What's the most powerful Confed cap ship?

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Midway with the stolen plasma gun, if it could fire a second time.
The Concordia was amazing... I loved watching it fry those Kilrathi Fraltha (sp?). The cannon was real cool.
The Victory was pretty good, all those nice laser cannons could make a nice display.

Whatever happened to the old Phase Transit technology, and the anti-matter guns they used to put on the ol' Dreadnought class? I'd imagine those weapons would make confed pretty kickass. :D
Midway is a nice ship but I haven't seen the Behemoth in battle so I can't really say anything about that
AMGs are still around -- they're the 'yellow' guns on WC3 and 4 ships. Production of PTCs was halted in 2665 because they tended to overheat and explode.

Behemoth wasn't a conventional warship -- she was a giant space-gun, and thus the most powerful ship:)
Well, they can certainly use them now. If overheating was the only problem, they could do something with the recharge time. As I recall, confed PTC's were built to charge and fire twice as fast as the original Kilrathi version. I assume so that they can outgun them. With newer technology, particularly with the cooling systems, captured bug tech, and a more comfortable refire rate which takes better consideration of heat recovery as well as energy recharge, I'd think it would help to re-issue the PTC's in light of the new threat. As demonstrated, they don't need the PTC 100% of the time, as fighters are pretty capable of bringing down capships, so they can be reserved for special occassions. It should be feasible.
From my point of view if you include it's fighter complement in the equasion I must go with the Vesuvius class ships, if you do not include fighter complement then I go with the Midway. But if you want for its own era then its the Confederation Class Dreadnoughts like the Connie and if you wan't non-conventional ships then perhaps the Behemoth, but the problem is that it has such weak defenses :(
The Midway really wasn't much without her fighters, though -- remember that the plasma weapon was a one shot deal.

Note that the Plunketts do, indeed, carry several fighters...
The Cerberus just looked like a bucket of bolts that could house a few fighters. The Midway did have a lot of laser and missile turrets as well so it could pack a punch, it would just die against a large fleet.
The Hades Class Cruiser is simply a raider ship, not a strike Carrier.
I would like a new type of Dreadnought like the old Confederation Class.
Yea dragon, confed can really afford that with their monetary cuts already :( but if they were too I can see a modified version of the plasma cannon making up the keel, tons of Heavy Plasma and Heavy Particle cannons and lots of laser/tachyon turrets with a few IR's added in for good measure
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Perhaps you recall a little 11 kilometer long monstrosity called the Behemoth?

Yeah, I remember that even though it could eat a planet for a midnight snack, it got toasted pretty easy. Maybe if they slapped some decent armor and shielding onto it and added secondary weaponry and fighter bays then it would count as the most powerful, but i don't think that big gun automatically gives it the title. The WC2 era Connie was pretty badass, but it got its own ass kicked around too... I think that if we were to weigh everything, the Midway would come out on top, since it is designed to go anywhere and do anything, but if it were straight gunpower, I think the plunkett was pretty nasty for its size.
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