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    Let's discuss tactics...

    That's true, the losing path for Ep.3 is quite well designed, but getting there requires you to fail a moderate to hard mission and then succeed an even harder mission (although is was nice to see
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    WC4 vs StarWars

    Hehe, one of the few moment that make me glad that I'm a German. So hilarious!
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    Weapon firing rate patch?

    Hello everyone, One of my greatest gripes with WCP/WCSO was the fact that multiple guns increased the refire delay, and IMO the refire fix for Standoff that makes multiple guns act like previous WC Games is one of the mod's best features. I'm just asking if it would in theory be possible to...
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    Let's discuss tactics...

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to tell you I'm still alive and that I've just beaten the Snakeir Mission with the Rapier. It was a run on ace difficulty, and I got really lucky killing kitties here and there. It was a lot more fun than all my Gladius runs on that mission. The Gladii got shot down...
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    Don´t you hate Maniac...

    Hell, one of the main reason I didn't play WC4 much are those overpowered missiles. I wounder if there's a fix around that gives them reasonable (!= ultra cheap instakill) power.
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    Don´t you hate Maniac...

    Considering that the opposing forces consisted of a bunch of lousy Morays. Any-hoo, I chose to avoid Maniac for one reason: " WC4, flying patrol Maniac: I don't care about your orders, I'll just Break and Attack anything I like. *15 seconds later* Maniac: Oh noez! A laser grazed my...
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    Wing Commander Prophecy: Crash in Mission 27 (Plasma Gun Defense)

    Weird... maybe the Midway took too much damage in the previous mission. Have you tried flying the mission before and making sure the Midway doesn't take damage? (particularly the plasma gun)
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    Funniest Duck Dodgers episode ever

    Hi everyone, I just found this surfing thru forums and thought you might enjoy this. I found the defense against the martian invasion of easy-listening music most hilarious. Check it out here Greetings, LP
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    The WC3 'Heart Of The Tiger' Movie Project

    Haven't heard from that project in a while, I hope it gets finished, 'cuz I really liked those demo videos. Not exactly a guide for ideal solution, but it's made to look spectacular, which it sure is.
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    Man of Vision: Multiplayer Added to Prophecy (March 5, 2006)

    I wounder why nobody had such an excellent idea before? This sounds awesome, HCl!
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    The Little things that bug me.

    I start to fear that the Crossbow will be useless once Sabres are available. Sure, the Crossbow has thick shields and armor, but that won't protect it from turret fire in the long run, while the Sabre's afterburners will. Sabres can quickly reach their target, fire and get away, and both have...
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    Episode 4

    I probably said so already, but rushing killed too games with good pontential already. Leave the crew time, the world won't break apart because of a late release. Besides, the simulator is more than enough busy-work, IMO. Have you tried the alternative episode 3, by the way? To get it, don't...
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    Whats your favorite fighter and capship

    Here we go... for the 1000000th time: Fighter: Rapier II Capship: Ralatha (just for the one in WC2 that fires anti-matter guns at your Broadsword... that WAS one hell of an experience)
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    Dungeons And Dragons Online

    I'm sure some D&D elements will definately be not included, for example: -the spell memorizing rules: 4 spells (6 for a sorcerer) plus bonus is fine for P&P, but certainly not enough for an MMOG. ->If there's no memorizing, what's the point of the sorcerer, who sacrifices flexibility for extra...
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    New Standoff Scoreboards Rank Wingnuts Globally (January 8, 2006)

    Two reasons mainly: nightmare difficulty (gives you 50 base score per kill) and quick kills (especially streaks of those: (100 for first QK, 150 for second, 200 for third in a row etc.)