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    Wing Commander RPG

    Hey guys and screenshots on this game?
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    ship editing?

    Can the WCPEDIT work with Standoff to edit ships or no? IS there any ship editor out there for standoff?
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    3dfx and prophecy..

    I remember back in the day with my Direct 3D. There were extra lines all over the place in my HUD. The OpenGL patch makes everything look very nice. I love the transparent HUD effects.
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    pre mapped key in WCP

    okay thanks man
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    pre mapped key in WCP

    My HOTAS joystick workd great with Prophecy but how do i take the default mapping of the keys out of wing commander prophecy, for some reason it detects my HAT on my thorttle control and the button on there, i want to use them for Afterburn ETC. Even If i assined it in xpadder, it still...
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    3dfx and prophecy..

    I don't know if I remember, but was there a way to get the glide effects to work on Wing Commander Prophecy? I tried searching 3dfx and glide but i am not finding much on the boards, unless i am searching wrong.
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    "Stiff Movement" in WCIV

    I always noticed that in Wing Commander the IV and III actually the flight movement seems VERY "stiff" I don't know how to explain it, but it feels like your ship is on a spring. Is there any way to improve this? Even Wing Commander 1 had a little better fluidity. Anyone understand what I...
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    XBox Engages Afterburners (April 25, 2010)

    You do realize that Wing Commander arena got scores around a 4.0, and this new game got a score around 6.5? How is Arena better? Not being a troll, but stating facts.
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    WC:CD Collateral Damage Update!!! 9-9-9

    That's what I call dedication to a project!
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    Wing Commander IV cockpit project?

    Yeah the lack of cockpit in WC4, made me feel I was flying a computer screen. It did not immerse me in the game at all.
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    Kilrathi Female Model WIP

    Six breasts, very impressive.
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    Savik's Accusation

    Another thing that I don't understand is why were they searching for a planet to detonate it on, while the whole time they could of detonated it in space?
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    Mission editor/creator...

    Yeah that's what I usually do it reverse engineer.
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    Mission editor/creator...

    Thanks for the help, I'll get back to you guys.
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    Mission editor/creator...

    I wish I could get a crash course in visual basic, since my programming experience is limited to Basic ~~~. However, what is the mission editor for Freespace 2, I am very interested. Also the MED editor where can I get it, I'll work at it until I can understand it.