Wing Commander model

Dave Plunkett said:
Cool, tell me when they come out with a Plunkett Class, I’ll get one.

From an email after sending him one of the images. Although, I'd think a Plunkett might be awfully fragile.
Thank you

Thank you for everybody.

Forming by CAD ended.

I will send out application already one by one.

Your advice helped me.

Moreover, I think that it makes something in another shape.

Please advise again at that time.

Thank you.
Sorry for the necro post but I cant get your email.

Do you still sell these models?
and do you have any designs not on this site for WC?

kiyara doesn't seem to update his website anymore, but he has an active blog.

If you're serious about contacting him, though, you may want to at least use a machine translator - he took the effort to use one here, and I'm not sure how he'd respond to a random English email.
I was able to contact him and he replied.
Asking him if he was willing to sell some minis or even better the meshes I did not get any reply.

I did take your advice and used a translator but apparently he is not interested.


If anyone has good connections with him I would apreciate your help. Cheers