Wing Commander model


Hello everybody。

The image before has disappeared because it tried to make the homepage newly.

It apologizes to you.

A new ship completed.

It introduces part in the image.



Yeah, neat. How big are they? I see you call that one ship a Kamekh.. it actually looks more like the Shiraak from Armada. The proportions on that Exeter also seem slightly off, but the rest look fantastic.

Thank you.

This is more fragile than the resin.
It is likely not to disintegrate if it treats usually.


I'm sorry.
It was wrong.
Thank you for pointing it out.

Tiger Claws is 15cm.
Doreiman is 4cm.
Wow they look great!

Especially interested in the Ranger class ship, are you planning to make these available for sale?
Thank you for the impression.

When the drawing is seen, the prow is too large.
Therefore, the stern seems to look short.

When being produce it next time, it corrects it.
A new forming was completed.


It is a ship of the earth.


Do it look like?

It is enemy's ship.




It is breakable because there are a lot of thin ships.

The ship of the movie also completed.


Please let me hear the impression.
That is so neat!

They look delicate, are they fragile?

I already have his Bengal model and it is indeed awesome, though it does seem rather delicate in your hands. They're made of an interesting resin material that actually feels like something in between plastic and soap. In person, they're a bit rough and definitely need a light sanding - which is quickly done to the soft material. Overall, I'm very impressed and just sent Kiyara a PM asking about buying a few more.
The way I figure it, if I've got to eat kibble for a couple weeks to have a set of kickass Wing Commander models, then so be it. A man's got to have his priorities in life.
Thank you

Thank you Mr McGruff.

Your criticism is glad.

Always thank you.

The next three ships disappeared though it was regrettable.

Ranger carrier(WCT-004 )

Fralthi(WCK-001 )


The order is taken.
The next three ships disappeared though it was regrettable.

I don't regret it a bit ;) .

My fleet arived today from Japan:D. Awesome work!, though it seems that the Confed forces shot my Fralthi to pieces along the way. Some time in drydock and a little super glue, and he'll be as good as new.

That, and the Confederation class carrier is missing it's big gun!!!:( Maybe it was removed during the last refit for safety reasons? Or more likely it's just hard to find a picture of the underside of the ship showing the cannon. Beautiful ship nonetheless.

Thanks Kiyara!
Dang, I'd love to have actual models of some of the ships I designed and built - I could even provide the actual meshes for them...very cool stuff!