"Stiff Movement" in WCIV


I always noticed that in Wing Commander the IV and III actually the flight movement seems VERY "stiff" I don't know how to explain it, but it feels like your ship is on a spring. Is there any way to improve this? Even Wing Commander 1 had a little better fluidity.

Anyone understand what I am talking about?


The "stiff" feeling is almost certainly down to precision issues, rotations snap to the next highest representable value, so either you rotate a little or not at all. If I'm right you could try setting up DOS box to run them at a slightly poorer framerate, then the size of the rotations being calculated per-frame would be slightly larger and you should it should be a rarer event that the controls fail to respond to your input along a given axis - but I haven't tried it, and sacrificing framerate isn't an ideal solution.


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There was also an intentional "stiffness" in the keyboard commands. Hitting the arrow keys would maneuver your ship slowly for precise flying, and you had to hold down shift to get full manueverability.