Weapon firing rate patch?

Lazy Panda

Hello everyone,

One of my greatest gripes with WCP/WCSO was the fact that multiple guns increased the refire delay, and IMO the refire fix for Standoff that makes multiple guns act like previous WC Games is one of the mod's best features. I'm just asking if it would in theory be possible to make such a patch for vanilla SO?


Unknown Enemy
Certainly, any patch applied to Standoff can also be applied to Secret Ops, it's just a matter of a programmer producing an appropriate DLL file and using an EXE modified to read that DLL file.

However, bear in mind that such changes would spoil the game's balance - a change this big would affect the difficulty of all the missions, possibly even creating new bugs in places where the game throws new waves at the player at timed intervals. We actually encountered a bit of this in Standoff, too, since the patch was added after episode one. Fortunately it wasn't really bad enough to require us to make any changes to episode one, but it can still be noticeable at times - for example, in the second mission, where you fight pirates at the jump point, the waves of enemy fighters were timed in such a way that it was virtually impossible to run out of enemies before the appearance of the last wave (unless you cheated, of course). After the patch was added, it became possible to die more easily - but it also became possible to gun the enemy ships down at a much faster rate, so that you could actually kill each wave before the appearance of the next, creating ugly breaks in the battle.