Wing Commander 4.123106

Ronin Fox

Has anyone else read this? The only link to it that I have seems to be dead, though..... It's a very entertaining parody of WC4, and pokes fun at EVERYBODY there. Sosa, Pliers, Tolwyn... no one is spared! Is there anyone else who's read it, and if so, do you know any other links to it? I'd like to read it again, just to laugh at all those Star Wars and Luke Skywalker references (in the opening scene, Blair has a lightsaber!).

Oboy!!! The link!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! Mwahahahahaaaaaa! Time to revisit Hulk, Panties, Theether and everybody's favorite....... Rubberducky! I'm off! (and yes, I am quite new around here... I've only been registered a few days)
Yah, but...

Sure, it's WAY long, but it's one heckuva fun trip! Especially that bar brawl with the lightsaber-wielding Blair, and the final showdown with "Juliuth Thee Theether, The Thecond"!
sorry, that was about 10h to read it

either that guy has no life or he is really a wingnut

i wonder how many words...silent warrior - can u see how many words?

and has ur adapted Word version fixed up all the errors, such as the words that have run in together (minus Soso's)?

and my sister was telling to print it out instead of hogging the computer hahahaha


i actually thought the "Soso was more like no-no" was a good line

the ending was some what pretty good, although did all the infected look exactly a like in the end? and remember that PAL is pretty short, though...and I don't think the REAL bio scientist was that good in Wc4

I thought that blair was going to send zelda down there for a while or soemthing...or maybe Soso could become Yes-Yes! :)
Yeah, I liked all those Luke Skywalker references, but I especially enjoyed Maniac's "Make like a tree and get out of here!" quote. From Biff in 'Back to the Future' (same actor).
It is well worth taking the time to read. I've been trying to catch one of my school's laserjets with a fresh toner and a full tray of paper so i can get a hard copy of it :)
Actually, IIRC, I believe I had it saved in a Word doc before I reformated, and I printed like the first 6 pages. Never did print the rest.
What about.....

For me, the funniest part was Blair's final showdown with Theether: (mild spoiler)

"Don't make me laugh, THEETHER. I don't need angels to beat a defective lab specimen. THEETHER!"

"Not 'Theether'! 'THEETHER!' Juliuth Thee Theether! The Thecond!"

"Er, what does the 'C' stand for? Caius?"


That is a helluvalot of characters, and I remember reading that it was 200 some odd typed pages, that is above and beyond the call of duty for the guy who wrote it, he must have been very very dedicated to WC
I remember the Star Wars references: "No! I'm not!" but where did Todd :) say the "Make like a tree..." bit?

I keep the story in an individual file for each chapter. Less strain on the memory and all that.
how about starcraft meets WC, that brings zergs to kill en protoss to rally (or kill)

my live for ayur :-D
no offence but i think its aiur, not ayur. protoss were always crap though. the name says it all they should be sat in front of playboy, a bit like maniac in wc4.123106. thank god the author doesnt go into detail about that. the bit about excell was cool though hehehe...