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    Pick Your Favorite Sibling (October 1, 2005)

    Definetly Strike Commander. Nothing more satisfying than dropping a pair of 500's on a gun emplacement. Challenging too.
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    Conquest Of Origin article in 'the Escapist'

    I got that, but it seemed to me like a lot of fancy language to say that they really didn't do much of anything. Funny, btw
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    Conquest Of Origin article in 'the Escapist'

    My question is what does PNR actually do? I went to the website curious, and left curious.
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    A quick question

    Where do I get the price for ships? It seems to me that the orion used to cost 75k. I have 90 and the salesman tells me I need more. L
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    The real effects of a thermonuclear weapon

    The reason thermo nukes produce so much radiation is, as someone mentioned before, they are multistage. First, a "standard" fission reaction must occur to produce the energy required for fusion. What causes the most radiation though, is that designers throw in a 3rd stage. They suround the...
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    New WC Games

    I'll agree. I disliked the movie greatly for reasons I wont get into. Steaming feces indeed.
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    What would YOU buy?

    well, I think I'd pick me up a ferret. sure it's small, but you can cause a lot of damage with 500 kps and dual mass drivers. Plus, it just looks cool
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    Fleet Action -> Kilrathi dreadnoughts

    I was under the impression from reading the WC2 manual that the concordia was classed as a dreadnought.
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    SO Fiction

    wtf is that?
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    SO Fiction

    Yes, I realize this, but it just ain't the same w/o him, and he did say that he'd like to revisting WC, so, I am eternally hopeful for another "hit".
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    SO Fiction

    Thanks all, I have what I need. No more endless seconds waiting for the page to load. now all I need is for Chris roberts to make some more WC cause I just burned through SO and I need more..........
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    SO Fiction

    I have recently purchased Wing Commander Prophecy Gold! (yay me). It told me to read the fiction on the SO site. I have doen this, but this is a pain in the ass. Is there any source I can find a compilation of all the secret ops fiction? Thanks [Edited by TC on 05-10-2001 at 23:27]
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    X Beyond the frontier inspired poll.....

    Wolves are significanly smarter. To muddy the waters further, I'll state that an intelligent species MUST be K selected rather than an R selected population ------------------ Pretend to be a pig in order to eat the tiger.
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    X Beyond the frontier inspired poll.....

    they aren't bright because prey animals aren't that bright. ------------------ Pretend to be a pig in order to eat the tiger.