ship editing?


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It does work, but it's a little finicky. I've explained this in private messages a couple of times, so I'll write a brief guide as I think others have tried this app before.

If I recall correctly you have to be cautious about the way you install and run WCPEdit where Standoff is concerned.

This is because the way WCPEdit works is to create folders in your game directory containing the data you modified, but it was designed for Secret Ops, which contains totally different weapon stats, ships, textures etc...when you attempt to install WCPEdit straight into Standoff, the moment you run it, it will create folders full of ship stats irrelevant to Standoff, that will actually corrupt your game.

You will need a program called TREMAN, and a basic understanding of how to use it.

- So, make a clean install of SECRET OPS, somewhere on your PC, but keep it totally separate from Standoff.
- Now, install WCPEdit into this new SO directory, and run it.
- Some new folders will appear in the game directory, something like SHIPS, MESH, MAT.
- DELETE these new folders.
- Go back your Standoff directory (Make a backup first)
- Use TREMAN to unzip the SHIPS and MESH files from Stan__e1.tre, do the same for Stan__e2.tre, all the way up to Stan__e5.tre
- Copy the new SHIPS and MESH files from Standoff over to your Secret Ops folder.
- Run WCPEdit, and all being well it will detect the Standoff ships.
- When you're done modifying, copy the SHIPS and MESH files back into the Standoff directory.

Finally, you need to tell Standoff to use the modified data within the files you just copied.

- Open the folder where Standoff is installed, and find the file called stan_1.cfg. Open it with NOTEPAD, by right
clicking and choosing 'open with.'

-Before the first line of text, insert a ; symbol. The first line will now read something like:

;install no_folders 0

...and you're done.

Please let us know how you get on, I'm doing this from memory from some 3 years ago. I had some fun with it at the time though:
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I am not the one who asked the question but thanks for the info. However, do you know where I can download TREMAN? I can find it mentioned all over the place but I can not seem to find a working download link for it.

Edit: I found a download for TREMAN.


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Cool, let us know if you run into any trouble. TREMAN is pretty easy to get the hang of. If you've never used it before just do a search in the forums as it's all been discussed before. Or of course post your questions here. :)


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I just found this post. It worked beautifully.
I switched the Stiletto for the Epee on the first mission and the Stiletto for the Wraith (I downgraded it) on the second. It's a whole new game.

I don't know why, the the guns ans missile names returned to the original names, but the sound and shape remained unchanged. The Particle Cannon displays Mass Driver in the cockpit. The Mass Driver displays Tachyon Gun.


Landing on the Lionheart after a successful mission.