Wing Commander 4.123106

8 Interceptors... 12 Carriers... to watch 96 Interceptors launch almost simultaneously is amazing... especially because their target disappears within moments.
what did you get when you put two templers together.

I like the bio-claok of the dark templers.

is there a movie with maj. kerrigan nude. :D
2 Templars together equal one unstopable ground unit. 2 dark templars together = unlimited units. Protoss are by far the best of the three especially with carriers and DTs
Hmm, I was never that keen on Archons. For one thing, I never built all that many High Templars. Then, when I had Dark Templars, it always seemed like such a waste :(. Eventually, however, I got to the Zerg campaign in Brood War, and the Protoss gave me a little demonstration of the benefits of Dark Archons... ;)