Wing Commander 4 DOS Linux : Failed loading MUSIC.TRE file

Hello guys, I have this problem with wing commander 4 (DOS, Linux): when I tried to launch the first mission of Masa system the screen went black and tried to load a MUSIC.TRE file. When the loading bar reached 99% the game crashed. After more useless attempts, the game now crashes before starting the loading of MUSIC.TRE. I found the solution on GOG ( but all the links for download the not corrupted file are dead, so idk what to do
I'm guessing that you're running in DOSBox and you only have that one copy? I don't suppose you have a Windows system you can try to verify that it isn't a problem specific to DOSBox on Linux? I probably can't assist in that case, I last played WC4 via Wine.
Yesterday I've resolved the problem: I just copied and overwrited the D2.MUSIC.TRE file from the CD version of Wing Commander IV to the DOS version (both taken from GOG). It seems that some files of the GOG version are corrupted
If you have the WC4 DOS version, apply the Windows 95 patch and run it in WINE. It's platinum rated on the latest 8.11 WINE version. DVD edition sadly has some major issues with the cutscenes. I'll need to do a deep dive on it with the WINE team at some point.