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    WC Prophecy: Win8.1 Movie Pack Files Have Audio without Video

    The K-Lite pack seems to have helped to a degree, although the videos are now squished vertically and black boxed in excess of the current boxing on the top and bottom. Is there a recommended codec pack and configuration for use with these files?
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    WC Prophecy: Win8.1 Movie Pack Files Have Audio without Video

    I've been scouring these forums and related wikis in an attempt to determine how to diagnose this problem, but failing that have had to resort to asking this question. I have installed, in order, the version of Prophecy, copied HCl's enhancement pack (without running install.exe), and...
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    The Darkest Dawn is Cleared for Launch

    I don't think it's possible to properly thank you or the rest of the team for the gargantuan undertaking it took to bring this game to release. The end product is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive fan-authored products I've ever encountered.
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    Mark Dacascos Sighting of the Day

    We did actually. He seemed quite astonished that this was the particular role from which I remembered him. He asked how many times I'd gotten Catscratch killed. I told him I hadn't because I hadn't the heart to disappoint Sosa. Of course, this leaves out the fact that I did load a save and...
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    Mark Dacascos Sighting of the Day

    I wish I had the good common sense to use the camera phone I purchased not long ago, but those of you who remember Wing Commander IV will recall Mark Dacascos' role as 2nd Lt. Troy "Catscratch" Carter. I work a rental counter for Avis Rent-a-Car and Dcascos was in the Lafayette, LA area to work...
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    WCIV Missile Spam

    That was just plain cruel. I finally beat the mission... several dings in the glass on my Dragon, Hawk's scan looks like he works for McDonald's, and the Intrepid is reporting situation critical... And I get a blue screen of death. Fate is a bastard.
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    Music of Origin Systems

    WCIV victory sequence. All time favorite. Much <3 for George Oldziey.
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    WCIV Missile Spam

    The aces always have the habit of shooting missiles no matter where I'm at, so I'm used to poking them in the eye first. I've also already been in the habit of putting Primate (eh, his stats always look so nice so I guess I'm a sucker) on Longbow cleanup duty. That much I've gotten down. I...
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    WCIV Missile Spam

    So... I'm playing through Wing Commander IV for the millionth time because it's easily accessible via Windows still and I love the game quite so much. I'm getting a little flustered at this point and I'm wondering if anyone else ever noticed this. The particular mission, in this case, is the...
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    WC:CD "Dreadnought" Name Vote!!

    Beautiful ship.
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    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Movie

    Yes, its' been ages since I've posted here, but this is one of the few places I figured maybe I could share my excitement. I've always been in love with Douglas Adams' H2G2 books, and now that the first is coming to theaters on May 6, I thought I should pass it along so everyone has the heads...
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    Voice acting.

    Eh that's the one. Couldn't remember the name for squat and was too busy to bother looking it up. I would be the previously infamous (few years back when I started a real fest over my post count) Lance "Antix" Thibodeaux... credited in the opening scenes for no apparent reason, not that I...
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    Voice acting.

    Well, I was thrown in to cover a bit on the ending sequence of UE. I know how to act, have been in two professionally produced musicals (how exceedingly queer of me) and I've done voice mod work before. PLEASE don't make me do another ridiculous accent if you decide to use me. If you need...
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    Wing Commander Games and Windows XP - A Summary

    I couldn't get through to the link you gave, so I found the program on sourceforge and it had a packaged installer. It's been mirrored here for anyone who wishes to download it. Personally, I'm still working on how to use it... optimizing the CPU usage and whatnot to try to beg the movies...
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    The Word Game

    Nicholas [Copola] Cage... (synonymous with bad acting) :rolleyes: