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    EPISODE 3 Discussion

    I just saw it tonight. It was alright, wasn't as good as I thought all the hype made it out to be, but it was definently worth the money and then some. I'll see it again before it's out of the theaters. I was really dropping my jaw when I saw Order 66 carrying out, the whole theater (which...
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    EPISODE 3 Discussion

    I'm more of a lurker when I check this board, however.. to answer why Kenobi left Anakin to burn alive, rather than to just take him out of his misery.. I believe he let the will of the "force" decide his fate, however, no one is stupid. Kenobi probably did figure he was going to die. It really...
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    Voice acting.

    I sent you some samples that I did for a demo, you responded to me at
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    W3: The making of (High quality) download

    Hey guys, Can anyone direct me were to download the specific codec needed to play the video on this high quality; making of WC3? It always seems to fail when it tries to automatically download in Windows Media. Thanks.
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    Crusader website underway!

    I'm a fan. I've played No Remorse a lot on PC back in 96' and 97, and have played through the end, with cheats. :-) I also have No Remorse on playstation. Can't wait to see your guys page.
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    Check out this video it is pretty good

    If you like that, you should check out this flash video... It has a lot of langauge and violence in it though, but its extremely funny.
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    I Got It To Work!!!!

    Anyone know how to extract Crusader music? Or were to get it on MP3 format? I had it a few years back on a different computer. I got it off Napster or something, Kazaa is a no-go for searching for it. EDIT: After continous searching, I found the entire No Remorse soundtrack, email me if...
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    I Got It To Work!!!!

    Yesterday, I also used Dosbox to get my Crusader No Remorse to work after checking out this thread, I sucessfully installed and ran it, the opening videos were a little choppy, after continously adjusting the CPU cycle and frame skips still not perfect - OK, I can deal with that. I however...
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    Origin case mod update

    Looks really good.
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    Chronicles of Riddick

    I heard it was good, for a Vin Diesel movie.
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    Ft Ft Ft....

    Maybe they know what happened, whatever that may be and decided it's more fun for everyone to make assumptions to what they think could have happened? Highly unlikely though. On a sidenote, I had recently saw a new discovery channel show about the Bermuda triangle not too long ago, Im...
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    Best movie quote

    "Hey, slick, you see that shit comin out of their ears? They can't fucking hear you. Cool it!" - Tom Sizemore, Heat.
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    Ok, now I know, quality wise KS sucks...

    Indeed. The full glory of Origin, with the Wing Commander Saga and I also liked Crusader: No Remorse, never played No Regret. I personally think 94-97 were the best years for PC games. Other games as Rebel Assault and all the other Star Wars Flight Sims in that time period, Total...