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I tried searching the forum for this, and apparently it hasn't been discussed before. There is a new space game under development, and its creator mentions WC as one of its inspirations. It looks like it's still in very early stages of development, but anyway, here is the website.

And the interview with the creator.
"I’ve basically merged the best ideas from the games of the genre’s heyday (Elite, X-Wing Series, Wing Commander, and Freespace) with the detailed system integration and control from today’s hardcore flight simulators"

It looks like the game wants to compete with Star Citizen in its approach. I guess the success of the pledge campaign also served as inspiration...


Hello all,

In an effort to help spread the word about Rogue System I've been trying to keep up with forum threads that pop up and make myself available to answer any questions.

Although SC AND Elite both have similar features (and I discuss this in the mentioned article above) our target is to fill the niche void for the "hardcore / DCS" crowd with a very detailed representation of ship system integration and dependency. So there is room for us, I think. Sadly, while we wanted to reveal and Kickstart back in June, we just weren't ready yet. So now we have to go nose to nose with the big boys :)

Anyway, again, if you all have any questions feel free to ask. Although my time is exceptionally limited right now I'll do my best to pop in and answer as many as I can as long as the admins don't have any reservations with my doing so.

Thanks :)
Michael Juliano
Digits Crossed Interactive, LLC


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Ok probably an odd question but how will faster then light travel work? Jump points like in WC or will players be able to pick where the enter and leave FTL within systems?


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Hi guys, I recently completed concept art for Rogue System. I hope to do some more work on it in the future, as well.




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A bit too early to really judge the game, but any attempt at a new Space-Sim is welcome. And with Klavs in the art department i'm sure it won't look too shabby when it comes out.