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    Favorite Cockpit

    Arrow and Raptor
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    Favorite Kilrathi Fighters

    Didn`t like the design of the wc2 kilrathi ships. The wc1 designs were much cooler, but wc2 was the better game. Of course. Dralthi Mk. I and II werde the coolest ships!
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    About the nerd thing: 6 Lasers? I thought 3 lasers and 3 Neutrons.
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    Least Favorite Carrier

    I didnt like the concordia class ( Lexington )
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    What was your first Wing Commander experience?

    WC 1 for SNES, followed by Armada and WC 2 on PC.
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    god is real and despises me!!

    Footage of that video was used in a german talkshow
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    If you had to fly a fighter from Wc2

    Sabre. The muscle-car of the wc2 fighters.
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    About the shield-strength stuff again: Perhaps its just a game thing, and the ships in the original fiction have other profiles. I have to keep this things seperate. I liked the bombing runs from WC2 very much.
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    Don't like single player WC Arena

    Ok, Star*Soldier is great. And with an adjusted point of view of mine, Arena is a fun WC spinoff.
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    LOAF Reviews Arena (Sort Of)

    Ok, I get it
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    Don't like single player WC Arena

    I apologize to these people. It may be hard but I give it a try. Is Perhaps easier then giving up smoking.
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    Don't like single player WC Arena

    Ok,LeHah, this sounds better than from Bandit LOAF. Like I said, I got a little carried away in my first post. I can arrange with many things. I thought that prophecy was a great game, even if many people said that its not. Nevertheless I am an idiot: I think its great that there is...
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    Don't like single player WC Arena

    I may be an idiot, but this is my opinion. I didnt want to insult anyone. The guys who made arena did a fine job in what they did. But I think that EA sits on so many great franchises they will never use again. Or not use them right. Perhaps there will be a "The sims: Crusader" next year. And...