Wing Commander should be called Two Fighter Commander

Well it boils down to WC's way, or FS's way. Yeah, Freespace is cool. Look at me, I'm Alpha 1. Over there is my best friend Delta 4.

You really don't give a shit when they die, as opposed to when slightly more real people bite the dust in WC.
Call me a cold hearted bastard (dont actually) but it usually didnt bother me when any of those pilots in SO died. Just nameless Excaliburs and Thunderbolts and Tigersharks.
Don't feel bad, Supdon. In SO I like to switch on invulnerable and get myself into furballs just to watch those nameless Excaliburs and Thunderbolts (and the rest of my flight for matter) die. I am a true heartless bastard 'cause my dad screwed me up good.
My father is Dr. Vuong of Creedmore Mental Hospital in NY. He likes to talk and theorize and that's what screwed me up good.
You know, I find myself in the uncomfortable postition of actually agreeing with Chip, at least in part. I've always kinda hoped for an Armada-meets-Battlezone type game where you can command whole battlefleets from the comfort of your cockpit. Whenever I played Homeworld, I secretly wished I could be in the cockpit of one of those fighters. But that's just me.

As for why it's called Wing Commander, Element Commander didn't really sound all that hot...;)
Bob McDob you know that you can be in the cockpit of any ship in WC it is called pilot view. Make a shortcut to your HW.exe file then rightclick on it, hit properties, go to the command line and add /pilotview. Then begin playing HW and focus in on any craft and hit Q and you will get pilotview.

Also the primary reason why WC couldn't allow for so many fighters onscreen is because of the strains it would put on your system. HW uses quite low poly ships (not a single one is above 1000, most mods consider 1500 an absolute maximum for capships and under 300 necessary for fighters hw fighters were around 200 or less) so it can handle more ships especially since most of the time one is looking on from a far distance so the higher LODS (level of detail) can be used (meaning that there are lower polys on screen in HW there are 5 lods and each decreases incrimentally so that by LOD4, the lowest detail lod, most ships are down to 100 polys or less) and since LOD3-4 are what one most often sees the number of polys for each ship is quite small. Also you must realize that HW is a more modern game and is designed for higher power machines so it can allow for higher poly numbers on screen at any given time.

Now chip no offence or anything but you really make these posts just to piss people off and make arguments, you show up post something inflamatory and stupid and then watch as everyone calls you a moron. Now true I would love to fly in like the BoT and have thousands of fighters but that would also be almost impossible to control and to see what was happening, it would be pure madness. but you really should just not say things that you know are going to piss people off
Actually this mode places you slightly above the centerpoint of the ship model, not in the cockpit. But it suffices.
Perhaps a simple strategy game could be made

What if Origins could make a simpler WC strategy game. One that included just a few polygons for each ship. Like a triangle could represent a light fighter, a triangle with two circles in the aft could represent a medium fighter, a triangle with four circles in the aft could represent a heavy fighter, a triangle with two squares in the aft could represent a light bomber, a capship could be a simple rectangle, etc.
well then that would be like HW:C's sensor view and nobody would buy it (except us fans of course) because it's graphics are mid 1980's style
Re: Perhaps a simple strategy game could be made

Originally posted by Chip
What if Origins
Read carefully:
Just as long as you don't go near Brock Peters. I swear, that man screams like a person who was just let out of a sensory deprevation tank.
Re: Perhaps a simple strategy game could be made

They already have. It's called Armada. :)

Mind you, I'd like to see a game like that as much as anyone, but I frankly can't see it happening anytime soon. Actually, I can't see any new WC games happening anytime soon, but that's just me.

Besides, if that frustrates you so much, go play Fleet Action\Invasion. :)