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This probably is a topic that's been here many times before, but I was just curious which WC game was the first you played? I'm an old timer who grew up with computer games like PillBox on the TRS-80, Zork and Summer Games on the C-64, and have enough computers to start a museum. Therefore, my first Wing Commander game was, of course, the orignal game. Still think it had the best documentation of any of the games, particularly the large drafting style schematics of the fighters you would be flying, which I still have somewhere around the house.

How about the rest of you?
Wing Commander 4 for the PlayStation. I rented it 'cause Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker himself) was on the cover. Since then, I've been hooked.

And it's been a damn good three years of WC for me, and more to come, I hope...

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My first was WC-II with the two SpecialOps packs... it came with my first CD-ROM kit. Took me weeks to finish. Loved the ending of SO2, Jazz blowing to hell. That made my WC experience really complete.
Never could blow up the Concordia though... even with the Mace nuke.

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WCP for me. Loved fighting the bugs. I went to Wal-Mart to buy DFS. I had like 60 bucks with me. I'd played the DFS demo, and loved it, but wasn't really thrilled with parting from 50 bucks. So I looked around for a minute and found WCP. Looked at it, looked at DFS some more, look at the $20 price tag on WCP, and bought it about 10 seconds later. Hooked since. Got WCIV, and was surprised by the difference, but loved it. Got WCIII, and from what little I played it, loved it as well. Got WCII and Armada, but can't play them, bad DOS drivers.

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It was WC2 for me in 1994. I've just graduated from University and worked near it. I've visited my old faculty and on my former comp, I've founded WC2. It was so-o cool and I've to run at top speed at my new work and bring a few FD for copy that game...
Four times I've repeated that run and finally I've got my first WC.
And since that I was completely hooked in WC Universe. And WC2 stands the best game for me from whole WC serie.

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My first WC was WC1 as a part of a WC1/Ultima6 deluxe CD. I'm still trying to figure out how I managed playing it without a joystick.


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Well, I have had a computer in the house since age 7. That was in 1985 when there were still only XTs with green monitors... Ah, those were the days.

So by the time WC1 came out in 1990, I was a well experienced gamer, and of course it was the first one I played. Never finished it, though, until about a year and a half ago, when a friend loaned me his Kilrathi Saga.

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1. Then Armada. Then 2, 3, 4, Prophecy, and SO... With Privateer in there somewhere.

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Sometimes I feel that WC2 had the best story and length for a WC-game. There were so many cool missions, the Concordia was cool, there was even a love story, and one didn't really expect Jazz to be a traitor... even Stingray was cool. What happened to Stingray after WC2? (was he called Stingray or something else... I haven't played in a while). I enjoyed vaping Jazz measly ass.

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Yeah, I've still got the 5 1/4 floppies from the first game. I think I lent someone my WC2 disks and I've never gotten them back. I can't find the WC2 docs either. WC2 was cool because you could by the speech pack and get to hear Tolwyn yell at you. I did manage to track down a copy of KS and just finished it a couple months back. In some ways the orignal game is my favorite, there were more branches to the story and it had my favortie fighter, the Raptor. Of course you had to be pretty crappy to get to some of them. The only gripe I had with WC1 was how quickly you moved through the ranks. But at that point they had no idea they would have a series of games, so I can't be too critical. Priv 1 may be my all time favorite though, mostly because of the openess of the game. I just wish the AI was more of a challenge.
The 1st one I played was priv2, wich I didn't know was part of the WC universe, wich I borowed from a friend. About a year later I got WC4 classics edition. The exams were over, vacation started, I had money and I had to spend it. Lucky me I took WC4 over Full Throttle (thanks to Mark Hamill/M.M box)
three 18 hour days later I knew I'd be hooked on this series forever. Now only to get that damn Armada...

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a friend of mine bought a PlayStation and he got WCIII whit it (along whit a fuw other games) we popped in the disc turned it on and where blown away by this cool FMV intro, and what the hey! that was Mark hamill standing next to john ryes davies right there on vespus!! we walked around on the ship for a while, but then it was time to fly. we maniged to take off, even found the auto pilot (PSX controls, who know what i'm talking about?
the first mission tooks us about a whole hour. while my friend whas flying, i had the brillian idea to take a look at the manual!

soon we where able to autopilot, take off, land, USE COMMS!!, and select weapons
ah yes i remmeber my first pass around the Victory...and those cruisers! since then i've always wanted to command one of those!

i now have all the games, cept armada...
i've bought the games in this order, WCIV, WCIII, WCII, WCV, WCKS, P1 and P2, (SO downloads) WCAcademy...

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My first one was Prophecy, soon to be followed by Prophecy Gold. I was relatively new to computers, and I was still learning English, so I had a tough time playing the thing. I remember the day I bought it like if it was yesterday. It was a dark, rainy day. I went to a comp store to pick up some cool games for my new comp, and the thing I wanted was a flight sim. I saw only one, so I looked at the box, and it looked interesting. I picked it up only to return in the next day. The game was so crappy I don't even remember the title. Anyhow, the store wouldn't give me any money since the game was opened, but they allowed me to chose from the other games. I looked through some, and the Prophecy box was the most interesting of them all. So, I picked Prophecy and later that day I was blowing stuff up. Unfortunately I couldn't even get past the first mission (reading the manual probably would have helped
). Anyhow, I tried it couple more times, but couldn't enjoy it. Then the summer came, I was free from the evil confines of my school and tried Prophecy again. This time I read the manual, and actually knew what the hell the people in this game were talking about. I was immediately hooked. The game looked great, had a great story, and incredible gameplay. I even found it hard on the Rookie level.
. To make a short story long (or was that the other way around) I got on the net in school few months later and found out about Prophecy Gold, needles to say I already had it the next day. Than I got on the net at home, and found AGWC, and there someone willing to sell me KS and WC4. I bought them for $80, and I can honestly say it was the best $80 I ever spent. Than I found a store with the original Priv late in '99, and than really late in '99 I finally ordered P2Deluxe from EA. P2 arrived on the Christmas day
, and it was installed on the second. And now P2 is one of my favorites in the series.
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Mine was WC1: One day, my brother brought home with him WC from a friend, and started playing. I was extremely intrested in the game, watching my brother play, asking him to teach me how. After a few *kind* words, I went to sleep, without getting my hands on the computer

The day after that, my brother was in a better mood (or maybe he felt bad for beating my up
) so he gave me a *ride* inside the buttiful Hornet. I played the game for some time, but then came that horrible day, in which my brother returned the game to his friend and played it over there (where he doesn't need to face me

A long time have passed (long enough for me to forget WC), and my brother asked me to buy him a game if I happen to see it named Wing Commander 2. I vagly remembered the name, and indeed bought the game for him (still have that copy
). Again I watched him as he fought against the furrballs, and again I fell in love with the game. This time, I waited for him to finish the game several time before I've started, so I had the computer all to myself. Later followed SO & SO2 which my brother found somewhere (still got the original SO2
) and the speech pack. Then came priv (that was the only time I played it, I should get myself the CD version
), and Acadamy (Acadamy I've lost, still got the original Priv
). RF & Armada, WC3, WC4, Priv 2, KS, WCP, WCPG, WCM DVD

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Earthworm, where are you from? Your learning English comment inspired the question. Especially since yours, from what I've read so far, is very good. I'm from the States born and raised in Columbus, Ohio but moved to Washnigton DC almost two years ago. I work for an insidious marketing agency as a network engineer.

Back to the games, I'm looking forward to playing Secret Ops, I've had it for a while but haven't had a machine that would really run it well. I love my wife but I hate her student loan. Oh well, I can play it now, I should just shut up and be happy.
Hm...SO was the first one I really played. I remember avoiding WC because of the bad experiance I had with a WC1 SNES ROM. I thought it sucked. That was in 1997. I can remember reading some PC mag, and it had two things in it - a preview of XvT and a small blurb on KS.

I bought XvT. Kicking myself for that even now.

My old 486 had a copy of WC1 floating around on the HD, but it ran way too fast. Never bothered to get MoSlo until...

I tried the WCP demo last year. Around this time last year. The demo was hard, harder then the full game. I immedalty found a place ot get SO, and bought a copy of WC3 off of eBay. My SO savegame got all mangled from changing winning/losing patsh a lot, so I started on Wc3.

WC3 was the first WC game I & 2..Wc1 first, I think. Can't quite remember. I even beat Kurwasawa 2.

WC4 came a little later. Also a used copy off of eBay.

Then WCP, just beat that not too long ago - my PC crashed TWICE and I lost my save each time.

All in all, WC3 was the best overall, Wc1 had the best gameplay, WCP looked the nicest, and WC4 had the best FMV.

So, in under a year, I went from not knowing WC existed to having beaten all but the add-ons, SO, and the Priv games.
Wing Commander 3 Was my first and then I was hooked and gott all of them but I still think Wing Commander 3 is the best.

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I started with the original Wing Commander in 1990 -- after my dad read about it in Jerry Pournelle's Byte column.

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