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    Star Trek: Nemesis' lackluster box office :(

    I find it sad that the Star Trek franchise is slowly dying. I love it to no end, and will for a long time... but without a breath of fresh air (and sorry to complain, but Berman at the reigns) ST will just slowly fade. They need to bring back some of the more successful directors/writers of...
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    Favorite all time movie

    As far as the Star Trek discussion goes... Picard is by far my favorite captain. True, he's no Kirk when it comes to the ladies, but he is a jack of all trades. Whether it's archeology, war, diplomacy, or investigation... Picard is the captain of choice. I do feel that Picard's crew...
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    Favorite all time movie

    I'll need a list too... A Clockwork Orange - A young Malcom Mcdowel. The movie is disturbing, intriguing, detailed, and very very well done with an excellent ending. Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan - A great villian and storyline with a tear-jerker ending Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered...
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    Worst movie, ever.

    A Clockwork Orange is an amazing movie. It puts you into the mind of a troubled young man, and even though he's horrible, Kubrick makes you feel for him and his problems. The storyline is complex, the music is amazing (Beethovan, The William Tell Overture) and the movie makes you associate...
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    PNR Films' Website is Credible

    Oh, okay then. I must of skipped over that. Thanks. Sorry to bother ya with reiterated information.
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    PNR Films' Website is Credible

    There was a thread questioning whether the pnrfilms website was real or not. Sense it has not been updated and no on has heard back from emails. I just thought, why not check the website at network solutions. It gives you all the information you would need about who owns it. I did so, and...
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    Star Trek Nemesis Enemy Ship... Simular to Fralthi from WC2?

    As a disclaimer, I am not claiming an exact rip off to any extent. I love Star Trek to no end. From the Star Trek: Nemesis previews I thought the enemy ship, the Scimitar, looked simular to the Fraltha design from WC2. Now they released a very detailed picture of it squaring off against the...
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    WC Universe's Controversial Plot Holes, Discrepacies, Continuity Problems, etc

    Maniac may have been around 50 years old, but Paladin and Iceman are good examples of odler pilots. Blair could still fly in WCP, and so could Maniac.
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    Hell fuckin' yeah!

    Thanks, I found the news clip. I'm elated to hear such news, I hope it works. Problem is I don't have cable/satelite, so that's most likely where the show will be. I have some friends who won't mind letting me check it out though :D I just hope they get rid of the WW2 style Rapiers, other...
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    Hell fuckin' yeah!

    Where does it say that they are making a show at the website? BTW, it's about time :D
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    WC too glossy like Star Trek?

    I personally think Star Trek X will be excellent. I love the Romulans, I like evil villians, I want to see the Enterprise E deploy that Quantom Torpedo turret, I love Guinan, and I just really want another good movie with the Next Generation crew. Q: How will the writers adress Janeway...
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    Should I buy Prophecy Gold if I already finished Prophecy?

    Hey if you got the money, it's worth it. There are more Confed Captital Ships, although some of the patrols do get boring at times. Plunkett Class Crusier. Murphey Class Destroyer. Wonderful ships, especially the Crusier. It's a true war machine. The Murphey is just there to take torpedoes :)
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    from Wc2 to Wc3

    When they released WC3, computers were more powerful and they just wanted to change the look ;)
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    If there was another 2nd WC movie/film....

    I have an online friend (who I have rambled about WC to many times) who expressed a small interest in experimenting with space shots. He has TrueSpace. Although, he is a big Star Wars fan ;)
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    This is silly - windscreen wipers

    In Star Trek the main deflector plays a much more important role in deflecting debris while at warp speeds too. In WC, no ships go even near the speed of light except for during jumps when they drasticly exceed it, but jumping is limited :)