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    Privateer and windows me

    I cant get my boot disk to work for windows me, im using the same disk before i install windows me. When i tried to create the boot disk under windows me, it still does work. Does anyone else have any luck creating a boot disk for window me.
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    This is my first time playing Privateer, If any helpful hints, Please post it up
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    Need help with privateer!!!!

    ok know i got the sound and the mouse to work. By the way its a disk not a cd so its already on the hard drive. The way i got sound was double click on my computer, open C:drive, then opening dosboot. Then there was a wordpad name dosboot, and i open that, then it said to put a disk in and...
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    Need help with privateer!!!!

    alright i got the game to work, but without no sound or the mouse. plus i think i did a crappy job on the boot disk. config.sys dos=high,umb,noauto buffers=40 device=c:\windows\himem.sys/testmem ff device=C:\windows\emm386.exe ram files=25 Autoexec.bat @Echo off set...
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    Need help to make a boot disk for privateer

    I try to make one but it never worked. Help, please
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    Need help with privateer!!!!

    I try playing privateer after installing it but it didnt work. I also try make a boot disk but that didnt work either. Can anyone help me
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    Privateer on win 98

    When i went to an online store it say that privateer wont work on win 95 and win 98. Is this true, and if it is, is there a patch for it.
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    where can i get pivateer

    yeah if you can name a place where i can get pivateer, and other wc games that would be nice.
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    Cant find privateer anywhere

    whats the different between the cd or the 3.5 disk version of privateer. I know one is a disk and the other one is a cd. but is there a differance other than that.
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    Cant find privateer anywhere

    Thanks guys but I still short of a privateer game....
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    Cant find privateer anywhere

    Privateer was my first favorite computer game. At that time i was 10 I would always played this game at one of my parents friends house, I would have gotten a copy but I didnt have a computer at that time, know 8 years later I bought myself a computer, then looking back, I really want to get...