “Damn it no!” the Agent was monitoring the transmission when he picked up the distress call from the Robin Hood.
The Hibernia believe to be a transport under attack by pirate forces, but Donovan knew that it was a Mari-ad ship and it contain a contingent of their mercenaries attempting to take over the ship.
“Damn it!” growled the bartender as he got up and walked over to his bed and pulled out a large case underneath. Opening it he pulled out his chest-body armour, a side arm and components of rifle. Donovan quickly pieced the parts together to form a small gauss rifle. Heading back to his computer console, he tapped in a few key commands.
“I hope they get this in time” said Donovan as he turned to leave his room, “not much time”