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    Orion Launch Successful! (December 5, 2014)

    Here is my shot of the liftoff of the Delta 4 Heavy carrying Orion on its first test flight. Not exactly the best photo out there, but hey, I was 9 MILES away from the pad, so cut me some slack :) High-res version here. Vic.
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    Gorgeous Image Caps Big Week For Space Exploration (September 21, 2014)

    Cool photo! Here is my take. This was my first attempt at photographing a night launch. Not too shabby I think. Vic.
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    Striking Station Scene Sets Stage (September 2, 2014)

    Wow... amazing work. I recently started taking SolidWorks classes and realized how much work goes into making these kind of designs., so seeing things like this just blows my mind. Great work!
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    Mmm…. that looks familiar

    Yep, The Last Ship. There are a few variations of that image used in posters and other promotional materials. Vic.
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    Mmm…. that looks familiar

    Where have I seen something like this before… Ahh… right… :D Vic.
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    WingNut Wedding: Chris & Lacey Take Off! (June 30, 2014)

    Wow, what an amazing location for a wedding. Congratulations! Best of luck for the future.
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    WC Italian DVD on Amazon

    Hey guys, While surfing Amazon, I saw this: I know in the past the CIC discussed the cover art of the Italian DVD…...
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    Just Because... (May 10, 2014)

    And I thought callsigns couldn't get any worse than "Catscratch"
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    Total Lunar Eclipse - April 2014

    Hey Guys, Was anyone able to see the total lunar eclipse a few days ago? Here are some pics I took that night. Don’t ask me if I was able to show up for work on time the next day. Partial Lunar Eclipse Eclipsed Moon turns red...
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    Another WC inspired game

    Guys, I tried searching the forum for this, and apparently it hasn't been discussed before. There is a new space game under development, and its creator mentions WC as one of its inspirations. It looks like it's still in very early stages of development, but anyway, here is the website...
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    Gato Get George's New Album! (August 24, 2012)

    What an appropriate name for a band created by a former WC music composer. As you probably know, Gato 6 means Cat 6 in Spanish. Also the first song of the album is called Eye of the Cat, the second is called Cat Get it!, and the eight is called Cat's Claw. I can close my eyes and hear this...
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    Wing Commander II on G4TV Top 100 Games of All Time

    I agree that the list is awful. No Dune II? No SimCity? No Falcon 4? No Monkey Island? No Tomb Raider? No Need For Speed? No Fifa? But anyway, this being the repository of everything Wing Commander, I though it was worth posting. Regards, Vic.
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    Wing Commander II on G4TV Top 100 Games of All Time

    Fellow Wingnuts, I am not sure if someone already posted this. I did a quick search on the forum and couldn't find it, so apologies if this is a double post. As you probably now, G4TV aired a 4 part show with their list of the top 100 games of all time. Wing Commander II made the list as...
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    Discovery Blasts Off Into History (April 20, 2013)

    I saw Discovery departing on top of the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft from the Shuttle Landing Facility at Kennedy Space Center. Here's one of the pictures I took that day. I have a few more. I am traveling for work, so will post them as soon as I get back home. I am in New York for the week, so...
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    (Something Like)Trivia

    Hey LOAF, Sorry for the late response. I realized my question was not specific enough, giving plenty of room for interpretation. For example, I considered the F-22 as valid, but as you mentioned, that plane didn’t really existed when WC1 came out. From your list, I have two fighters...